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Affinity Photo brings professional photo editing to iPad


Affinity Photo for iPad – the first fully-featured, truly professional photo editing tool to arrive on Apple’s tablet – is now on sale.

We were proud to be able to launch it during the keynote at Apple’s WWDC in San Jose on 5 June – the highlight of Apple’s global product launch calendar.

If you saw that, or if you use Affinity Photo already, you’ll understand why it’s the choice of thousands of professional photographers, retouchers and editors around the world.

We think Affinity Photo for iPad redefines photo editing once again, by bringing almost all the features in the Mac version to your iPad, so you can take all that photo editing power with you wherever you go.

The new version is tailored to harness the explosive power of the iPad’s hardware and touch capabilities, and is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch.

We expect this to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had and even better, Affinity Photo for iPad is priced at an introductory discount of more than 30 per cent in the App Store – so for now, you pay £19.99 / $19.99 / 21,99E.

Watch the video:

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Version 1.6 customer betas now available

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer version 1.6 customer betas are now available for Mac and Windows users!

If you’re already a user of our apps, this is your chance to preview and test out some of the features we’re planning to add in the next major update.

Most significantly, this introduces the option for you to switch between a dark or light UI. This has been a much-requested addition, for reasons of accessibility as well as personal preference, so we’re really pleased to be able to introduce it.

light-ui-1-230120171341 edit

The betas are free to download and will run alongside your existing version of Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer. Please remember though that at present these are test versions which are being improved, so when you discover bugs we’d appreciate your help in identifying and fixing them.

To download, please go to the Affinity Beta Support Forum. and select your app and OS.

Free DAUB® brushes - new tools added!


Our good friend Paolo Limoncelli has updated the set of free DAUB® brushes he created especially for Affinity Photo and Designer users.

Paolo says: “I’ve added four new tools, as well as improving the old ones to use the new Accumulation Jitter available in Affinity Photo and Designer that wasn’t available when I was first asked to design them.

“The new painting experience now perfectly matches concept artists’ expectations.”

Click here to download the free DAUB® Concept Tools Pro set.

For information on the original brush pack and instructions for importing the brushes, please click here.

Free trials now available for Windows users

Affinity Windows free trial now available

The response to the launch of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Windows has been phenomenal, better than we ever could have predicted. That’s been matched by the positive feedback we’re getting from people who are making Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer — or both! — part of their everyday professional workflow.

Even though we offer a no-strings refund policy for 14 days, trial versions for Windows have been a popular request and we know there’s still a huge market out there of people who want a professional graphics or photo editor for a one-time cost with no expensive ongoing payments.

So we’re delighted to announce that free trials of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are now available for Windows users. This means you’ll be able to spend ten days getting to know the software before committing to purchase.

Affinity Designer, a professional vector graphics editor, was the winner of an Apple Design Award in 2015. Image editor Affinity Photo was named ‘Best Mac App’ 2015, and ‘Best Imaging Software’ 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association.

Both have received thousands of 5-star reviews from critics and professional users around the world.

Click here for the Affinity Designer trial (for macOS or Windows)

Click here for the Affinity Photo trial (for macOS or Windows)

The Windows versions match the Mac versions feature-for-feature and are available to purchase for a single payment of $49.99 / £48.99 / 49,99€, with no subscription and free updates.

Affinity Photo and Designer share the same file format on all platforms, meaning you can switch seamlessly between them both as individuals and in a professional environment, where colleagues work on different systems.

Affinity 1.6 versions to include light UI mode

Affinity Designer for Windows has launched

One of the most commonly requested features we have had for Affinity is the ability to switch to a light UI mode. Well, we’re excited to reveal today that this functionality will be included with both the Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer update to version 1.6.

The debate around whether light or dark UI is preferable in graphic design software is one which has existed for a very long time. Is dark better for photo editing? Is light better for layout design work? Can dark cause eye strain? Does it simply depend on the colour scheme of the image or design you are working on?

In the end of course it just comes down to personal preference, and in the 1.6 versions you will simply be able to switch between dark and light UI modes so the choice is yours.

Check out how Affinity Designer looks with a light UI:

Affinity Designer in light UI mode

Affinity Designer in light UI mode

Pixel persona in Affinity Designer light UI mode

Affinity Designer pixel persona in light UI mode

The option to toggle between dark and light UI will just be in preferences, and there is no need to restart to app as shown in the video below:

We expect the 1.6 versions of Affinity to launch around Easter, and it will be a free update to all existing owners. We will shortly be making the beta versions available too, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get notified as soon as they are available.

