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Affinity Designer adds Touch Bar support

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

You might have heard us highlighted by Apple during their keynote as one of the first developers to be including support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Well we’re pleased to say that this week our Touch Bar update to Affinity Designer (v1.5.3) has been made live.

On top of that we have also just made a new 10 day trial version available so if you have just got yourself a new MacBook Pro but don’t own Affinity Designer yet, you can test out our Touch Bar functionality for free!

While this is our first update for Touch Bar, we have made support very comprehensive. Pretty much every single tool and adjustment in the app has its own Touch Bar context menu.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Pen Tool options on Touch Bar

We think it’s a nice new development from Apple, which definitely adds to the experience of using Affinity Designer on MacBook Pro. Just a little thing like being able to control the intensity of an adjustment with a touch slider is nice, but the fact you can also do that with one hand while maintaining use of the track pad to pan and zoom is what really makes the difference.

Here’s a small selection of some of the Touch Bar menus you will now see using Affinity Designer on the new MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Gradient Map

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Colour Picker

MacBook Pro Touch Bar


MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Cog shape tool

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Channel Mixer

Of course this is available as a free update if you already own Affinity Designer, but if you don’t then the new trial version which includes Touch Bar support is available here:

Of course this is our first go at including Touch Bar functionality. While it is comprehensive in terms of the tools which are supported we are sure over time there will be ways we can take further advantage of this feature. Of course we would love to hear feedback and ideas from any of you who start using Affinity with the new MacBook Pro.

One last thing – if you’re wondering, right now our Touch Bar support is only available in Affinity Designer. But we will be launching an update to Affinity Photo (1.5) to add it (and a huge amount of other new features) soon.



IanG -

Please learn the difference between IT’S and ITS; they ain’t interchangeable.

David -

Get a life @IanG! Affinity keep up the fantastic work. Such a great product. Thanks.

Veronica -

I have a question I got affinity photo in a mac computer but I had a problem with it it won't turn off I plan on getting another one but not a mac I'm going for an hp computer since affinity is on windows now But I paid for it thru App Store on mac will I be able to download affinity photo again without paying or will I have to pay since it won't be a mac using App Store ?i don't know what to do I would appreciate your help so much thank you

Leigh -

@Veronica: You're correct. The Windows and Mac version require a separate purchase.

Heath -

awesome!! Loving it so far, but lets get it going on Affinity Photo as well. For me, thats where the main focus of my work is and I'm looking forward to it.

Sam -

Enjoying the Windows version so far. Glad to see this since it seems like the function keys are well under-utilized these days (I mostly only use them in Quark now). I wouldn't mind seeing something like this added for Windows - especially those with touch screens.

Ash -

I'd love to see a video of the touchbar in use with Affinity Designer. It would help me decide if I need to upgrade my Mac.

Leigh -

@Sam: If any Windows based Laptops implement a similar feature, we'll see what's possible :)

Leigh -

@Ash: I'm sure we'll make a video showing off this feature in the future :)

Art -

Do you hav an estimate on when the Affinity Photo with HDR will be released? It's a great product. I'm really looking forward to this update.

Leigh -

@Art: The HDR Merge features will be available in the Affinity Photo 1.5 update for Mac. It will be available through the Mac App Store soon ;)

Roger -

Affinity Photo 1.5 (for Mac) has been promised as 'coming soon' since July 2016; 5 months ago when I bought version 1.4 and was very pleased with it. I've watched the 'sneak peeks' and promises of what will be implemented in v1.5 'in Autumn' etc, but ... still nothing. The promises for v1.5 seem to be expanding, and thereby preventing its release. Can we be assured this is not just vapourware?

Roger -

What a difference a day makes! Affinity Photo v1.5 released at last, and for both platforms, and as a free upgrade. Thanks for that - I look forward to using it.

Hakier -

Hello, you have a bug on Your page, there is no "buy for Linux" button.

Ivan Icin -

Why there is no version for the Windows Store? All you have to do is use the Project Centennial.

Michael Madden -

When will you support the OnOne plugin suite? I'm looking for a reason to finally away from Aperture. I love the Onone and Nik sw plugins which I have configured in Aperture. I was going to move to lightroom when I saw this. I really don't like the subscription model.

Clio Tyler -

Hi there, I bought Affinity Designer a few months ago and installed on my laptop. Now to be totally honest I haven't had the chance to learn how to use it property (first we had some serious medical issues in the family and then once everything was 100% fine, we relocated to South Africa). To cut a long story short, before we moved from Spain I bought myself the iPad Pro and the the pencil. I am a designer and I thought that it was about time I got hold of the new technology. So please bear with me and my technology ignorance and allow me to ask you guys, to use Affinity in my iPad pro, can I transferred from my laptop to my iPad?, or how does it work?. THANKS

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