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Affinity Photo brings professional photo editing to iPad


Affinity Photo for iPad – the first fully-featured, truly professional photo editing tool to arrive on Apple’s tablet – is now on sale.

We were proud to be able to launch it during the keynote at Apple’s WWDC in San Jose on 5 June – the highlight of Apple’s global product launch calendar.

If you saw that, or if you use Affinity Photo already, you’ll understand why it’s the choice of thousands of professional photographers, retouchers and editors around the world.

We think Affinity Photo for iPad redefines photo editing once again, by bringing almost all the features in the Mac version to your iPad, so you can take all that photo editing power with you wherever you go.

The new version is tailored to harness the explosive power of the iPad’s hardware and touch capabilities, and is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch.

We expect this to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had and even better, Affinity Photo for iPad is priced at an introductory discount of more than 30 per cent in the App Store – so for now, you pay £19.99 / $19.99 / 21,99E.

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Emre -

Does it not run at all with the iPad Air or are some features not available?

Affinity Support -

@Emre: Affinity Photo for iPad is only compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch.

Cleft -

Will Designer also becoming to the new iPad pro?

Niels -

Why does it crash all the time on my ipad pro 12.7? Niels

Maroš Palko -

App is unusable at the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, can not open any photo, crashes immediately. Please, fix the bugs as soon as possible. I paid 20 euro for the app and want it to be fully functional.

JL -

Is is possible that there are some bugs in affinity for iPad ? I try to run it on iPad air2, but it crashes by everything i'm trying. Thank you for help. The desktop version is really good.


Only yesterday i had time to watch the Apple WWDC Keynote. I must say that i was very impressed with the way Ash presented and demonstrated Affinity Photo for iPad. Congratulations!

Affinity Support -

@JL,Maroš Palko,Niels: Can you check the following link to see if this applies to you, a fix for this issue will be available soon. If you still have an issue, please post on our forum with more information for us to look into it.

Affinity Support -

@ Cleft: We have plans to also develop Affinity Designer for iPad.

Kit Bea Adiqx -

Is there any way I can open raw files from the Photos app? Or at least import them from a camera or a card? I can do this in Photoshop Fix. If I have to open them on my computer first, then export them to some cloud storing, and finally download them to Infinity, the point of a portable editor seems to be lost - may as well do the editing on my computer when I have to use it anyway? Also, I can't seem to find any metadata (from Olympus em1 mkII), when I press the camera icon in develop only the image dimensions show.

Mari -

Looking nice! Need an upgrade!

Ray -

When does the sale for introductory prices is over as I'm waiting for the iPad Pro to arrive. And can't purchase with out an iPad

rishio -

Does the App do any file management on ios 11? The main thing I need is a way to manage my libraries by storing them on external storage (hard drives or the cloud).

Affinity Support -

@Ray: It ends 19th June. It is possible to buy iPad apps through iTunes on a computer :)

Affinity Support -

@rishio: We'll have more information about what's possible on iOS 11 when it's officially released.

Affinity Support -

@Kit Bea Adiqx: This is something we're aware of and hope to improve in the future.

VectorzMedia -

Is Affinity photo editing software also helpful in raster to vector conversion?

Affinity Support -

@ VectorzMedia: Affinity doesn't have a raster to vector autotrace feature yet, it may be added in the future.

Pid -

This are great news! ... BUT please make PSD.tpl Tools work on your products. Than all illustrators can come to Affinity. Without the big source of my brushtools I realy can't work professional. So please help to import them and make them work with your products.

