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Affinity is coming to Windows

Affinity is coming to Windows

We’ve got some very exciting news to share today—we are going to be launching Affinity on Windows later in the year!

We have to be honest—we’ve been working on this for some time now, but because of the technical challenges involved we have been reluctant to commit to any definite schedule. However, development has gone a lot better than expected. We now have an Alpha build of Affinity Designer running on Windows which is very nearly feature complete—and we are expecting to be able to put that to a public beta in as little as 2-3 months time.

Should you run a Windows set up and want to be one of the first to check it out you can put your name down for the free beta now—it’s open to everyone.

Even if you are exclusively a Mac user we hope you agree this is a positive step. With the Windows versions basically being replicas of what we have done on Mac, including 100% file compatibility, it should improve adoption and file sharing ability for everyone in the future. And importantly we’ve done this with an entirely separate team of Windows developers so it’s not compromising progress of the Mac versions (as it happens we’ve got a couple of great updates to Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for you in the works right now).

Mark Ingram - Affinity Windows developer

Head of Windows Development Mark Ingram using Designer on a Surface

Screenshot - Affinity on Windows

Affinity Photo on Windows (still missing a couple of personas!)

We’ll be giving a peek at the Windows versions for the first time at this weekend’s Photography Show at the NEC here in the UK. We’d really like to see you if you’re there, but if not make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter as we’ll be sharing some footage of it over the weekend.

Obviously this is big news, and if you want to join the discussion about it the best place is on this forum thread—if you have any questions or want to let us know what you think we’d love to hear from you.

All the best,
The Affinity Team


Braden -

Just in time, I will be a lot more cross platform now and I was sad I wouldn't be able to use Affinity while in Windows. This fixes that issue.

Eric -

Shame on you! Why windows?

Thomas -

Great news! This will hopefully let another huge set of people kick the adobe apps for good! @Eric: Wow, sorry to burst your closed minded bubble but those of us in the real world actually like to use other operating systems. Shame on YOU.

Philip Amour -

Sounds like a poor investment. Interested to read more on how the sales will be going on Windows. Wish the focus would be on an OS X and iOS version instead.

Norman -

Due to the fact that I use both Mac and Windows this is great news - For me and for everyone! :-)

André -

Awesome to have it on both Mac and Windows. Any plans for Affinity Photo to have a catalogue to hold your photos, like Lightroom. I noticed Affinity on the Microsoft surface, will it be coming to the iPad pro to.


I am and always have been widely known as an all-around machead ever since I switched to the Mac in 2003 and, though I tried to evangelize all colleagues who used PCs, I always stood by them (teachers sometimes were jerks about their choice of platform, even when Macs were way more expensive than they are now) and will keep doing so. Also, as a very disgruntled a disillusioned soon-to-be former Adobe user, I must applaud this move, since it will hasten the adoption of Affinity. I foresee a “Quark vs. InDesign” moment, except for a sizeable subset of CC… Adobe can tack whatever components they want (they have this new Xd thing going on now, sure), but that doesn't change the fact that their core software packages sit atop old and inefficient codebases. And that's where Serif can really make a difference. I, for one, welcome our new british software overlords. ;) P.S.: From your assurances that this port is being done, as I suspected, by a separate team, I take it that it shouldn't interfere with the Publisher roadmap, am I right?

Matt -

Hi JGD - we sit near the Windows team, but all the Mac/iOS team are still working on our own stuff so the Windows version doesn't interfere at all :)

Klemens Strasser -

I'm not a Windows user and not a fan of the platform, but getting the Affinity Designer in the hands of more people seems like a great idea!

Andrei -

This is great news, seeing comments like "shame" or it won't sale on windows its plain stupid. Lots of designer, photographers or digital art enthusiasts use windows, not everybody have so much money to use mac os, most of the design companies and creative ones use Windows because it far more accessible and also the workforce its used to windows, not everybody lives in US or some rich countries were mac os is a standard. Also adding Affinity on windows gives a really affordable option to any aspiring designer, photographer, illustrator etc. So, really great job Serif! I'm sure if will help you expand and deliver great software.

ideclik -

Oh no ! My dream was to find your softwares on Linux Ubuntu... even if the price is more expensive. As André says, my second dream was to find a "Lightroom like" software made by affinity (and also on Linux Ubuntu). Why making develloppement on windows where mostly peoples uses hacking versions of softwares. On Linux ubuntu you can target all the boring peoples about apple new massmarket philosophy (like me) and ready to work with your great sofware on a power computer with a perfect OS. Please make my dream true ! Best regards, -- Mathieu, IDECLIK Webagency

J Kavanagh -

I don't use Windows at all, nut it's the right decision, more people will have the opportunities to use these great apps. A big welcome to Windows users, have fun and I am sure you'll enjoy Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo. One day we all (Mac and Windows) can leave Adobe for good. PS: affinity don't forget Publisher.

tN0 -

Fantastic news! Will it be released to the Windows Store? While on the photo it doesn't look to be UWP app, I hope you will make use of some useful Windows 10 features (stylus, touch). I look forward to start testing the beta.

PrintHouse -

Having software on Windows i.e. major operating system means it will help establish the software as major competitor to Adobe, meaning more users, more revenue, and ultimately better software for everyone, including some selfish Mac users ;) Go Affinity! —Mac users.

Giovanni B. -

Great news! I was waiting for this moment. Now I can say "bye bye (and thank you)" to Adobe. Ciao

DJohnson -

Having used Apple products, professionaly (Publishing/Video), since '93 - I have switched, as of this year, exclusively to Windows 10 - therefore am more than happy for this news. As for why the switch - game development... and the fact Apple left the pro community behind, ages ago, when they bought numerous companies to later kill off the product leaving no support. (i.e., Shake.) Sure there is money to be made on their consumer hardware... just saying for those wondering the switch, as I was a 20+ year Apple 'fan boy' - this move, by Affinity, is most definitely welcome... unless they go Autodesk/Adobes route of monthly. (At least Nuke gives an option) ;)

Affinity -

André - yes the team will be making a Digital Asset Manager as part of a growing Affinity suite in future, and yes they're also working on fully-featured iOS apps for iPad. But the core Mac team is unswerving, still focussed on the same new features and apps as before. Publisher for Mac is still hopefully due in beta around the end of 2016 too. Thanks for all the comments so far everyone, it's a big year for Affinity!

JoeCool -

I own almost all your serif products, the one I use the most are DrawPlus X8, PhotoPlus X6, PagePlus X7, and also WebPlus X7. (not to mention all the pro and premium fonts and books) with the exception of the later I use these daily. my reasons for not having all X8 versions has to due with funds, I did try the WebPlus X8 but the value was let down as it was basically the same as version X7. I would love to be a beta tester as I was for the Mac O/S version my concern is that having been a loyal dedicated Windows customer I have a good investment in these programs and now comes along Affinity versions, what's does this mean for me personally? How will Serif retain both my loyalty and investments, will I see some upgrade path or at least discount? I struggle as a small business owner keeping myself employed and looking after my investment with Serif. With kind regards, /Joe JVS Computer Consultants

Pat Newey -

What are the longer term implications for DrawPlus? Is this going to be a replacement, meaning no further development of DP?

Kate Musgrove -

@JoeCool - With the Plus range from Serif (and Affinity for that matter!) you own your software forever, so you can carry on using it for as long as you need and want to. X8 owners will be offered upgrade pricing, but the pricing for Affinity apps are more than fair anyway - the Mac apps are only $49.99 / £39.99 at full price :) There is a lot more information about this for Plus range customers here:

Aongus Collins -

As a Mac user, I'm delighted that you made this move. Being able to share files with people on the larger platform is a huge plus, and it's also an insurance policy -- I'm committed to the Mac, but it's nice to know there is another option.

Ron -

This is great, however where is development of publisher? I would love to go exclusively with Affinity!

Sim -

Affinity + Surface + South East Asia + Yoga = my dream. Can't wait, thank you guys.

Undecided -

I love this. I have to admit to exclusively use Apple products for the time being, but am drawn to using a windows-based setup. Therefore it is crucial to have some of the very best applications for windows as well, which currently holds me back - Affinity for Windows is a huge step forwards for me being able to switch with as litte friction as possible. Thanks and all the best!

Umbee -

you guys are awesome! any plans on developing mobile versions for ipads / iphones?

Denis -

Greate news guys! I hope to get beta version soon. I have some projects made in MAC and others in Windows. Now i can use Affinity!

Ronnie McBride -

I just had my coffee sat down to read this announcement and was pleasantly surprised. I have been a Mac user for years and honestly, I don't see myself going back to a PC for all the obvious reasons. Once you go Mac, you won't go back. In all seriousness, this has been a huge hurdle for me to deal with. I work in plenty of mixed OS environments and many people who are interested in Affinity's Creative Solutions are running on a Microsoft platforms and when they hear it's Mac only they lose interest just as fast and continue to gripe about their subscription service. The Software Affinity create is ridiculously affordable as well as powerful in comparison. and it really does 80% of what professionals need it to do. Hats of to Affinity for making this happen. Now if I can get this on my IPad Pro and have all this syncing to my share of choice, man, I don't know what I do with myself. Anyway, thank you for the great news I know I have a list of people who would love to hear this. Thank You and Cheers!

