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Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!

Affinity Designer for Windows has launched

Today is a very big day!

Affinity has now become officially cross-platform with the launch of Affinity Designer for Windows. It was our trail-blazing first app, and since being launched on Mac the response we have had to it has been unbelievable. It’s consistently been the top paid-for design app on Mac since launch, we’ve won a coveted Apple Design Award and there have been thousands of 5-star customer reviews on the Mac App Store.

For many designers, Affinity Designer has become their go-to app for everything from creating concept art, print projects, logos and icons to UI design, web graphics and mock-ups. And because Affinity Designer on Windows matches the Mac version feature-for-feature, PC users can now experience the same thrilling speed, incredible tools and supreme accuracy which has given Affinity Designer that formidable reputation.

Affinity Designer on Windows

Affinity Designer for Windows

To celebrate the launch of Affinity Designer for Windows we are making it available with a 20% discount for a limited time. As an extra bonus at the moment you will also get a FREE kit containing lots of essential elements for UI and web design.

Launch Offer Pricing

Affinity Designer in the press

We’re proud of the amazing reviews of Affinity Designer in the press. Check out some of what they’ve been saying…

    If you haven’t been fortunate enough to use Affinity Designer, let me sing its praises for you: it’s lightweight, feature-packed, and offers nearly everything Adobe’s Illustrator does (and a few things it doesn’t).
    The Next Web

    Not since the invention of vector graphics themselves have I seen anything quite so useful to designers.
    Webdesigner Depot

    The success of Affinity Designer has been meteoric – the app has shaken up the graphic design software industry.
    Creative Bloq

    Great UI, buttery smooth software and jaw-dropping price.

    We’ve been wondering when a serious challenger would appear, and Serif has thrown down the gauntlet in fine style.
    Expert Reviews

Need to know more?

Experienced digital designers, illustrators and artists will feel instantly at home with Affinity Designer’s powerful selection of essential tools. Here’s just some of what you can expect:

  • A complete vector and pixel editing toolset
  • 10 million+ percent zoom
  • Non-destructive effects and adjustment layers
  • RGB, CMYK, LAB, Pantone and ICC colour management
  • Advanced typography, including text styles and text-on-a-path
  • Effortless PSD, SVG, EPS, PNG and PDF/X handling
  • Unlimited artboards with device pre-sets
  • Super smooth gradients and colour control
  • Standard and retina resolution pixel preview
  • Unlimited and saveable undo history
  • Incredibly powerful export capabilities
  • Symbols, including multiple versions and nested symbols
  • Constraints for pseudo-responsive design
  • Grids, guides and advanced snapping including pixel alignment
  • Fully customisable shortcuts.

Of course you can get more information on our Affinity Designer webpage, or why not check out our overview video below…

We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us during the beta period, it means a great deal to us. It’s worth saying that while today we launch the full version we never stop working on the app and will continue to make the app better and better with free updates in future – so keep your feedback and requests coming! More than anything we really hope you enjoy using Affinity Designer, whether on Mac or Windows, and look forward to seeing the work you create.


Simon -

Very nice. However, please consider using Microsoft's 'Desktop App Convertor' and put it in the Windows Store as well. With Windows Store I can have just one account to purchase all my software from multiple vendors, without having to sign up/give payment details to each individual vendors website for each piece of software. It also means I can have all my software update silently in a controlled way through Windows Store, without the need for lots of different software updaters to all make their own outbound internet connections.

Alexey Kinev -

I'm using both Affinity Photo and Designer on MacOS and I think you're doing incredible software! Do you consider creating full featured media manager? I mean total replacement for Photos for the rest of us :) With easy management of RAW / edited versions, transparent storage structure, convenient albums etc. Regards, Alexey ///

José Santibáñez -

Hi, im using you beta and is awesome. Reading the information i dont see if i buy the program is for one year or lifetime. Great job, ill be waiting for you answer.

Andreas -

Great! Illustrator went straight to the recycle bin, where it belongs. Purchase is for a lifetime, no subscription.

Mari -

Congratulations! Hardly wait to give it a try!

Rob Callicotte -

Brilliant! Thank you so much for such powerful software with such solid performance at a fine cost!

Nicole -

Congratulations for your great job and thanks for your offer at a soft price.

Atlas Shaw -

I've only tried the beta version of Affinity Designer (and I clearly should try the complete and stable version), but one thing is for sure: It seems a great piece of software and I'm seriously thinking to buy the final version and give a kick in the @ss to Illustrator, mainly because it's smoother, more intuitive and has a lot of tools which make the workflow more efficient. Good job @Affinity! :D

Susan -

Great! What about Affinity Photo for Windows?

