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Affinity Photo for Windows is available now!

Affinity Photo on Windows selection refinement

We’re thrilled to announce that the Affinity Photo Windows beta is now available. This means if you’re a PC user you can finally get your hands on the app, and during the beta period it’s completely free!

On Mac, Affinity Photo was chosen as Apple’s App of the Year 2015, and voted Best Imaging Software 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association. It has also received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers from all around the world.

Affinity Photo on Windows lighting filter

Live lighting filter in Affinity Photo for Windows

The Windows version matches the Mac version feature-for-feature, so all the thrilling speed, sophisticated tools and pinpoint accuracy which have earned Affinity Photo its formidable reputation are now available to Windows users too without compromise.

What’s more the Windows version shares exactly the same back-end as our Mac version so you can be confident the file compatibility between both platforms will always be 100% perfect.

Affinity Photo on Windows selection refinement

The Windows version matches the award winning Mac version feature-for-feature

This beta version even includes some big new features which will be included in version 1.5 (to be released next month) giving you the chance to be among the first to try them out. They include:

  • HDR merge
  • Focus stacking
  • Macros
  • Tone mapping
  • Batch processing
  • 360 degree image editing
Affinity Photo on Windows Tone Mapping

Tone mapping persona and other 1.5 features are in!

When we started developing our Affinity apps over 7 years ago one of our key aims was to be cross-platform, so today marks a huge milestone for us. It’s been an incredible amount of work to get here, and we really hope you enjoy using Affinity Photo on Windows as much as those already using it on Mac.

The one thing to bear in mind is that it is the first beta version, so there will be some rough edges and bugs to fix. Of course if you wish to help in the development process we’d really appreciate you reporting any issues you find on our beta forum so we can get them fixed. We should work through any problems pretty quickly with new builds coming out at least every week.

If you want to stay in touch with our progress of this, and everything else we are working on here, then it’s a good idea to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re also more than happy to hear from you through those channels, a well as our forums too.

Have fun!


Adam Nicholas -

Thank you for this. I have been waiting just for this moment.

Iván -

Really really great!! I have been waiting for this. I'm so happy.

Ashish -

Is it available for windows phone 10 📱??

Aravind -

Any possibilities for LINUX OS??

q -


Mike -

How do I transition away from creative cloud and lightroom?

Joni -

How much the final version will be?

Gaz -

Can add "Chinese(Traditional)" language?

Sandra Chung -

How do I test to see if Photoshop plugins will work? I have already selected the plugin folder in PREFERENCES and I can see titles, but the plugins are greyed out and I can't select them. There is nothing in the blog about them not being enabled.

Henry -

Please Anffinity Photo For Windows 10 Mobile! Contínuum! Windows Universal App !!

David Sala -

Been waiting for this moment for a long time! Excited to try out new methods and ways of photo and graphics editing! Thank you Affinity!

Petr Štefek -

... great job, boys ... !!!!

Winni -

Sad but true - I can't install the beta-version for windows. Nothin happen, if I start the installation. The install-window shows no progress. I have the windows version 10. So, what can I do? Is there a trick?

Shameer M. -

Is this a UWP app or Win32?

kishore -

it not working on my win 7 64bit

Petr Štefek -

Psd files Affinity photo work perfectly. Layers are displayed perfectly. Plugins for Photoshop also performed very well. After a short time, I can say that at Affinity Photo getting used quickly. Sorry for My English ... it's Google Translator. ))) I work with W7 / 64, and the installation program runs well.

Petr Štefek -

Export to PSD and the subsequent opening in Adobe Photoshop - perfect, including layers.

Petr Štefek -

I am an amateur photographer and I'm excited to end the dominance of Adobe Photoshop. Thanks!

Rusty -

Love it- thanks - just unistalled LR

Erica Leis -

This looks amazing!! Can't wait to use it

Oswaldo Luiz Calzavara -

I'm, enjoying too much the Affinity Photo. My first experiment day was a success. It's so similar to Photoshop but an interface more intuitive. Loving the effects, mainly with lighting filter. I'm coming using the Photoshop for 23 years and just now I foud out a new software to increase my knowledge. Soon a video channel of tutorials in Portuguese for my students.

ved -

It's not installing on Win7 64 bit. Get an error that says platform update for windows 7 not found. What should I do?

Jeff -

This and Affinity Designer are ridiculously good! These "beta versions" appear to be more stable as is than some of the "final versions" of some other applications I have used. You guys are doing really great work.

Garrick Quinones -

I gave up on PS CS awhile back and was searching the longest time for something innovative and artist friendly to use on Windows. And like a Thunder-Bolt here it is ((((( BAM! )))))) 5 stars rating from me & stupendous work Affinity!