Weber -

Hi, It's great! As a designer I need to work with the two platforms side by side. 90% of press company here work exclusive with windows, so it's great to interchange files between platforms. Congrats!

Jakub -

Great news, can't wait!

PhotoEditorOnline -

Hey, When you have launch i have reviewed your product on my website, And told that this editor will be game changer in editing world. But the drawback will come that you don't have editor for windows, Now you fill those gabs. great to hear such news about affinity.

Frederick -

Hope to get a Linux version too! It is still the best for me, because it gives you freedom (you're not bound to Apple Inc. or anybody else) and a fast and safe system (it is even safe without spending money for anti virus tools!). The only drawback is the missing of really good graphic/photo applications like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Philippe -

Ah, great news! I'm hoping the core is shared, and you've abstracted the UI. I have Windows at work and was sad I couldn't use AD. Now I can spread the love to all my coworkers. Congrats!

Ivar -

Thanks you very much for this!

Alejandro -

two things, first, AWESOME! congratulations guys! all you need now is to launch a lynux version ! and second, please release an alternative to lightroom!! :D

Hugo -

Fantastic. This is great news! I cannot wait to try it out on Windows.

moshe caine -

Great news! As a teacher and head of a photographic department, this is great news. Whilst I myself am an avid Mac user and all our labs are Mac based, many of our students are Windows users. For years I've been trying to convince them that life began before Adobe and may even continue after it. It is very important to offer them Adobe alternatives and kudos to you that this is what you are doing. Possibly in the future you'll have an Affinity inDesign and Dreamweaver alternative.

manny -

adios adobe yyyyppeeeeee!!!!

Greg Van -

To the Apple user that ask why Windows? Well I will answer that . Because Windows accounts for over 80% of the OS market. Apple only has a small percentage. Sorry but facts are facts.

Michael -

Great news!

Georg Stadler -

So how hard is it? My understanding was, that you were trying to leverage many features of the mac platform to improve UX and Performance. Are these components easily replaceable with windows equivalents?

Kate Musgrove -

Thanks for all the feedback and support! To try answer some queries more specifically... @Pat Newey - There will be no further development of DrawPlus, this is explained in more detail here: @Ron - Affinity Publisher for Mac is being actively developed and we expect it to be in beta around the end of 2016 with a launch in 2017. @Umbee - We are in the process of developing Affinity on iPad :) @moshe caine - We are developing a desktop publishing app right now called Affinity Publisher, we hope to be in beta with the Mac version at least by the end of 2016. We have no plans to develop a web design app.

Tom -

I expected, you first publish the layout app on Mac and then take your resources to ipad (pro). Besides the technical difficulties, do you see a business opportunity?

Kate Musgrove -

@Tom - There are two different teams developing Affinity for the two different platforms. Our Mac development team has not had any resource taken away from it to tackle Windows versions - we now have a dedicated team for Affinity on Windows as we do for Affinity on Mac. With the Windows versions basically being replicas of what we have done on Mac, including 100% file compatibility, it should improve adoption and file sharing ability for everyone in the future.

Glen -

I am very pleased that Affinity is coming to Windows. As a PS subscriber, it might save me money in the long run as it looks like a very powerful photo editing tool. One of the major advantages of PS however is its expandability through the use of plug ins. In particular I use ON1 Photo10 as a plug in for PS for their unparalleled resize engine, although the other units do come in useful from time to time and also I have quite a heavy investment in Topaz plug ins that make photo processing a breeze if you need very special effects quickly. Will/does Affinity Photo support plugins such as this? Also I would welcome an iOS version adobes attempt at Lightroom mobile is laudable but somewhat lacking, not even being able to read RAW files when Google snapseed can, what are these guys plying at? Anyway I digress, a seamless work space between my iPad Pro mad my Windows desktop both running Affinity Photo would be a huge kick in the proverbials for Adobe, Apple and Microsft go Serif!

James -

I use Ubuntu for my business, do you have any plans to port even limited versions of your products to Linux?

Alan -

Good, I was looking for something to use for when my Adobe subscription comes up for renewal. My monthly bill was high and now the Canadian dollar has gone through the floor it's obscene.

Kevin -

This is good news. I'm a lifelong mac guy but any way of expanding the user base is a good idea I think. This will enable a lot more cross platform file exchanging and will open up the app to a wider professional market... sign shops, output places, printers etc... it will offer another option for more people. Congrats guys!

Matt Miller -

I don't see how anyone can think this is bad news??? This is outstanding news! Those who say Affinity needs to focus on the OS X version, did you not read the article? They are using completely different developers for this Windows version, so that it won't take away time and resources from those developing the Mac version. I use my Mac at work while my coworkers use a Windows PC. I have been talking with my boss about switching over to Affinity programs (we both now hate Adobe and their subscription-based programs) and the only way we would do that is if everyone could be on Affinity in the office, even those using Windows. Great job team!

John Luce -

I agree with the Linux guy(s) above... if you can make it run on a Mac OS, which is a layer on top of a free 'Unix' (Free BSD I believe). I would love to see more progress take place in removing the need to be shackled by inferior hardware and buggy or locked-down OS with locked down capabilities to folks who have extremely powerful equipment, not used for Word or iPhoto. An OS that allows privacy to be secure and information not leaked all over kingdom come by OS houses who sell your information.

Li -

@ Eric - March 15th, 2016 "Shame on you! Why windows?" Google: "Operating System Market Share" and pop your mac bubble :P

megadesign -

I will pay you in advance for Linux version. ;)

Andrew -

Great, great news! Thank you guys for doing this, finally a serious alternative to Adobe on Win too.

Unix -

No problem for Windows and OSX the deserve it since the paid a lot of money to Adobe. What about Linux? I don't deserve to have professional design software? Best regards.

Daniel zrihen -


Budianto -

Great! I knew you guys will make a Windows version one day, it's inevitable. Would love to buy it (if everything is as good as it's advertised). If I'm not wrong, for the Mac version this apps uses OpenCL or something like that to handle the graphic... On Windows version, will it use CUDA or something? Keep up the great work! ps: for the guy that comment about Windows version and hacking. Mac software got pirated as well. Nothing is virus/hack -proof.

Mohammed Khamis -

Awesome news and Congratulations. Been dying to try Affinity.

hifred -

These news made my day.

Marc -

Windows... meh. If it's good for you than fine, but nothing that interests me. Now if you'd come up with something that would give Lightroom a run for its money I might get excited.

Brian -

Mathieu, keep dreaming! No one uses Linux and its terrible on desktop. It would be a waste of resources bring it to Ubuntu. Windows has all the market share. It was smart to finally bring this to Windows.

Rafael Santos -

This is such a good news. Thanks guys, as a Windows user I appreciate your effort porting your software to windows.

Scott -

Excellent. ...Lots of windows-based hardware (vinyl cutters, laser cutters etc) have kept me from moving over to mac, even when I've seen better software there. And I'm sure that even if windows uptake of affinity is considerably lower than on Mac, that you are absolutely right that there will be a benefit to both groups through cross-platform file support, knowledge sharing and user recommendations.

Austin Andrews -

This is going to be awesome! Cross platform is really the best investment right now. Half our design team is on Windows (SP4 is my primary machine), and we've stayed away from single OS software to keep the team synced. Sketch is awesome, but really cross platform software like Adobe XD are the future.

Darren -

Great idea to move to Windows. As an astro-photographer I can't wait to try it.

joe -

Give Adobe a run for their money. $600 + tax for CC is killing my budget. Most of the "new and exciting" features of PS I haven't even bothered to use but can produce it in a few extra steps.

Cidlijan -

Thank you for this! Left Apple and Macs behind since their 'consumer first, pros last' turnaround few years ago and couldn't be happier with my new Surface Pro 4 - haven't felt this good about a piece of hardware since 2008 unibody MacBook :) Hate Adobe and their subscription system with a passion - looking forward to buying your software :) PS - Please don't forget stylus support, it would be like having to draw with a brick instead of a pencil.

Scott Davis -

I am a 100% Windows user. I am also a SQL Server DBA at work (all Windows) and an amateur photographer at home (still Windows). I'm using a raw converter with layers to avoid LightRoom and I won't use PS (or any) software by subscription. This looks like real market competition. As for those who holler MAC OS only, I did what Eric suggested and looked at "Operating System Market Share" . With versions of Windows pushing over 2/3 of the market how can this company ignore this large group of potential customers. Don't forget, their plan is to keep the versions in sync. Sound like the development teams' budgets will share from all sales, not just their specific OS. Good plan!! Waiting impatiently to get the beta. :-(D

Chela -



I own the OSX version and am very happy with it! Now bring it to LINUX and I will buy another copy!