UPDATE April 2017: V1.6 updates will be slightly later than planned, rather than being released at Easter as we initially hoped. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get notified as soon as they are available.

New keyboard cheat sheets available now

Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

Our latest keyboard cheat sheets are now available to download and print out. These include all the recent updates to both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer v1.5, are available for both Mac and Windows and we’ve added versions for German keyboards too!

Of course Affinity apps allow you to fully customise all your shortcut keys should you wish. For that reason along with a PDF file with the default shortcuts, we have also included the .afdesign files (which, of course, you can open and edit in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo). This means if you want to create your own personalised cheat sheets, including any customised shortcuts you are using, you can.

All files are available from a zip file download. In there you will find a couple of folders, one for English versions (“Shortcuts_EN”) and one for German versions (“Shortcuts_DE”), and then within there the separate folders for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Get them from the link below:

Affinity Photo now on Windows - and gets a huge 1.5 update

We’re really pleased to let you know that we have launched Affinity Photo 1.5. We’ve had this in development now for over six months, so it’s an absolutely huge update – without a doubt the biggest we have done yet.

Not only that, the launch of 1.5 coincides with Affinity Photo going on sale for Windows.

Focus merge in Affinity Photo 1.5

New features you can look forward to include HDR merge; Direct PSD write back; Macros; Tone mapping; Focus merge; Batch processing; New filters; 360 image editing; RAW improvements and much more.

See the new features

We think these announcements provide two genuine reasons to celebrate today for professionals who want a powerful, high-end image editor.

The launch of Affinity Photo for Windows means we’ve fulfilled our ambition to become a truly cross-platform presence, which was one of the core targets for us when we started developing Affinity apps, seven years ago.


Almost all our back-end code was designed to work regardless of the operating system, which delivers 100% perfect file compatibility between the two platforms.

As always if you already own Affinity Photo this update is completely free, you can go download it now from the Mac App Store. As part of the update you can also claim a free pack of macros, you will get a link to that from the welcome screen in the app.


If you don’t yet own Affinity Photo then it’s a great time to buy as we have just reduced the price by 20% to celebrate the launch of this fantastic update to only £29.99 / US$39.99 / €39.99.

This, along with the free macro pack, is only available for a limited time so don’t miss out!

Buy Affinity Photo

Affinity Designer adds Touch Bar support

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

You might have heard us highlighted by Apple during their keynote as one of the first developers to be including support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Well we’re pleased to say that this week our Touch Bar update to Affinity Designer (v1.5.3) has been made live.

On top of that we have also just made a new 10 day trial version available so if you have just got yourself a new MacBook Pro but don’t own Affinity Designer yet, you can test out our Touch Bar functionality for free!

While this is our first update for Touch Bar, we have made support very comprehensive. Pretty much every single tool and adjustment in the app has its own Touch Bar context menu.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Pen Tool options on Touch Bar

We think it’s a nice new development from Apple, which definitely adds to the experience of using Affinity Designer on MacBook Pro. Just a little thing like being able to control the intensity of an adjustment with a touch slider is nice, but the fact you can also do that with one hand while maintaining use of the track pad to pan and zoom is what really makes the difference.

Here’s a small selection of some of the Touch Bar menus you will now see using Affinity Designer on the new MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Gradient Map

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Colour Picker

MacBook Pro Touch Bar


MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Cog shape tool

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Channel Mixer

Of course this is available as a free update if you already own Affinity Designer, but if you don’t then the new trial version which includes Touch Bar support is available here:

Of course this is our first go at including Touch Bar functionality. While it is comprehensive in terms of the tools which are supported we are sure over time there will be ways we can take further advantage of this feature. Of course we would love to hear feedback and ideas from any of you who start using Affinity with the new MacBook Pro.

One last thing – if you’re wondering, right now our Touch Bar support is only available in Affinity Designer. But we will be launching an update to Affinity Photo (1.5) to add it (and a huge amount of other new features) soon.


Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!

Affinity Designer for Windows has launched

Today is a very big day!

Affinity has now become officially cross-platform with the launch of Affinity Designer for Windows. It was our trail-blazing first app, and since being launched on Mac the response we have had to it has been unbelievable. It’s consistently been the top paid-for design app on Mac since launch, we’ve won a coveted Apple Design Award and there have been thousands of 5-star customer reviews on the Mac App Store.

For many designers, Affinity Designer has become their go-to app for everything from creating concept art, print projects, logos and icons to UI design, web graphics and mock-ups. And because Affinity Designer on Windows matches the Mac version feature-for-feature, PC users can now experience the same thrilling speed, incredible tools and supreme accuracy which has given Affinity Designer that formidable reputation.

