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Affinity Photo for iPad gets new update and lower price point

Affinity Photo for iPad

There’s great news today for owners of Affinity Photo for iPad – and for anyone considering buying it.

Not only have we just pushed out the latest free update to our professional photo editing app for iOS, we’ve also decide to keep the price lower in the App Store.

Since Affinity Photo for iPad was unveiled during Apple’s WWDC keynote in San Jose, in June, reviewers and customers around the world have acclaimed it as a game-changer for professional photo editing on the move.

We launched at the discount price of £19.99 / US$19.99 / 21,99€ for what we intended to be an introductory period at around 30 per cent off the planned full retail price.

Since launch, we’ve been blown away by the response – sales have been beyond our wildest predictions. But because it was a genuine world first for fully-featured professional apps on iOS, there was really no precedent we could use to judge the right price for an app of this quality.

Now we’ve had chance to assess the response, and settled on a price which is not only value for money for our customers, but also sets a benchmark for the price of high-end, professional apps on iPad in the future.

That means we’ve decided to keep the full price point of Affinity Photo for iPad permanently at £19.99 / US$19.99 / 21,99€ (subject to App Store regional variations).

What’s more, today Affinity Photo for iPad has received another update, bringing new features as well as the quick, reactive bug fixes that our customers have come to expect.

The update, free to customers, strengthens the compatibility between the desktop and mobile versions of the app. If you set up and save macros in Affinity Photo on Mac or Windows, you can now play them back on iPad. (The ability to record new macros on the iPad itself will be in a future update.)

Our super-talented developers are working constantly to make the most of the iPad’s unique Metal graphics technology, allowing users to work easily on large super-high-resolution photographs, or complex compositions with potentially thousands of layers.

Affinity Photo already brought unrivalled capability to work on huge images with incredible speed when retouching, applying effects or adding adjustments.

To do this type of work on iPad is something that no-one has ever attempted before, and we are learning all the time how we can squeeze every ounce of power from the device. This latest update raises the bar again with big performance increases – it’s now faster, smoother and more productive than ever.

Other changes include UI improvements, improved PDF and vector export and better integration with the Apple Photos app. Please see below for a fuller list.

Affinity Photo for iPad is compatible with the iPad Pro 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, and optimised for Apple Pencil.

For more information go to

Full list of updated features continues below…

Affinity Photo for iPad

Additions and improvements in v1.6.4:

• Macro studio import and playback. Supports interactive playback.

• Significant improvements in performance for large or complex documents.

• Even better HDR merge of RAW images.

• Increased maximum size of the liquify brush tools.

• One-press switching between button menus (e.g. document, command menus).

• Improved loading of images from photo library (now shows all user albums/folders).

• Use “Place Image” to place original images from Photos.

• Powerful adjustment previews.

• Enhanced selection refinement.

• Improved PDF and vector export.

• Better TIFF loading, including support for malformed 8bit grayscale TIFFs.

• Dismiss font size chooser by pressing return.

• Focus Merge can now use RAW sources.

• Show progress when committing a refined selection.

• Metadata available when creating a document from the camera.

• Export LUT added to document menu.

• Convert to Curves added to command menu.

• Wet edges can now have a custom interpolation spline.

• Pinch gesture support for grouping / ungrouping layers in the layers studio.

• Passthrough blending for groups.

• Icon improvements, especially in text studio.

• Selection marquee tools support extra-finger-constrain.

• Improved reading of DPI from files.

• Exposure adjustment now operates in stops, not % and has wider range.

• Arrow tool has more options.

• Paragraph leading UI improvements.

• New option to dither gradients in preferences (defaults to ‘on’).

• Significantly smoother pan / zoom.

• Directional lights in the lighting filter can now be directed using on-canvas handles.

• Smart selection brush improvements.

• Adjustments / filters preview react to changes in canvas size.

• Further memory management and localisation enhancements.

• Numerous fixes and stability improvements.



Hello! Please include support for HEIF/HEIC formats on both platforms (macOS and iOS). Kind regards, IGI

Massimiliano Di Febo -

I' m ipadpro/pencil nonpro user, hobbist car designer. I love your app. My suggestion is to streamline the workflows ( I need many times to swithc from photo to selection personas) and, mosy important, to have a panel dedicated to vector paths as in ps.