Endro -

I can't wait longer to using Affinity on my Windows PC :D

Michael Perry -

Fantastic, really excited for this, thanks Serif :)

Bazz -

Great news. I abandoned Mac last year and wasn't looking forwards to getting locked in to Adobe's subscription model. Please also investigate integration with Capture One Pro.

Charles -

This is really great news. I work with Macs and PCs so to soon be able to use Affinity Apps on both will be great. Will one licence cover installation on more than one machine (eg an Adobe Lightroom licence allows use on two machines)? Also, I see you use Surfaces in the office. Is a touch friendly UI planned? That too would be incredibly welcome. I use my Surface (clone) all the time now, it has replaced my old Mac laptop and Android tablet (both recently sold on eBay, I found I'd stopped using both completely). I find I constantly switch between mouse control and touch control, to be able to do image edits in tablet mode would be awesome. See you at the NEC!

mikeL -

Why not focus all your resources on what pro's are actually using, which is Apple hardware? My favorite aspect of this software is that we don't have to deal with the PC crowd.

Jay -

Amazing news! I purchased Affinity Photo for my Macbook recently and loved it, but I do most of my work on a desktop PC and Affinity software is going to be great. Really looking forward testing the betas. Thanks for listening guys!

Luis -

This is beyond excellent news!! To those of you saying shame and whatnot, I have a very simple argument back: I do a lot of packaging design, production factories in China use Windows. For you to do commercial work you need to use software they can run on their factories. Period. They will not change their production systems and manufacturing lines. Period. So thank you Affinity, thank you!

Alice -

I love affinity photo - I'm getting back into photography after a long break and really appreciate the tutorials and the ease of use. LR won't even open my raw files and, as an amateur, use mac, pc and Android devices. I'd love an android sharing service in the future :-) Great news

Desmond -

Awesome to hear guys. This only makes a better alternative to PS. Rock on!

Alessandro Guadagno -

LINUX!!!! no Windows.......LINUX.........ok? LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Stephen -

I just found out about this software because of the windows porting announcement. I've been looking for a good alternative to photoshop and this looks like it will be it. I can't wait to buy it. I think when word gets out, there will be a lot of windows users buying this.

steve -

wonderfull news, now i dont need a mac.

Mike -

Awesome! As a page layout designer, I am also looking forward to two key things: - Styles in Designer; - The new page layout program. Hope to see them soon!

Zehh -

I'm a Serif Software user of PagePlus X8, DrawPlus X8 and WebPlus X8 and I'm very happy to see that Affinity will be running on Windows. And I'm not alone... so many people I know (here in Brazil) who are using Windows (7, 8 and 10) are waiting for Affinity (Designer and Photo) to try and change!!! Remenber that the costs of Adobe CC and CorelDRAW subscripton (or even the software alone) are very high. That's one of the reasons why I purchased Serif Software. So Welcome Affinity!!!

JRom -

The amount of people here complaining about a Windows version are disgusting, and a terrible representation of the Apple community. Keep in mind guys that there is literally *nothing* like a Surface or Surface Book for OSX, and an application like this very much welcome (and needed) on Windows. This is excellent news!

Scott -

I swap between my Windows and Mac machines daily out of necessity, not out of preference. Having Affinity on both machines will definitely be a huge boost to my productivity. I look forward to the day when I can dump my Windows machine, but while I still have mission critical tools running only on Windows, it will be nice to have top shelf graphics and photo apps that can switch back and forth with me (without the Adobe overhead).

Satakopan -

Thanks for the effort. For somebody using both Windows & Mac, it would be great to see this in Windows too. Just make sure it is as Stable as the Mac version. And a query... I have a Mac Licence. Should I buy again to use it on my Windows desktop too?

José -

This is great news. I just thought about adding a Windows PC to my office. Now there's one more reason to do this.

Dave -

This is great news! I use PhotoShop every day and it just seems to get slower and more bloated with every update. I will be a day one purchaser and goodbye Adobe!

chris -

Hi , Thank you so much!, just in time, Tire'd of Adobe BullSh.. F*** U Adobe

megadesign -

@Brian - Linux really isn't terrible on desktop. Wake up and try elementary OS. It's fast and well designed Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.

megadesign -

@Brian - Linux really isn't terrible on desktop. Wake up and try elementary OS. It's fast and well designed Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.

Morgan -

I don't know why people have a problem with this going to windows as well. My preference is to use Mac but for the past 10 years the jobs i have taken have all been windows bases so im happy to see this expanding. Don't be afraid of change and just having this exlusively on mac is not a good thing people who are fanatics of mac of win are silly it's ok to love something but when you start hating on the other team for joining the game then you are showing your colors. HURRAY FOR THE AFFINITY TEAM all our support. after this get working on the Ubuntu version ahhaha...

Alcatraz -

This is amazing! Thank-you so much for contributing to the Windows ecosystem. This will be *massive* for a huge volume of people!

Alan7140 -

I'm in. And thanks. I mean it - *thanks*!!!

Adam M. -

This is fantastic news, thank you guys SO, so much for this. I ditched my last Apple computer last year which unfortunately meant also having to lose Affinity Designer and switch back to Adobe apps full everyone can have top-tier non-Adobe creative software regardless of their platform preference. Everyone wins! Excitedly looking forward to the beta and fully planning on supporting you guys as best I can with this move. :) Keep up the good work!

Eric -

This is indeed great news. My son and I work together, but he prefers Win and I Mac. That's what's held us back so far from adopting AP and AD as our default production apps, instead using the bloated Adobe software. Looks like we may soon be able to ditch them, though. In light of the above, please, please also bring on Affinity Publisher asap! And whatever you guys do, DON'T sell out to Adobe ...

Jarda -

I didn't even know about this SW as I given up on Apple completely few years ago, going full Windows. I'm looking forward for this product coming to already highly competitilve Windows market.

Tony -

Perfect! Hoping for a one-user license that I can use on both platforms.

Joshua -

Cant wait for Publisher on Mac/Windows and hopefully all the Affinity range on Ubuntu Linux.

Nearby -

Waiting for it to soon. It will be the best ever invention for Windows and Mac users.

Michel Pontet -

I'm looking forward to see a Linux version of Affinity. This is the only thing missing to Linux ...

James Smith -

I too would love to buy a Linux version (native, not wine.)

Ramón López -

I just wanted to make you know that this incredible piece of news totally made my day! This is something I've been waiting for since I saw Affinity Designer for the very first time, I think a couple of years ago, and now it seems to be just around the corner?? Well, more or less... but thankfully time has been passed quickly lately :D (until now at least). Anyway, thank you very much as far as I'm concerned and all the best for you talented guys!

Carsten -

Great News, and after that, you get real cross platform and do an Linux-Version of the Suit. There is a huge customer base out there that waits to get a professional tool like this on this great operating system.

Byron -

Wonderful news! I have been hoping for this for a long time... Thank you!!! :-D

Byron -

I will also reply to those who say, "Why Windows?" The answer is simple -- it will bring a lot more people to Affinity's products and will also help to greatly expand job opportunities for those who know the software. I've found that most organizations will not ever consider using a program that is restricted only to the Mac platform, unless it's available for Windows, as well. Adobe realizes this, which is why they produce both Mac and PC versions. This has served them financially well -- and will do so for Affinity too, I believe.

Tzar C Umang -

This should come out in Linux then... come on please...

Myles -

Great news! I've been a long-time user of DrawPlus, and while I very nearly added a Mac Mini when Affinity first came out, there wasn't quite enough to tempt me away from my Windows workflows. I'm sure once the Windows developers finish the Windows-specific stuff, it will mean benefits to both platforms as it frees up more of the Windows development team and/or DrawPlus developers to work on core features rather than platform-specific aspects. I use other cross-platform software, and it really does boost the user community when people from both platforms can contribute to tips, techniques, and creative troubleshooting without bothering about platform-specific issues. Hello Mac colleagues, I look forward to joining you!

Joan -

I am so happy :) My dream come true. I am using it on Mac but I think it would be much easier on Windows. The only Affinity weakness for me is Mac exclusiveness.

tmt -

Great news! I'm waiting for this as long as I first saw an Affinity Designer video somewhere. As for a linux version, I would like it too, but it also has a lightroom killer app which is darktable (go google it).

Francois Blawat -

Great News Serif! I currently use several different packages of yours on the Windows platform. I am happy to see a Photoshop replacement as I'm not very keen on having to pay a monthly fee to use any program. Thank You for creating this promising application for us Windows users. I cannot wait to try this out.

Jose -

If I was to purchase the Mac version would I need to pay again for the Windows release version?

