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Affinity Designer wins prestigious Apple Design Award



We are over the moon that Affinity Designer has been recognised for its excellence in design, technology, innovation, and incredible performance, picking up a prestigious Apple Design Award (ADA) at Apple’s WWDC event in San Francisco. Apple describe Affinity Designer online as a modern, well-designed, highly capable, and extremely responsive design tool that’s a perfect match for today’s latest generation Mac hardware. Tech news site TechCrunch added that Affinity Designer “drew gasps of appreciation from the crowd” while the app was being shown in action.

Head of the SerifLabs team that created Affinity Designer, Tony Brightman, and senior developer Andy Somerfield were both at WWDC and collected the award on stage.

Presenting a demo of Affinity Designer and co-hosting the awards ceremony, John Geleynse (‎Apple Director of Technology Evangelism & User Experience Evangelist) said “We were just BLOWN AWAY by how modern this app was, and how capable it was, and how great—how optimised it was for the most modern Mac hardware today. Excellent work guys, thank you so much and congratulations!” John was joined on stage by Shaan Pruden (Apple Senior Director, Partnership Management) who switched up the gears in the ceremony to introduce “this fresh-faced, multi-faceted illustration app that lets creatives shine.”

This is the stuff of dreams, and we want to thank Apple and all our fans that have made this a reality.

We’re celebrating the Apple Design Award with a 20% discount! Visit the Mac App Store to buy Affinity Designer at the special price of $39.99 / €39.99 / £29.99 (usually $49.99 / €49.99 / £39.99). We’re not sure how long the offer is going to run, so buy it now!

Tony phoned the boss Ash at around 2am UK time with the good news. He also commented that ”Affinity Designer has been a labour of love for our development team, and to have all their hard work rewarded in this way is fantastic. And this is just the beginning – we have the next product in the range, Affinity Photo, being launched imminently and have so many fantastic updates planned. The Affinity range will only get better and better.”

You can see some pics of the Affinity devs, creatives and others on Apple’s developer page and you can even watch the Apple Design Awards ceremony (Affinity Designer is featured around 22:25). Stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter to get all the next updates and news first!


Ulf -

will this programm also appear for Linux?

Rob -

Serif said Linux is unlikely

Kevin -

Great work guys and gals! It's a great product and in my opinion the award is rightly deserved! Kevin aka retrograde ;-)

Yah -

A small note to Adobe... Be afraid. Be very afraid. :)

Affinity -

Thanks Kevin and Yah for the kind words :) We've seen the award now, it's like something from a Marvel blockbuster.

J -

Hey, wondering how long this sale will last? Thanks!

Affinity -

Hi J, not sure how long the sale will last; we're no longer featured as Apple Design Award winners in the App Store, so with the spotlight being off the promotion could end soon.

Design -

Congratulations for this award. I hope next award will also be yours. Best of luck!

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