RAd -

It is not starting on Windows 7 Professional. It says that windows aero is not enabled...solution?

Mahamud -

Wow, it's amazing... just amazing and brilliant. The outcome of anything's incredible. Can't wait for the full version!

Phil -

Just trying it now - after just 10mins I'm impressed. I spoke to you guys at TPS2016 and was amazed at the price. I was told it was a one off price with all future upgrades included - if this is correct then I think you have a winner. Even if the free upgrades are only for Version 1.xx then it's still a very good price.

Philip Curnow -

Just wondering if it will work in 32 bit on my emergency laptop as well as 64 bit on my main editing computer ? Had a play with it this morning and it seems to retain the colours better when making exposure changes. Any idea on price for the final version yet . . . and can the full version be installed on two machines ? (Desktop and Laptop)

f -


Phil -

been waiting for this since - forever. Awesome program. -- things i found , alt backspace not activating `inpaint` and backspace on a selection performs a delete (as does delete). windows 10 64bit.

Leigh -

@Ashish: It's Windows Desktop only. @Aravind: No plans for Linux, sorry. @Joni: We’re looking at pricing to match the Mac version :)

Leigh -

@Sandra Chung: This thread on our support forum might help:

Leigh -

@Wini & @kishore: Is it possible to log your installation issues on our support forum for our developers to investigate? They will get you up and running in no time :)

Leigh -

@Henry & @Shameer M: It's a Win32 app.

Leigh -

@ved: This thread on our support forum will get you sorted :)

Leigh -

@RAd: You will need to enable Windows Aero. If you continue to have issues, please head over to our support forum:

Leigh -

@Philip Curnow: Our apps require a 64bit CPU & OS to run. We’re looking at pricing to match the Mac version :) It's fine to install on your two machines.

Leigh -

@Mike: I would ask this question on our support forum. I'm sure other Affinity users will be able to give you some advice and suggestions :)

Leigh -

@Gaz: Yep :)

Petr Štefek -

PS I use for a long time, but since yesterday I have a new assistant when editing photos. Affinity Photo. For my editing needs, Affinity is perfect. I look forward to the final version, to be able to pay for this great program. No cloud, no Adobe Photoshop. Sorry for the translation - Google Translator. ))


Is there any papers about Affinity designer in order to learn it. At the moment I have ordered the WorkBook.

Bryan Willman -

Well, I tried to run your beta, and it tells me " please use an aero theme " and then exits. I cannot and will not run aero, I run the theme I do for a host of accessibility and efficiency reasons. So your software is a non-starter with me...

Frank Jr. -

So far so good! Finally a serious product that gives Adobe a run for their money! I like it!

Allan6 -

The first attempt to download this program on my new Windows 10 PC failed to work. The second attempt kept stalling. But the third attempt a day later installed and works ok.

Sandi-Artsy Craftery Studio -

Hello Serif: So excited to be trying out Affinity Photo beta. After 2 days of editing a few images, I REALLY like it. I have a lot to learn and look forward to using the tuts to build my skills. Thanks, Sandi

Petr Štefek -

Color Efex Pro does not work with layers Affinity Photo ... unfortunately. Plugin moves, but the operation is unsuccessful.

Lance King -

I'm looking forward to downloading and trying this out. However, I'd be interested in knowing if you guys are considering a Linux version. I have stopped my Windows upgrade path at Windows 7, and have no plans to upgrade to Windows 10. I like to maintain full control over my OS, and neither of today's major commercial platforms allow that. As support ends for Windows 7 in a few years, I plan to migrate fully to Linux Mint. There are some open source options there that I can, with a little pain, move my workflow to. If you guys can offer a Linux solution, I'd buy it in a heartbeat just based on the positive feedback I've heard over the years about your software. Think about it. :)

Andreas -

Hello Serif! What a great job! I guess this will be a strong competitor to Photoshop in the future! I like to work with it. The support of wacom tablets seems to be a bit poor at the moment. Some things are not translated yet into german, but it's a Beta version. I think you will manage until the final version is finished.

Tor Jorgen Naess -

I use several of Serif products Amazing that you are launching a serious challenge to the adobe, which have priced themselves out for us who run small businesses. I hope you want to attach a number of wizards and professional templates with Affinity Designer when you are launching this. Affinity photo is just amazing.

juergen -

Kann man das Mac Handbuch zur Einführung in die Windows Version nutzen ? bitte, um kurze Antwort gruss

Mko -

Thanks for this!! Love in it already. Question, how to we provide feedback? or where can we see any reported bug so we don't duplicate by reporting the same one...