Dag -

Wohooo! Can't wait to use them on both platforms! Now that you're making my dreams come true i'm going to dream even more: The Linux world is desperately lacking these kind of high quality creative tools and hey! Before you stop reading, that's the only reason why lots of people can't fully switch. You would be the only true multiplatform option and enable thousands of people to go linux, (gimp and inkscape and their likes just doesn't measure up) it would make a serious impact in the linux world and you can't even imagine the excitement and enthusiasm you would get from the community. (As you can see in these comments I'm not even the first to mention linux.) And now that you already abstracted the classes and os-specific interface stuff maybe a linux version could be done pretty cheaply? Oh man! Just image!

Nindow -

Thank you! This is my dream come true. I only have Windows so I'm happy to know that soon I can finally buy your amazing softwares.

Adrian -

Well this is very refreshing multiple platforms, without the price tag. When I used to work, the main problem was getting software licenses for the die hard, different software for the new engineers that liked only his/her knowledge suit and of course bringing the data all together across various platforms, then when you finish main work and start to play as a pensioner you seem to get priced out of the main stream because you cant afford to be there, because you are not concidered like the student even. So thank you Affinty: for giving a mature man a new challenge learning Affinity products for windows and giving me a goal to keep up to date with my sons and hopefully partisipating within the windows beta

Henry Ståhle -

I am a long time Serif software user, mostly Draw +, every day. MoviePlus + and Page + now and then. Can't do without Serif products in my every day progessional and personal work. Affinity is something I really am looking forward to on my Win 10 desktop and Surface computers.

Lieven cattersel -

Nice move. I,m following you guys since affinity for mac hit the market. I loved the interface and possibilities. And i also said to myself: why not on windows. And today you make my day.... Congrats

Seth -

This is great I have had my eye on Affinity for some time. But was always held back by it being on mac only. I simply can't use Mac systems because they just don't have the software support windows does. Since I am a 3D artist I go with whats fast and accessible :). Great move guys, glad you made a separate team as well for it!

wooyoung -

Hi there I very nice that is great app . Thank you free bate version . I will be used affinity as wall. Thank you again

Redsandro -

If you'd do a kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign for a Linux version (Ubuntu/Mint/Elementary they are technically the same), I'd prepay for it.

Marin -

It is good to see movement in the market for serious (=professional) creative apps. I used Designer Beta from day one, bought Photo when it came out and will buy Publisher the moment it arrives. The expansion into the windows domain is smart and will hopefully attract (and keep) many new professionals. I am still curious about the iOS versions. I have been using an iPadPro for drawing since last December. As a sketching and painting device with the Apple Pencil, it is hard to beat. But as a platform for design work, involving lots of shapes, typography and images and all the associated controls, it feels yet very limited. The thing with vector design ist that it works so well with a precise pointer (controlled by a mouse) and keyboard. When using fingers or the pen on a tablet, large portions of Your screen are obstructed (with Your hands obviously) and that feels limiting. I have tried "Graphic" for iOS, which used to be "iDraw" until Autodesk bought it. While it has a desktop grade feature set, using it without a keyboard is awkward, slow and no big joy. I do hope that it is just the way "Graphic" is made and that Affinity will pull off something better :)

Rajeesh -

Wow!! Thanks a lot for the release of Affinity Windows version. Hopefully in India people is waiting for an Adobe alternative. All the best wishes.. I am already using Mac version of Affinity and its awesome. Kudos team!!

marek -

+1 for linux version too :)

drillbit -

Exciting stuff. I hope you look into using some of the touch capabilities of Windows 10. I use my 27" iMac mainly for basic family stuff, my custom built PC is what I use for my pro work (the graphics card is a beast). Hopefully Affinity will utilize OpenGL. I look forward to giving this a try.

Joseph -

Will current Affinity owners on Mac will have to purchase it again for windows or we get it free?

Timo -

Ohh, that's great news ... desperately looking forward to this! As a professional photographer my business relationship with Adobe ended with CS6 and I'm urgently looking for an equivalent or even better product without cloud based blackmailing!

LubosMertak -

Yes, yes and yes! I love Affinity products... and now much more :)

Antonio -

Great news ! It's good to have a decent multiplatform alternative for Photoshop and Lightroom. If someday you need or just can't afford to buy a Mac, you will not suicide. I know lots of people that are really just looking for a decent non-cloud and non-subscription alternative to Adobe platform, just because they don't agree or like the new business model. I will be very happy to have Affinity running on both platforms. After this, maybe Serif coud develop something for photo management like Media Pro.

NeeNee -

Sooo sooo glad to hear (or read?!) this!!! I'm a Windows user, and was considering moving over to Mac just so I could use Affinity products! I currently use the Plus line of products (Draw, Page mainly), and although they are fab, they don't feel 'polished', or professional enough. Unfortunately I am subscribed to Illustrator CC, but that is due to expire in July, and I've no intention of renewing, so this is PERFECT timing. Affinity Designer look amazing, and I've heard nothing but good things from people who are using it. If nothing else, it will save me the small fortune of purchasing an Apple product! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy, thanks Serif/Affinity! :-) :-) :-) PS...Does Designer have an auto/live trace feature?

leonardi caraballo -

awesome news, I am a windows user, a designer, and this is just perfect.

Kellerica -

Wow. Can't wait for the beta. Here's hoping that Affinity will be the answer to my prayers and I'll finally be able to kiss Adobe's ass goodbye.

Jubilee Nunn -

I am honestly tired of paying subscriptions to Adobe. If you guys can't prove yourselves and stay consistent with these 'updates' I'll switch. Because although it looks like you guys are on the right track you still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of matching the features that come with Adobe Photoshop. I'm in if you're in though, Jubilee

Sam -

Well done!!! Very wise move. Being an Avid Serif user since the 90s, this is a very welcome news.

Elman -

WoW! So great news, I'm was waiting for this port since I tried AF designer on Mac, but now I'm with Windows, so really hoping to get this done quickly! Great product, great team!

Robert -

The ONLY reason to not buy iPad Pro for me is the lack of Affinity Designer and Photo on iOS. PERIOD! I hope that I can put my dirty hands on both of them before this xmas. What do you think @Affinity? :-D

Thomas Fröhlich -

Fine, but will it works unter Linux, maybe withe Wine?

Spider -

We are a film production company and label. We currently use a combination of Adobe and Serif on Mac and PC in our cover and asset design studio. We are very excited about affinity coming to PC.

ProjectMakers -

Endlich eine vernünftige alternative zu Photoshop! Mein Team und ich sind schon voller Vorfreude gespannt auf die Windows-Version. :) Danke Affinity für dieses tolle Produkt!

Chris -

Linux, please. There are tons of people following projects like these just waiting for one of them to work on Linux. The first one that does will earn a ton of customers out of people trying to get away from gimp and other non great alternatives.

Ayoub -

this is the best news in 2016, I can finally rise my middle finger to Adobe THANK YOU SERIF TEAM.

Cherif -

This is a very good move. Can't wait to have it at work.


I Love you guys, I bought Affinity Photo for mac on the first day & always wished it was there on windows where all my work at. Finally after a year, My dream came true ! :D

WMax70 -

Great news can't wait. :-) And what I've read; a product with very high quality output. Even awarded by Apple. But this wil not be limited to Apple anymore. Affinity is more than welcome on Windows! Great job!

Çınar D. -

Where is my wallet...

Rafael -

This is great news to expand this awesome universe ! Thanks SERIF !!!!

The man -

1+ for the Linux version.

Rory Mole -

I'm a Mac user, but have also used windows in the past and still have an older windows laptop with a lot of serif software on it. Affinity is really about to blow the whole market open even further with this new development. I'm really waiting for Affinity Publisher to come out asap... I'm chomping at the bit here using open source clunky Scribus. Adobe won't get my money for any software rental for sure.

Susan Lavor -

This is the best news for Web designers around the world who doesn't have money for buying macs. You just made my year! I just can't wait to install it on my windows :) Thank you guys ;)

Chris -

As an indie games developer this is great news. We produce all our graphics in vector format but Adobe CC is so expensive we will be moving over to this when it is out. I cant wait :) If you guys get the time I would also love to see a Flash editing program :D

Tommy Armstrong -

I bought an iMac 27" 5 years ago mainly to run Windows on as I loved the screen and the hardware. My printing software is Windows only and have been a Windows user since 3.0. I never even booted it into the Apple OS. I now have the old mac running OSX that my son (Apple Fanboy) reinstalled version something only as it really too slow to and limited for production work. And I just do not understand it. Good for web browsing and such. But maybe should try this out for the Mac and then when comes out for Windows 10, I will be good to go. I really like Windows 10 a lot and it supports touch and pen. This sounds like would be great on my Surface Book or Thinkpad yoga. Lots of image manipulations are now, thanks to iPhone really introducing touch to the world, so much easier with touch than a mouse. It is great to have both options as in Windows 10. Hope this supports inking as that would be awesome.