Richard Pugh -

Seen the promo and looks great at a good price, wanted to try before I buy to make sure suits needs, however try as I might I cannot find any form of trial download, not even for the beta version! all links take me to the full version sales page, I can find the mac version trial, why is the windows beta version not still available surely that would still promote sales?

Ninjin -

Sh<3 up and take my money! <3


I longtime work with illustrator and photoshop. After i try the beta version in windows! I never go back !!! this app are exactly what we need !! easy to learn, the most friendly and intuitive app ! I just buy it !

Medak -

Affinity ....what for password.....if account can't be created....??? Gefällt mir · Antworten · 15 Std. Siniša Medak Siniša Medak to create account....??? Gefällt mir · Antworten · 15 Std. Siniša Medak Siniša Medak Affinity ....please answer....??......Wonderful weekend......

Fahad -

Excellent Software bought it soon after Launch, Excellent Performance and one of the few software that allows us to switch between Graphic cards(Hybrid Graphics Card Configuration like Nvidia Optimus or from ATI) from the preferences. Less clutter,most of the settings and options are provided on the fly which allows me to focus on Creating Graphics rather than dwindling through a maze of Menus. An all round app,useful for UX design,painting,Creation of Logos,Business Cards etc. I wish there was an export option for exporting to Adobe Illustrator files. I recommend Graphic designers to give it a try,as the workflow is so smooth and organic,that you might dump Illustrator forever. One of the gripe that i have is that Affinity Designer Workbook is not available to buy in all countries,i wish that affinity provides an option to buy an e-book version of the book for those who cannot buy due to lack of shipment support for certain countries. Affinity Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the Affinity Photo on Windows after the beta.

OGenius -

Great to see one of Mac's greatest apps making the move to Windows PC! Can't wait to see Affinity Designer on the iPad Pro too! Congrats to the for the amazing work! ?

Aperturely -

I've been a using Affinity on Mac and it's great to see a port for Windows users. And for those who have yet to use it, give it a try!

Leigh -

@Simon: Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I'll make sure it's passed to our developers :)

Leigh -

@Alexey Kinev: We have plans to release a Digital Asset Management tool in the future - watch this space ; )

Leigh -

@José Santibáñez: You only pay once – there’s no subscription and free updates :)

Leigh -

@Andreas, @Mari, @Rob Callicotte, @Nicole & @Atlas Shaw: Thank you! Your support is appreciated :)

Leigh -

@Susan: We have beta version available :) You can signup to the Affinity Photo for Windows beta here:

Leigh -

@Richard Pugh: We're hoping to have a Windows trial version available in a few weeks :)

Leigh -

@Ninjin: Make it rain ;)

Leigh -

@CRISMAN: Thanks for your feedback :)

Leigh -

@Medak: Pretty sure we've already replied to your Facebook message ;)

Leigh -

@Fahad: It's not possible to export to .AI because it's a private file format. The workbook is also available to purchase through Amazon, perhaps they can ship to you. We don't have a digital version of the Workbook available at the moment but it could be something we offer in the future. Thank you Fahad :)

Leigh -

@OGenius & Aperturely : Thank you :)

Val Correa -

I own a mac version of Affinity Designer and Affinity photo, Do I need to buy separately the windows version? I just want to mention how happy I'am with this apps, Great JOB!

Igor -

In one of the earlier replies is that when I buy a license, I pay only once with free updates. But will I get every new version for free (v 2.0, 3.0...etc) or the free updates are only for 1.x version and for every new version I have to buy a new license? Thanks

Leigh -

@Val Correa: Yes. The Windows and Mac version require a separate purchase. Thanks for the feedback :)

Stas -

Does the Work Book cover Mac workflow only? Or is the UI identical on both operating systems? If I took the plunge i would buy two licences (one for my partner [Mac], one for me [windows]) and potentially two books.

Zuzu -

I agree with Richard Pugh. Why didn't you ensure a Windows trial version was available? I was keen to try it out, especially as I'm considering upgrading my CorelDraw version, but I need to know it will suit my needs. I've used Corel since 1989 (ver. 1), so I want to know what I'd let myself in for if I'm to migrate. Yes, the price, comparatively, is silly money, but I still don't want to risk it on software that might not suit me. You could at least have left the public beta version active until 24/11 to give people a chance to try it out; undoubtedly, you'd have made more sales.