Knut -

I Just bought the latest & greatest iPad Pro money can buy (12,9 v2 with 512 GB), and Affinity Photo for iPad (API) with it. Had such great expectations for RAW file handling when travelling. IPad is great, API is a great disappointment. Chrases a lot. Cannot open all the RAW file formats I use (Canon, Fuji X, Sony). Especially RAW files from my pocket camera, Sony RX-100 III, are more or less impossible to import. RAW files from A6300 work somehow. BUT, and this is the BIG mysterium, why is cloud storage the only export option??? No way to export/save locally to IPad. Makes it pretty much useless while travelling. Bandwidth for hi res files hard to come by in the field. Ties the user to home or Office, and what is the use for a mobile RAW handler then, when a powerfull computer sits right next to you? API feels/operates bloated and slow. Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed do not have all the bells and whistles, but they do the job instantly when on the go and you Just need a quick draft and instant product prsentation of your RAW files. API cannot compete with the Lightroom / Photoshop desktop combo anyway. The product has great potential, but needs a lot of debugging, workflow simplification, and most notably more and better import /export options. (why can't I even import directly from a card reader?) PS! while you are at it, presse fix a new blog system too :) This one is really hard commenting on via mobile (iPhone). Scrolling unreliable.

Affinity Support -

@Knut: With regards RAW import, please make sure your camera models on listed on iOS supported RAW formats list: Currently RAW files do need to be imported from cloud storage, however this will be improved in upcoming updates.

Affinity Support -

@Pid: This has already been requested for our developers to look into and may be included in a future update.

Knut -

@Affinitysupport Thanks for import update in next version, but please include export to local device also.

Erick -

Do you think that it worth changing my iPad Pro 12.9 version 1 for the new one to use affinity photo ? Thanks

Affinity Support -

@Knut: We've just released the 1.6.2 update which will allow you to import RAW files from the Photos app :) You can export back to Photos by selecting Share in the Export Window.

Tomas Kapler -

Do you plan similar tool for Windows 10 tablets /convertibles (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pro)?

Amit Singh -

This software has awesome features, however it crashes or keep freezing, are you working on this bug

Affinity Support -

@Tomas: Our Affinity apps for Windows already run on a Surface Pros.

Affinity Support -

@Amit: Sorry to hear that it's crashing for you. Is it possible to post your issue on our support forum? This will allow our developers to investigate further and figure out what's happening.

necojita -

I want join beta test for iPad.

Affinity Support -

@necojita: The Customer Beta is only available to users who have purchased the retail version of the app.

Andrea -

@Affinity Support Hi, you claimed the introductory price ends 19th June. Why is that wrong and what is the truth?

Andrea -

The price will change on which day ?

Affinity Support -

@Andrea: The current price is remaining for now but we're not sure how long it will remain at this price. Grab it while you can.

N -

Why the panorama doesn't work on my iPad Pro, when I pressed stitch, nothings happened?

Affinity Support -

@N: If you post on our forum with your issue and perhaps the files you're using, we can look into this for you.

Lee -

Finally decided to buy the iPad version today and then saw the price had risen from £19.99 to £28.99. Reason to say I didn't buy it!!

Affinity Support -

@Lee: The discount has ended and the price has now returned to normal.

Andrea -

@Affinity Support: And now the normal price has ended and the discount has returned for how long?

Affinity Support -

@Andrea: This is the current price for now.

Andrea -

@Affinity Support: Yes, but for how long will it be reduced?

Affinity Support -

@Andrea: This is the current price for the foreseeable future. We suggest that you grab the app at this price while you can.

Mboehm87 -

So far this app has been unusable for me on my 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Photos will not open for me whether I try and open them from the start menu or open a new document first and try to place them.

Affinity Support -

@Mboehm87: Can you post on our forum with more information on the issue, including the location of the files that are being imported.

Neil Macleay -

This app would stomp on everything. That is, if it didn’t keep crashing on save, crashing on save a copy, crashing spontaneously even when I’m not touching the iPad screen. But it does, so it doesn’t. Affnity, I feel cheated. Had this been a beta, which it should have been, the terrible performance of Affinity Photo IOS would have been acceptable.

Affinity Support -

@Neil Macleay: Sorry to hear this. If you can log your issues with our developers on our support forum they can investigate this further and get your issues fixed.

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