Samson -

Thomas - March 15th, 2016 "but those of us in the real world actually like to use other operating systems." Ever heard of Linux?

mczilla -

Great news. Any chance for compatibility with CDR/CPT files? I've always preferred Corel over Adobe and have a lot of stuff in that format.

Djay -

Can I open my ai files in affinity designer?

Kristian Lund -

Cant wait any longer.. I want it now.:) Keep up the good work Serif!:)

Carl -

I am a Mac user but I think apple has become a phone Company. They have killed so many pro applications and I think they are about to kill the Mac Pro. It scares me to leave OS X but I cannot support a Company that do not care for professionals. I Think I will be happy with Affinity on windows and a new pc pro machine.

Ryan Williams -

I heard about this from Rebel pixels on Youtube. Ove signed up and am egar to try this program out since im looking to dump sai and photoshop

Paul Willson -

The first Serif software I purchased was MoviePlus and have had most of the versions and the one piece of software I use the most. I have over time purchased most of the other software. I am a loyal supporter of Serif as most of my software is Serif, I am very unhappy that Serif has dropped development of MoviePlus and it seems no plans to revive it in Affinity version even with it being the most highly rated movie software in its range so feel very let down and customer loyalty seems to count for nothing. This leaves me no choice but to look around for an alternative if I find one that matches up to MoviePlus and if they do a Similar range to Serif then possibly switch to them, come on Serif if you can put the effort into designing new software from scratch in affinity version then surely you can do the same for MoviePlus.

Ivan -

Really excited about this news. Makes complete commercial sense not to restrict this product to Mac's. Why Mac only users (I use both) would be put-out by this simply beggars belief. Get a life people.

bastcilkdoptb -

Greetings! I've been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

Spencer -

Samson, I'm pretty sure no one uses Linux.

Roy -

Where can we download the first beta??

Marcus -

+1 for Linux. I know, it's going to cost probably at least the same as producing a Windows version. Given Windows' dominant market share on the desktop the likelihood of making a profit is very high, especially if the price is the same as the Mac version. Why not try something like a (or even a) Kickstarter campaign and see if enough people are willing to pay for it. If you reach the goal - fine, you can produce the software and make money. Which would also prove that you can earn money on the Linux desktop. Or the goal is not reached, you don't lose money and time (and show that it is at least truely difficult making money on the Linux dektop).

Taiwofolu -

Great news! I cant wait for this to be released. I was getting jealous of Mac users ;-)

Stuart -

I was so impressed with a friend's Affinity a year ago that I bought a macmini specifically for Affinity and, a Windows-only user of 30 years, to try out macs in general. Sorry mac owners, Windows is a superior OS in my opinion despite its well-known faults. So I'm looking forwards to the Windows version of Affinity and will be back to Windows only. Affinity is way superior to any other photo software I've used. A catalogue would be nice (please!), but as an Olympus user I find I can manage with Olympus Viewer 3 and XnView.

Anthony -

This is fantastic, finally a version for professionals!

Tomasz -

bye bye CC :->

Ben Weston -

Like many creative agencies, we run an equal mix of Mac and Windows systems  – I actually like Windows 10 just as much as I like OS X El Capitan. The move to bring Affinity to Windows means that we can finally invest in Affinity fully and ditch Creative Cloud altogether. Really excited to get involved in the beta for this.

Constant Dupuis -

I stick with Photoshop CS2 for a while, very impatient to test Affinity !

William Shoemake -

I am looking forward to testing this out. I have been using a mix of software products for years. I have used adobe products while I mainly use After Effects and Premier and have not been much of a fan of Photoshop. Most likely due to using Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact in the Ulead days for too many years. Now currently using Photo Plus X8, Draw Plus X8, Page Plus X9, and Web Plus X8. Granted all these products work well together I am guessing that Affinity will not have a direct editing feature from Web PLus X8 as you can with Photo Plus X8 though as it seems to be focused on not having any type of related connection or editing with all the Plus X# products.

andre luiz dos santos -

O brasil esta em festa! Otima noticias, estamos anciosos pela versão beta, adeus adobe.

Artem -

Can't wait to buy it for my Windows 10 PC. Hate Apple.

Tobias -

Recently shifted shifted from a mac to PC, getting really tired of running with Adobe subscriptions. This looks just the ticket! This plus Lightroom (owned version) could be a great combo. Do you have any plug ins for Lightroom - ie so you can right click in LR and edit straight in Afinity Photo? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Amarneethi -

Looking forward to the windows release. Me and my friends are starting an online design school and we want to use Affinity as our preferred tool. Since we are based in India, most of the design students use PCs. When do you think a stable windows release will be available post Beta?

Brad -

Avid fireworks user here...looking for a viable alternative for ui prototyping that is not locked into the mac ecosystem.....hoping to get in on the ground floor when you release the beta !!

Kevin -

As an employee in a true production atmosphere... I have to work with designers who use Mac and some designers who use PC. Most production hardware I use requires a PC, so the idea of having your wonderful looking software on my PC is incredibly exciting to me... my real hope is plug-ins for the printing industry so I can output from your software some day instead of feeling like a slave to Adobe.

Chad -

I can hardly wait for your Windows PC version. Because of the type of work I do, I need a PC, so I am thrilled at the possibility of your Beta version. God Bless!

Bran -

Thank you for bringing your software to Windows! I use Linux, OS X and Windows professionally every day. I kept Adobe Photoshop installed on my Windows workstation. I hate Adobe as a company however. A fat monopoly is what they are. They do not care about their customers. I am glad to see what might be a true alternative to Photoshop.

Javier Ocampos -

It seems perfect heed user requests and expand their boundaries to be released on various platforms. Now Windows and thus will win a large number of followers seeking an alternative to the Adobe Software for PC, soon to be Linux, I know, I know that in time, they are the most popular alternative will give all Linux users a tool offering a joy conditions for those working in photography and graphic design and you will be the reason why many still did not give way to Linux for Photoshop and Illustrator I give thanks to you. Maybe not now, but I know they will do sooner or later because I know they like to do things right. Regards!

Lady Billie Blanchard -

As someone who can no longer use a mac (health reasons) I am sooooooo happy that you are coming to windows!!! Adobe need to realise that they do not have the right to over charge us by so much each month! I cannot wait for Affinity to arrive on my windows pc!! :)

Jonathan -

How much longer?

Jürgen Schmidt -

Ich warte schon drauf. In der Hoffnung das ich mich endlich von Adobe trennen kann.

Gonzalo -

Yes Jurgen, many of us want to depart from Adobe ....and hopefully for ever. I do not understand the comment of the 1st guy up there about why Windows ....this is NOT a blog for the Apple eaters to tell us how good apples compare to oranges or bananas....this is a praise on this excellent company who is committed to a great alternative to the now dreaded Photoshop and Lightroom and all because of their coercive marketing practice. Please do NOT come with your apple pride in here.....leave it at home...

Catman -

It's fairly ok, because on windows, we lack of excellent design software like affinity. Photoshop and CoreDraw is so poor.

Andrea -

Great! Just what I need to finally depart from Adobe subscription! Thank you Affinity!

Alex -

You've been saying "weeks" since early March, how much longer? I can't wait to drop photoshop!

Alexander -

Dear developers, could you comment on somehow delay the release of Windows?

Tomas -

Hey Serif! What about post some progress info anywhere? Pls, tell us how much time it will take to release beta. Thx.

Geo -

Adobe CC seems to be increasingly stale, bloated and spammy. No Mac, and can't wait to try Affinity!

Daniel Shin -

With Windows version coming out, if I paid money to get Affinity Designer for mac, will the windows version be free?

David Pope -

Dear Serif, - I know Windows users are bombarding you with requests for the release date, but it is understandable. With a comment in March that the Beta would be 'released in a few weeks', an enormous appetite for "Affinity", it was bound to happen. Why not provide a best 'guestimate', end of May, end of June, whatever, at least we will have some idea of the time frame and stop pestering yourselves - PLEASE?

Jens Viermann -

Finaly. Great news! Reading the comments I got a bit annoyed about the egoistic MAC users. Why comments like "Shame on you! Why windows?", "Sounds like a poor investment" etc. You already have a version for more then a year!!! Why deny other the pleasure. You arent a better person just becaus you own a mac. After all it may even benefit you! The bigger the user base the higher the chance that a third party will develop plugins etc. for it (Like is done for Adobe).

Cam Loken -

I'm a Mac user and I agree that having a version for Windows is a great step forward. I prefer using Mac for my work and I'm sure many Windows users would prefer to use a PC. At the end it really depends what you are comfortable with. I'm glad that Affinty is being inclusive.

keopsis -

Why not entirely multiplatform and make linux user happy too ? There are a lot of potential clients like vfx studios

Sven -

how long it last? take my f***in money. no matter how much. i need affinityphoto for windows now now now now!