Affinity Designer on Windows

Affinity Designer for Windows

To celebrate the launch of Affinity Designer for Windows we are making it available with a 20% discount for a limited time. As an extra bonus at the moment you will also get a FREE kit containing lots of essential elements for UI and web design.

Launch Offer Pricing

Affinity Designer in the press

We’re proud of the amazing reviews of Affinity Designer in the press. Check out some of what they’ve been saying…

    If you haven’t been fortunate enough to use Affinity Designer, let me sing its praises for you: it’s lightweight, feature-packed, and offers nearly everything Adobe’s Illustrator does (and a few things it doesn’t).
    The Next Web

    Not since the invention of vector graphics themselves have I seen anything quite so useful to designers.
    Webdesigner Depot

    The success of Affinity Designer has been meteoric – the app has shaken up the graphic design software industry.
    Creative Bloq

    Great UI, buttery smooth software and jaw-dropping price.

    We’ve been wondering when a serious challenger would appear, and Serif has thrown down the gauntlet in fine style.
    Expert Reviews

Need to know more?

Experienced digital designers, illustrators and artists will feel instantly at home with Affinity Designer’s powerful selection of essential tools. Here’s just some of what you can expect:

  • A complete vector and pixel editing toolset
  • 10 million+ percent zoom
  • Non-destructive effects and adjustment layers
  • RGB, CMYK, LAB, Pantone and ICC colour management
  • Advanced typography, including text styles and text-on-a-path
  • Effortless PSD, SVG, EPS, PNG and PDF/X handling
  • Unlimited artboards with device pre-sets
  • Super smooth gradients and colour control
  • Standard and retina resolution pixel preview
  • Unlimited and saveable undo history
  • Incredibly powerful export capabilities
  • Symbols, including multiple versions and nested symbols
  • Constraints for pseudo-responsive design
  • Grids, guides and advanced snapping including pixel alignment
  • Fully customisable shortcuts.

Of course you can get more information on our Affinity Designer webpage, or why not check out our overview video below…

We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us during the beta period, it means a great deal to us. It’s worth saying that while today we launch the full version we never stop working on the app and will continue to make the app better and better with free updates in future – so keep your feedback and requests coming! More than anything we really hope you enjoy using Affinity Designer, whether on Mac or Windows, and look forward to seeing the work you create.

Affinity Photo is One!

Affinity Photo is One!

We’re finding it hard to believe that Affinity Photo is now a year old … for a toddler, it’s certainly taken some giant steps!

It feels like no time at all since we were nervously launching Affinity Photo into the Mac App Store, anxiously waiting to see whether anybody would be interested in our image editing app…

Since then, we’re proud that our bouncing baby has won all kinds of awards. Affinity Photo was selected by Apple as their Best App of 2015 and has been the #1 selling photography app on the Mac App Store.

What’s more, we’ve received fantastic feedback from the professional photography community.

Of course it’s been a 12-month period where we’ve never rested on our laurels; pushing out four updates to Affinity Photo already, including hundreds of improvements and some big new features (all free to customers who’ve bought the app).

We are celebrating with 20% off!

One of the ways we are celebrating is by giving those of you who haven’t purchased Affinity Photo yet the chance to get it with a 20% discount for the next two weeks.

That means until July 21st 2016, Affinity Photo will be available at the fantastic price of £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 from the Mac App Store. Don’t forget that’s the only price you pay – there’s no subscription and free updates.

Get your FREE Concept Tools PRO brushes from DAUB®

This FREE raster brush set, containing 16 brushes created for concept artwork, has been created especially to celebrate Affinity Photo’s first birthday by Paolo Limoncello from DAUB®.

Concept Tools PRO brushes stroke sheet

You can also use this brush set in Affinity Designer too – follow the link below to get your set today and then read on for instructions on how to get them into Affinity.

How to import the DAUB® Concept Tools Pro brush set

To use these brushes in Affinity Photo and/or Affinity Designer, simply download them using the link above and follow these instructions:

  • Drag the DAUB_DAUB Concept Tools PRO.afbrushes to Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer.


  • Use the Import Brushes… function found in the Brushes Panel in either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer.

    Important note: If you are using the Affinity Designer for Windows beta, this is currently the only way to import brushes.
How to import your DAUB brush set

You will see this dialog box when your brushes are successfully installed:

How to import your DAUB brush set

Important note: If you import these brushes into Affinity Designer, they will only be available in the Pixel Persona.

We hope you enjoy them and would love to see what you create with these brushes in the usual places!

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