Ben -

Oh, i just fall in love with Affinity for windows. Now i m waiting for the Designer Workbook - will the german version be published before xmas? And about Affinity Photo - will there be published such a great workbook, too? Thank you for this hard work!

'Pelumi -

You are doing a great job Serif. However, I'm pained that a trial version of the first full Windows release is not available. I was given a link when requested for a trial, only to discover that the file I downloaded is a Mac's. I really want to try it out before I buy my own copy. Make a trail available for Windows soon please.

Leigh -

@Igor: You will receive free updates for the current 1.x version but the app will work forever. We still have all the features listed on the Designer Roadmap to come:

Leigh -

@Stas: The Workbook applies to both the Mac and Windows versions - they have the same UI :)

Leigh -

@Zuzu & @Pelumi: We'll let everyone know when the Affinity Designer for Windows trial is available to download.

Leigh -

@Ben: The Affinity Designer Workbook should be available before Christmas - we'll keep everyone updated. We have plans to release an Affinity Photo Workbook in the future :)

Ben -

Oh, whats just happened? AFFINITY PHOTO FOR WINDOWS IS OUT? And i got NO mail?? I am bored and ordered it, so you can't hide it anymore :-) Very very great job!!! Thank you! :-) Now i am waiting for the german workbook(s) ... Please do it :-)

Pamela -

Is the discount over for the Windows' version?

brian -

>>> @Igor: You will receive free updates for the current 1.x version but the app will work forever. Does that mean future versions will be by subscription?

Neil -

I have used Photoshop in my concept art pipeline for years, along with Corel Painter and a raft of 3d software. I bought Infinity Photo and designer yesterday . Spent all day working with Infinity Photo - what an amazing bit of software. Fast , intuitive. Great job Serif, keep up the good work. Goodbye Photoshop. Has David just slayed Goliath?

KChristoph -

Nice to see you ! Short time ago I've bought Serif PagePlus X9. Is there a wonderful price to jump to Affinity Designer for Windows ? I'm looking for your surprise. Thanks ! Have a peaceful time ! KChristoph

Sunny Walia -

Awesome software. We will be looking forward to putting our whole designing team on affinity designer and leave Adobe PS. We have started the process. We like many others will be supporting you as much as we can but please don't sell out to Adobe. They will be on to you real soon if they are not already. Regards Happy New Year!!

Manojit nath -

Its about time we get a windows trail version. I am really interested in this software and would like to make my game assets on it. I have tutorials also on my website

Sean -

When I click the 'Get the launch offer' button, expecting to pay £29.99, I'm taken to a page that says the price is £39.99. How can I get the reduced price?

Marko -

Just tried to get the launch offer, but when i press the button above, it states the higher price. Is the Grade UI Kit also not included then?

Geoff -

Excited by the software but noticed the pricing for Australia is around $30 AUD more than elsewhere. Is there a reason?

Furii Designs -

Hello, I would like to know whether there is a trial version out for windows. The only reason i need the trial is because if i am to buy this software i have to work with it and see whether it suites my styles of designing. Contact me A.S.A.P at contactfuriidesigns(@) Thank you. P.S The software seems very applicable and very creative, well done to the editiors!

Ben -

Whats going on, guys? I got no mail for Affinity photo when it launches windows and ordered days before as i seen the launch at your website and now i ordered the german designer workbook before 2 days and i have no mail till now??? I m registered with 2 email accounts for the book??? Check your system - maybe many buyer dont look at your site cause long wait and get no mail - not good for business. Best regards from germany ;-)

Uday -

Hi iam working as Graphic Design and UX UI Design trainer and this amazing software its to advance than Illustrator is make the design works faster. I used the trail version.

Michael -

It seems to be the everything's that download on any type of software that you end up purchasing these days. Two questions one can this program be available on a CD to where you can load it on to computers. Second question would be, would you have to do a new purchase for a second computer? Some of the things I would like to know.

Affinity Support -

@Michael: The Affinity apps are only available as downloads, we don't have any physical CDs. You would be able to use the same download to install the app on more than one computer.

Marc -

Is it already available in Dutch (Belgium)? Marc

Shova Lee -

I ordered this the new version of Affinity Photo November 26th, 2017 and so far today is December 13th, 2017 I still not receive the product yet. Just wonder how long does it usually takes to receive it in the mail. There is no tracking info so I can not track my order. I hope it is not a scam.

Affinity Support -

@Shova Lee: Please send an email to with your order information and it will be looked into.

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