Cert -

Would love to see a Linux version of your tool. Affinity is the only software that keeps me using a mac. I am using Linux full time professionally and its just tedious to use a separate Mac just for your great Software.

fbs -

I contain had additional photoshop process , i experienced no period , and ultimately i quite a few experienced disregarded with regards to seek the services of computer software it , and i was wanting at google fulfill with your blog site thank yourself exceptionally significantly for go through within listed here conclusion i started towards realize back again , thank oneself males . ~

Cheesus -

Finally. Only program that kept me from joining the other 90% of the worlds PC users and instead stick to a boring mac. Thank you!

Jotty -

I would prefer a development team, that improves the mac version. No progress in the last months. I miss improvements in the raw persona for selective corrections a bit closer to Lightroom. Right now I use Lightroom and AP instead of PS. Of course Windows offers a bigger market. But on the Mac - platform you have a more exclusive role to play beneath the Adobe products. So please: Don't forget the Mac users!

Jeff -

It seems, Affinity for Windows = l'Arlésienne Is Affinity will be translated in other language ?

Elman Vebs -

When? Waiting from the start...

John -

Don't know why there are so many comments from hipster Mac fanboys who disagree with this GREAT decision. Please, take your uniformed, blind obedience over to the Mac store where the other brainwashed condescending Luddites hang out - the adults are trying to have a conversation here. (Please, note that I am not talking about ALL Mac users - I have no issue with most of them - just the ones who, despite having little to no knowledge of computers, laurel Apple anything while criticizing anything that doesn't have the Apple logo slapped on the side of it. You know who you are.) Anyway, kudos, Serif, for this decision. And, please, please, consider creating a Linux version! I know people have already asked this, but hopefully, if enough of us make this request, you'll give it some serious thought. Currently, there are not a lot of full featured options for vector art on any Linux-based OS; Inkscape is currently the biggest and, arguably, best option on Linux, and while it is a great program that can hold its own against the likes of Illustrator, it's far from perfect and is no faster than Illustrator. With the number of Linux users growing, the demand for compatible software will grow too. All I ask is that you consider it. Thank you!!!

Jeff -

I hope you don't require people to re-purchase it for different platforms.

Karter -

Please Linux Version ! Would pay a fortune. LINUX!

Berg -

Would love to see a Linux Version, thx for building such a great Software, keep it going ;)

Micha -

AHHH! Its so great! So great! Can't wait! When?? :)

Rob -

To all the "NOoooo..... Why not Linux?' comments: Name me five (will make this easy for you) successful -commercial- apps on Linux. Or five massively successful Open Source projects that are still under heavy development. Enlighten me, please...

Zapf -

@Rob: sure, no problem i love to help. Let me just name some of the profession software our clients are using on their Linux machines which we manage – which are movie maker, photographs, sound designer, musicians, software developers etc. Bitwig Studio, Renoise, Tracktion, Guitar Pro, Houdini, Autodesk Maya, Lightworks, BricsCAD, Black Magic Design Davinci Resolve just to name a few i am faced with every day. For your Open Source: VLC, Chromium (base of Google Chrome), FireFox, Blender, Wordpress, Android, Darwin (core of OSX and iOS), Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, Thunderbird, Kodi ... this list can go forever. I hope this helps to answer your question, nice week :) @affinity, i would love to maintain some installations of your program at our clients under Linux, this would safe alot of effort by decommissioning some macs which only purpose is to run Affinity.

Jiaro -

@Zapf No professional photographer or enterprise uses Linux to edit their photos. Windows makes more sense. Linux is like using Blackberry, its a failure on desktop.

Ryan Doucette -

Wow, Affinity! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you! Finally can ditch photoshop and illustrator for cross platform. Couldn't come sooner ✌?

Mantle -

@Jiaro I did not know that you know every single photographer on planet earth, impressive! Now i am wondering why Riley Brandt ( did not exist and why all of his great Open Source Photography Course Videos are fake. Thanks for bringing the truth to light! And yeah, Blackberry was a real failure as a desktop operating system, i've never seen a single computer running Blackberry. Check your facts mate, seriously – have a nice day. (FYI ——— would love to see affinity on Linux as well :)


It's going to be awesome to see this available to the 90%+ of the world that doesn't use mac. I'm also super excited to see how well this can replace my PS workflow!

Josip -

So is there any news about this?

Kevin -

There was a post over in the forum that we should see the beta around end of June: "No release date as yet but the beta should be available by the end of June."

Javier F -

Good evening everyone, I'm from Bogota Colombia I'm creative graphic designer with big brand companies I researched a lot I see that affinity has greatly improved clear adobe that interests me very much affinity'm hoping to learn about the program but I'll comment here johannesburg much comptuadores PC and MAC what happens in mac is very expensive and very exaggerated the price and so I do not really like the mac and also mac is good but only very fine screen and the ability is very bad very pesima and change the PC shoves much more powerful than a clear mac screen is a bit loose but can be purchased separately with a very professional display that can beat mac nothing more .... but I always want to take a new version affinity for windows is always best and others I have 22 years ultilizo much the windows and 22 nucleso in xeon thousand times more powerful than a mac to make the design and and took three years paying original adobe but it is time to stay in affinity has a very powerful software and please is not because it is shame what happens if shame is very very expensive very exaggerated mac and imagine a cell cases in Colombia this $ 1,200 as impossible as expensive for the quality of course nothing more .... so I stay samsung and nokia lumia has a screen quality and fast ... that's the same as PC powerful design .... I have a lot of money here thanks for PC ultilizar a mac because you spend 2999 dollars on imac intel core i5 but if I buy intel core i7 cost me 3500 dollars up I can not believe I prefer better in windows please forward'm happy to get the new version AFFINITY I hope ...

Gerald -

@Jiaro that's wrong. Want to hear something about professional photography with Linux then go to the south east Linux fest, there is a talk about that topic

Diego -

Hello, my name is Diego and i live in Medellín-Colombia. I wanna buy a license of affinity for bussines but the Apple Volume Purchase Programme for Business is not abaylable in my country... what can i do?

Ariel -

Is this really good for windows ? I am looking for the best software to use in web development for images

Philippe Michel Lefrançais -

Hallo Guten Tag, Wie lange soll wir noch warten, oder wird es überhaupt erscheinen eine Version für Windows? Ich fang an zu zweifeln :(

ProArtist -

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Windows user ;) )

Paweł -

Miło by było ujrzeć wersję dla użytkowników Linuksa. Z niecierpliwością czekam na nią :) It would be pleasant to see a version for Linux users. I'm looking forward for it. Jó lenne látni egy változata a Linux felhasználók számára. Alig várom, hogy azt. Bylo by hezké vidět verzi pro uživatele Linuxu. Těším se na to.

Paweł -

Mam nadzieję że będzie też polska wersja językowa. I hope to see also the Polish language version.

JH -

+1 for the kickstarter campain. I would immidiately pay for it :-)

Ash -

Affinity! Affinity! Affnity!

Mark JC -

This is great news! I use both Mac and Windows. This will make for easier designing and possibly easier on the wallet. Thanks for the news!

lrrm -

We are waiting to switch. How long will we have to wait?

oscar -

estamos artos de adobe. queremos cambiar

TopDownDriver to -

Look, this SMART business. There are a lot more photographers and designers on Windows these days than on Mac. Even Adobe has been developing there apps for the PC and porting them (via there own common code tools) to OSX. The fact is, as a business, you have to go where the money is. Dollar for dollar there is a lot more performance in the PC side. As someone intimately familiar with coding on both platforms I can say that the internals of the Windows OS as it comes to graphics and sound, is much more robust, feature rich and sophisticated. Apple has put a lot of resources into iOS over the years and OSX or MacOS has suffered because of it. As a professional photographer these days I recommend Windows far more the Mac to my clients (unless they have a strong preference for Mac). The old, long dead ideological wars between the two platforms are over. Get over it!

Hans Wahlgren -

Got very confused today. I thougt Affinity Photo was comming for windows, but it was Designer. Has I assigned the wrong Beta launch, or is there mort time to wait for the Photo version?

Kate Musgrove -

@ Hans - we announced Affinity is coming to Windows back in March, but Designer was always going to come out first. The Affinity Photo beta is to follow later on this year, and we will be keeping everyone who signed up to the Windows beta informed of the progress of both products on the Windows platform.

Vander de Sousa -

The installation get stuck on "prerequisite installing Microsoft .NET Framework." I can not install.

Vander de Sousa -

I believe that Windows Defender or Malwarebytes were preventing the installation. I disabled them and managed to install. Now let's play!

Paul -

Same as Vander de Sousa install gets stuck on Microsoft.NET framework. I already have Framework 4.5 or higher installed. I turned off Windows Defender but that did not work either. No anti virus running otherwise. Bummer.

John McKeon -

Thank you for the opportunity of trying Affinity Design, but my real interest is Windows Affinity for photography or what ever name you will call it, I would appreciate you keeping me up to date re progress of development of this program as I have heard only good about your Mac version. Thank you John

Colin Parker -

Installed perfectly on Windows 10 and is running like a dream. Thankyou for the opportunity to try out this beta version and please keep me informed when the completed version will be up and running.