Peter B. Schaufuss -

You guys are just AWESOME!!! Great work, and an amazing tool.

Paula Buermele -

This app is a dream come true for photographers . The latest updates will make it much easier to switch between the laptop and iPad versions. Thank you!

Dennis -

Great update , thanks .

Hunnia -

Thanks for the best FotoApp for iPad, is purchased today. Greetings from Germany and Hungary!

Patricia Greene -

Would I be able to buy Affinty for Windows & iPad together? I have been a serif customer for years.

Arnaud Boutle -

I'm a early bird user of affinity photo on Mac and now on iPad. This particular iPad version is simply blowing my mind with all the possibility I have in my work on iPad. With Procreate this is the ultimate pixel-pushing apps. May I ask for a request ? As an illustrator I don't use Photo as the main app in my workflow. But it should be the main app, because it can do all I need. For me the lack is in UI, especially with the undo/redo button placement. When I draw I use the undo function constantly. And the placement is inappropriate for me. This is a one person testimony, May be every one else don't have this problem. But if it's the case, may be it can be a good idea to rethink the UI for drawers and illustrators. with full feature gesture shortcuts.

Paul Mudditt -

Great job guys, after buying the iPad version, I ended up finally buying my first Mac just so I could buy the Mac version as well! Great job for Apple sales ! Loving it !

Sebastian Michailidis -

Any chance that the next release will feature fixed Apple Pencil tilt support? Flat out ignores tilting for me and I don't seem to be alone with this ( ).

Đức -

The HIEC file supported but it not read exif infomation. :(((

Affinity Support -

@IGI: Thanks for the feedback. This has been discussed on our Support Forum here:

Affinity Support -

@Massimiliano Di Febo: Feel free to post your feedback in the Feature Request section on our Support Forum: :)

Affinity Support -

@Patricia Greene: It's not possible to purchase them together at a discounted price. You can only purchase the iPad app from the App Store.

Affinity Support -

@Arnaud Boutle: Thanks for commenting. Feel free to add your suggestions in the Feedback section on our support forum.

Affinity Support -

@Sebastian Michailidis: If you could post your issue/question on our support forum our developers will be able to look into this further for you.

Affinity Support -

@Đức: We import a full size JPEG version of the image when importing .HIEC files. Please log your exif issue on our support forum:

Twestly C. Emsweller -

When I attempt to upgrade the software my IPad Pro fails. The only way I am successful is to uninstall and reinstall the app which in return charges the cost over. At that point I contact Apple to have them refund the charges. What do I need to do to upgrade without deleting and reinstalling the app?

Affinity Support -

@Twestly: When we release an update it will show in the Updates section of the iOS App Store. Even if the app is deleted is can still be downloaded, free of charge from the Purchased section. Also make sure you are always logged into the same Apple ID account that was used to purchase the app. If you do continue to get charged, I recommend contacting the App Store support team as they have access to your account.

Joe -

I hope you guys are getting justifiably rich off this :) Truly bar setting for an IOS app, regardless of price. And the desktop apps are, in almost every way, better than their Stucco Apps equivalents. It's unusual for me to have to open one of those apps, these days. Affinity just does it better, for the most part. So much power, such polish, at such a low price... I feel like I'm stealing from you. It was Affinity Photo that made me buy an iPad Pro 2. With IOS 11.... it's sooo close to replacing a desktop. Tell me there's a 3D app somewhere in the (obviously) feverish dreams of your developers :) cheers

Jeffery -

Will there ever be a feature to create 3D LUTs like the software “3D LUT Creator “.

Affinity Support -

@Jeffery: No plans at the moment, sorry.

maria yafi -

I have the app on my iPad pro . Is the mac version better or the same , do I need to buy it. Mind you i am very happy with iPad version. thanks maria

Affinity Support -

@maria yafi: To use on a mac you'll need to purchase the app from the App Store on macOS. The macOS version does have a few more features that haven't been included in the iPad app yet.

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