Pablo Petzen -

Where are the buy button? hahahaha

Paul -

I downloaded .exe again on July 1st. This time the file was slightly smaller in size so I assume some changes were made to the beta. THis time the install ran to completion, albeit it did take 3-4 minutes to load the .NET Framework and the C++ .. from there it went smoothly. So I'm up and running on the beta.

Paul -

The version I was able to load is -- I'm running it on Windows 8.1 ..

Craig Calderon -

Hola llevo poco una cuantas horas, y me ha parecido genial, seria estupendo que desarrollaran una versión para GNU/LINUX Ubuntu., este software es justo lo que necesitaba.

patman -

I'm sorry to report that my PC is now screwed with error 0xc0000098 plus The Boot Configuration Data file doesn't contain valid information... I have Apache, PHP, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Delphi, Email, Pageplus, MS Office, LogmeIn, Studio One, Harrison Mixbus and many more applications that will take me a week to reinstall. The program was running in the background and I was watching a tutorial when the speakers emitted a loud buzzing and the computer froze. I had no option but to power off. I am not happy...

Jindra -

Hi, thanks for your great idea, I'm looking for an Adobe Photoshop competitor for years and don't undestand no company (as Corel for whatever reason gave up without any more improvements and Gimp is not running 16bits....) is not on the market with a good competing product :( This is really looking good and I hope the product will be working as good as it looks. I am looking forward to buy my licence for Affinity Photo on Windows :) Jindra

Jonny Cantão -

Linux? Eu pagaria sem chorar uma versão para Ubuntu

sathish -

i m really "Exciting" for use this software,,,,,,.

Shiela -

I cannot install on windows 7

Bob -

Designer working fine on My Win 7 Cant wait for Photo to be released Have on the Mac, is just a joy to use, thank you

Tom Haskell -

This is fantastic - having played around with it a bit, this looks like the Fireworks replacement I've been searching for! Vector-based pixel-perfect graphic creation is the exact thing we need for creating touchpanel interfaces to Audio Visual & Smart Building control systems. And to all the people saying it's a waste of time, that's rubbish - sure, I'd use a Mac if I could, but our company IT department won't allow it and most of the software I need for my job is Windows-only. We don't all live in "perfect designer land"!

Björn -

Would love to see a Linux Version, too. Would buy it again.

Joao -

I would like to see a version of Linux , so once could only use Linux on my pc

Joao Claudio -

I would like to see a version of Linux , so once could only use Linux on my pc

Bryan -

I'll pile on here and ask for a Linux version too. I use a Mac, but have been switching more of my work to my Linux box, for various reasons. There is not really an equivalent to Adobe CS on Linux, and especially for page layout, there is not. Thanks to Adobe, you can't even get *nix FrameMaker any more (something I would gladly pay for). Basically, if I had that, I could ditch the Mac. Sure, it's a smaller market than Windows, but it's a market you'd have practically to yourselves.

Michael -

Fantastic news, as a Windows user I'm very much looking forward to this. Thanks guys!

Przemek -

Please consider Linux versions of Photo/Designer. I'm ready to buy it. More and more commercial software is coming to Linux (for example Substance Painter, Designer port is confirmed) - there is niche for professional photo/vector software. With Your programs we don't need any Adobe products on Linux.

bob -

I just want to know when Affinity Photo is coming for Windows. Can you tell us?

Kevin Kunkel -

How is this Beta Program progressing? Please send a roadmap with the known milestones, like when we can expect to begin a Beta period for the Windows version of Affinity Photo. I haven't hear anything about this in an age. KK

Rob Walker -

Kevin, Beta has been out a while. Mine has expired so I am not sure what that means in terms of a release date. Hopefully very soon.

Kate Musgrove -

@ Kevin Kunkel - all the latest beta news for Affinity Designer for Windows in on our specific forum: We supplied this link in all of our email correspondence. We will also be letting everyone know who has signed up to the beta by email when the Affinity Photo Windows beta starts. @ Rob Walker - Betas expire when there is a new beta version to download, you can the latest beta versions here:

Harry -

Please don't mix up Affinity Designer with Affinity Photo! Nobody is interested in Designer but everyone wants Photo. Too bad that you announce the Photo Beta in March and NOTHING after happend ... very disappointing.

Patryk Poblocki -

Would be gr8 to have the Linux native version or at least run it in Wine without issues. Can't wait to ditch Microsoft OS completely...

John Cunliffe -

I have been a long standing happy user of Serif software since the 1990s, and have often thought about transfering to a Mac, after the comments above, I will stay with Windows 10 and wait for the Affinity range to come to Windows OS. It is a pity that there will be no direct transfer of files from Page, Draw, etc. But will console myself with the knowledge that PDFs will import well. Q: Will the Affinity range eventually replace the Plus range of software? Congratulations to your development teams Serif " Still a British company at the forefront of innervation". John Cunliffe - Hull

Harrym -

Just watched the 1.5 beta review and that just adds to the anticipation (and frustration) of waiting for this product!!! I'm as keen as anyone to remove Adobe from my machine as soon as possible but I'm more happy that Affinity seem to be taking the 'lets get this right the first time' approach that is much more important than cutting design and testing corners and ending up getting a bad rep. I was wondering how much is being/ can be learned and fed back to the windows photo team from the Designer beta?

horst balmer -

Having used Apple products, professionaly (Publishing/Video), since '93 - I have switched, as of this year, exclusively to Windows 10 - therefore am more than happy for this news. As for why the switch - game development... and the fact Apple left the pro community behind, ages ago, when they bought numerous companies to later kill off the product leaving no support. Sure there is money to be made on their consumer hardware... just saying for those wondering the switch, as I was a 20+ year Apple 'fan boy' - this move, by Affinity, is most definitely welcome... unless they go Autodesk/Adobes route of monthly. (At least Nuke gives an option) ;)

Brenda -

I'm thrilled to see new design options! I have been a designer for 22 years, and while I know there are loyalists out there, I have no preference toward either MAC or Windows. I have been able to work cross-platform my entire career and that made me marketable and able to take advantage of job opportunities that were amazing. After 22 years, my focus is on raising my kids now and I have the ability to take on freelance jobs when I want. Because of the randomness of my projects, investing in the Adobe CC monopoly for the price they charge was not even a possibility. As a stay-at-home creative, this software gives me new hope that I can stay relevant for a fair price! There are a lot of us out there and by providing us an alternative to the high-cost of Adobe, you will be tapping into an ignored market! I do have questions about page layout options though!

peyrusse -

Hello, Just using Darktable on Linux. There's only a few software managing raw files on this plarform. Providing à version for this plarform would be an excellent idéal, please think about it.

I.M. Thepipe -

It's been nearly 6 months since this announcement. What's the current status of Affinity Photo for Windows? Will it be released in 2016?

Sia -

I was under the impression that the beta was affinity photo not affinity designer! The announcement was 6 months ago and we still don't even have a beta? What's going on guys?

Max -

Come on guys, we need that Affinity Photo beta!

Seth -

Never a good sign when developers hype something then release a different product beta... Then don't say anything for half a year on the product they said was going into beta.... What a let down.

Fussolia -

I'll buy it as soon as you bring it to Linux.

Gabrielle -

Thank you thank you thank you Affinity Team! I wanted this program as an alternative to Photoshop a while ago, but discovered that it was for MAC only. I couldn't STAND that Adobe decided to have their software available through a month-to-month plan. How RIDICULOUS. You guys rOcK!

Graham Rabbitts -

As a loyal Serif Plus customer over many years, I switched to PS Elements when I switched to RAW images. I get on well with the Elements Organiser which is currently managing my 20,000 + images. But I was thinking of switching to Lightroom. I have tried and really like Designer, I am prepared to wait for other Affinity products to roll out, but not forever. Desperately waiting for photo and the DAM. Any news on timetable would be helpful.

Coffee as well as -

Can I just say what a comfort to discover somebody who really knows what they're discussing over the internet. You certainly know howw to bring a problem to light and make itt important. More people shokuld look at this and understand this side of the story.I can't believe you are not more popular since you most certainly have the gift.

Fritz -

still waiting 4 Affinity Photo for Windows... but starting to lose interest.. (but I still wonder who asked for the Affinity Designer for Windows - which IS available as Beta?) Is Serif too small to deliver? :-/

grandOverallDesign -

good for you serif....great software, providing the world a great service with very minimal price. in this case it's free for now but i like where you are heading. Unlike the big company has now turn into a money thirsty corporation. REMEMBER...if you give the world what they want....the world will give you what you want =)

Peter -

As a professional digital artist of 20 years specializing in video games, I'm really happy to see you make a pc version. Apple's new mac pro computer falls short for 3d/VR work, so I'm switching to pc. I have to agree with the Linux requests, there's enough software out for Linux that it's becoming a viable alternative and your software would be the best Linux image editing tool. Nuke, Maya and Blackmagic Fusion are all available for CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Overall, I really love the speed/performance gains over Photoshop, well done!

Gil Silberman -

Great news, hope you will release chrome, android, and linux versions as well ! great job so far, the only true photoshop alternative. just fix the Right to left text that will support Hebrew

harrym -

It would be really good to get an update on how things are going guys!

ianfelix -

Where is Affinity Photo for my Surface??? I've to buy a Mac again??? Please, hurry up!!!

David Kliewer -

Dear Serif, I have been using Affinity Designer and Photo on a Mac but since Apple is neglecting the Pro Sector I have switched more and more to Windows where I can get decent hardware (I know... old discussion). However, the one thing that keeps me from completing the switch is the lack of at least Affinity Photo. On March you more or less promised to release a beta in as little as 2-3 months and it is nowhere yet. Moreover, you kind of leave the community that supported (funded) you a bit in the dark - we are not expecting you to rush because we do not settle with mediocre products + we know that you are capable of producing top notch stuff. Having said that, there remains one question for me (and possibly others): Can we have it before christmas? Even if its a alpha/beta? I just cannot wait to play with the Intuos Pro on a Windows machine.... and I do not want to support the other company whose name starts with a C and ends with an L.

Chuckle -

Dear David Kliewer, Although I find it a step in the right direction that you are departing the world of fashionable items produced by Apple, and moving back to the real world of power, you would be far better off looking to push Serif into focusing on an environment for the future. Developing their application(s) for Android/Chrome/Andromeda would be far better allowing them to target far great number of users. There are more android devices in this world than any other OS, and it's now on it's way to the desktop. Chrome OS is held back by the lack of applications such as what Serif produce, but soon Google with announce Andromeda. We all know Windows is a dead horse, Windows 10 is dead in the mobile device market and recently we've seen the decline of Windows 10 users in the world of gaming because they are switching to other OS's (Most linux). The world has already changed, it's a slow climb but your move to Windows is backwards to what everyone else is doing. Just saying!

Sara -

Hi! Was wondering if Affinity Photo will be coming to Windows before Christmas time? Thanks!

Franco -

Hi! Not a member or a fan of the Church of Steve but this program looks so FINE! I have Illustrator CS5 but is kinda outdated and too expensive to update. Inkscape is slow and not too user friendly so we have high hopes for Afinity. Thank you for bringing Designer to Windows!

fritz -

Hey Affinity, I case your marketing-Department thinks that a "no info policy" will increase the anticipation of potential Buyers of Affinity-Photo 4 Windows... No, it´s not. It just makes me disappointed and a bit angry: one more company that is just announcing but does not deliver. very sad.

Steve -

Hi guys Been following these comments for a while and as a new dslr user I have been watching all the Youtubes with interest but as I`m a Windows user I was waiting for some sort of release date/period whatever which does not seem to be soon. I think you would have been far better announcing the impending Windows version a bit nearer the release date?. As it happens I have now just pre ordered On1 Raw (due Nov 23rd) so won`t be using Affinity photo now but I wish you well for its release. regards Steve

Dariusz -

Would love to see Affinity running on my Linux. Even if you don't plan Linux version, please consider this :) Win10 is not an option.

Drawnword -

I have used both Designer and Photo on a Mac. The Designer is more than welcome addition for my Wacom Companion and Windows 10 in it. Hope you release it soon - I will buy it for sure

.... -

Definitely will buy Linux version. Just release one :)

Max58 -

Not for Windows 7... sorry... not installed... : "Platform Update for Windows 7 not found" Setup will now exit.

Andrzej -

Windows 8 i 10 - no , thank you, i go to mac... in W7 inwalid... :/

Hyperlord -

I'd also love to see Linux support and I'd definitely pay for it or fund a kickstarter campaign for this.

Jonathan -

I think its great its coming to Windows. Although I do use Mac I am starting to get frustrated with their hard ware choices and plan on going back to Windows 10 if I can get a mission control like app on windows. Also with software coming to Windows it will bring more artists to Windows. As far as Linux how well would this program run under WINE.

harrym -

Thank you! Downloaded beta and enjoying learning :)

Joe -

As a Mac User just transitioning back into Windows (really not impressed with the way they seem to be ditching pro users), I'm so pleased with this news and the beta. I've used the Mac version of Photo and Designer since their release and I was so gutted to have to go back to adobe subs on my PC. Glad I can soon ditch that sub and re-purchase Affinity Photo for Windows. Shut up and take my money!

Vladimir -

After run Affinty Photo Public Beta I have message: Windows Aero is not enabled. This will cause rendering problems and slow performance. Please select in Aero desktop theme for best results. Programm not run. So...I use win 7 home basic. This version havent Aero.

Dmitriy -

Thank you for version for Windovs. I use Windows and Linux (Open Suse). The only thing that keeps me going on this Windows - Photoshop. I am waiting your program for the Linux version.

qube -

I hope to buy a linux (ubuntu) version, I already bought $500 worth commercial linux apps (bitwig, ardour, steam), and I am very happy with. I just want to ditch my wine'd illustrator for a decent alternative.

OldOne -

I recently purchased this, but can't get it to run on my Windows 7 64bit Pro computer. I previously was using the betas with no problem on the same computer. The purchased version installs, but then after the splash screen it just closes out and won't start. Very disappointed with the purchase if I can't get it to run.

Leigh -

@Dmitriy & @qube: We currently have no plans to bring our apps to Linux, sorry.

Leigh -

@OldOne: If you post your issue on our support forum our Tech Team will be able to help you further and hopefully get the app running on your computer :)

brian clifford -

I have windows 7, 64 bit. When I try to use Affinity Beta the response to key inputs is terribly slow - up to 20 seconds. It is so slow that it is practically unusable . Is that because it's a Mac system and not really for my windows set up?

kris -

where is windows trial? Only trial mac? haha no thanks...

Leigh -

@brian clifford: The Windows version should work without any issues. Is it possible to post your issue on our support forum for our support team to investigate? I'm sure they'll get you sorted :)

Leigh -

@kris: We don't have a trial version of Affinity Designer for Windows yet. It will be available in the near future - when we have more information, we'll let everyone know :)

Jsam -

### @Dmitriy & @qube: We currently have no plans to bring our apps to Linux, sorry. ### Aw :(

theoldgit -

I have just purchased Affinity for windows (7) My camera is a Finpix HS50exr. I can now shoot in raw mode, (RAF), developed in Affinity, and enjoy my editing all in one software, thank you

Henri -

Definitely a good, if not the greatest, alternative to adobe graphic suit and its monopoly. It is really easy to move from Illustrator/Photoshop to Affinity Designer/photo. I can't wait to see some credible alternative to Indesign. It does cover 95% of my needs so far and It represent a serious economy in my budget. Indeed, 40 € for life instead of 24 € per months for illustrator ( or 60€/months for the whole package) ;as a Freelance graphic designer I definitely sign for it! Sure it does not have (yet) all the tools that adobe offers but if necessary I combine it with open source software like Inkscape (for image trace, opening *.cdr ...) and Gimp. We will see if with time customer support and updates work fine with Serif, then Adobe should really worried. Keep the good Job!

Romulo -

Quero testar

Stef -

Working as a front-end webdeveloper on Linux, it would be really welcome to have the two applications available on this platform. Linux is great for developing but the fact that it currently lacks good UI design software and photo manipulation software is really unfortunate.

Anonym -

Linux version planned? Maybe Feral can help porting...

Ashley -

I made the switch to Affinity on MAC OSX about a year ago now and have to say I'm yet to look back! Bringing it to Windows can only mean good things. More development time, more support, a wider community of users. As a web designer and commercial photographer Affinity has become a massive part of my working day!

dave helas -

just d loaded free trial win10 and as am pse tutor at learning centre for senior citizens [using serif photo+ and video+] have 8 members assessing, evaluating ap as replacement for pse11. so far odds on ap. problem occurred - lost adjustment panel among others and unable to access until i de installed ap and reinstalled. thought you might like to know. also awaiting info on purchase for edu sites and multiple members, any discounts. there might be accnt for seniornet glenfield nz as we have above products regards dave helas

Leigh -

dave helas: If you're still having issues using Affinity Photo, please head over to our support forum. Our support team will be able to help you further :)

ct -

hi there is this available now and is it able to be used on windows 10? really important to me before buying and is it easy to pick up using of

Affinity Support -

@ct: Yes, both Affinity Designer and Photo are available for Windows, we also have free trials for you to try first. These are available to download from our site

Scott Cole -

I've been looking at an equipment upgrade for work (being a freelance web designer) both hardware and software and it's good to know Affinity being on Windows gives me some more options (even though I'm mostly considering another Mac, it's nice to have the option of a Windows machine if need be).

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