Talha Chaudhry -

Thanks! I picked the right time to pick up amateur photography! I'll be getting myself the sony a5000 as my first camera and I'll be reading your book to help edit my photos. Thanks for making the beta free!

Crystallyn -

I've been using photoshop for years and this program is wonderful! How long will it be in beta testing before final release? This is my first time testing a beta.

Lanza -

Thanks, but I'll wait for the Linux Beta. ;)

Carlos -

It would be wonderful if it were for OS X

Mr Patrick Kane -

Enjoying the new affinity photo. More modern layout and better raw handling than my photo plus7. In painting tool a great addition act even better than photoshop content aware. You say all features are the same as affinity photo for macs but i do not see the media browser in the view menu although it comes up as if it is there when you search for it. The thing is that this feature can be used in the same way as Adobe bridge. Will it be included in the next update for Windows.

hamza -


mehdaoui -

salam sa va

bilal -


bilal -

thank you

khaire -


mongi abbessi -

merci de me permettre d essayer votre nouveau programme

faris -


riadh -


amaazom -

merci de me permettre d essayer votre nouveau programme

taher -


zayad -

Thank you all for this program.

taher -


mohammed -


khalid -


ahmad -


samir -


sayko -


tarek -


mossa -

Hi i am mossa

zaid mohamed -

thank u alot for this program

Mohamad -


sami alhashmy -

mossa1605 -

Hi i am mosaa haw are u

Waseem -


mh mila -

merci man frer

nassim -


Djamel -

thank you ___

sami -


sami -

thank u alot for this program

nabil -


salah -


mostapha -

laaaaah yberaaak

mabrok -

thnk you

fouzi -


lazhara -



Veuillez me permettre d'essayer votre nouveau programme merci.

jak -


Leigh -

@MAV: There's help built into the app that can be accessed by going to Help > Help. We also have video tutorials available on our Vimeo channel here:

Leigh -

@Bryan Willman: Aero needs to be enabled for the beta app to work. More information can be found here:

Leigh -

@Petr Štefek: Please post this issue on our support forum and we'll investigate this further: :)

Leigh -

@Lance King: We currently have no plans to bring our apps to Linux, sorry.

Leigh -

@Andreas: Feel free to log any feedback regarding your Wacom tablet and the beta version on our support forum. Our developers are interested in any feedback you have especially during the beta phase :)

Leigh -

@juergen: Ja. Die Arbeitsmappe wurde für die Verwendung mit der Mac- und der Windows-Version entwickelt. Unsere Apps haben auch Hilfe in sie eingebaut.

Leigh -

@Mko: You can provide feedback in the Affinity Photo on Windows Beta section in our support forum here: :)

Leigh -

@Crystallyn: It will be in beta until we feel the app is ready to be officially launched :) Have fun!

Leigh -

@Lanza: We currently have no plans to bring our apps to Linux, sorry.

Leigh -

@Carlos: I have some good news! It's already available for OS X/macOS and it's available to buy from the Mac App Store :) More information can be found here:

Leigh -

@Mr Patrick Kane: The Media Browser is a macOS feature. We've updated our help to remove any mention of this but it could be something we add in the future :)

Leigh -

@MEGHIT: Vous pouvez vous abonner à la bêta Affinity Photo for Windows ici: :)

mahmood -


ahmd -

im free man

ahmd -


Ayoub Asman -

Thank you very much ... And I like and hope for you good luck and succes

ahmad -


hichem -




Samer -


akk -

merci pour l aplication

Adnane -

Fantastic Thank you so much !!

soliman -

Very cool

salim -

Régal -

My printer (Canon MG6250) does not recognize your 16 bit tiff-files, while 16 bit tiff-files of Gimp 2.9.5 are no problem...

chakib -

thank you for this . I want an affinity photo

hana galal -

thank you , i like this programe

nuri -

i like this programe

Issam -

Merci beaucoup pour votre produit


merciiiiii beaucoup

amine -


amine -


amine -


amine -

good and nice

maged -


hseen -

it not working on my win 7 64bit

Tadas -

Thanks, but I'll wait for the Linux Beta.

tim -


saber -


kadem -


Leigh -

@Régal: If you post your issue on our support forum our support team will investigate :)

Leigh -

@hseen: Make sure you have SP1 installed for Windows 7. If you have, post your issue on our support forum and we'll help you get Affinity Photo installed :)

Leigh -

@Tadas: We currently have no plans to bring our apps to Linux, sorry.

Cherqi -

Pour étudier

hassan -


hg -


Fleen -

تطبيق راءع

allawe -


jhgh -

Mu beta version stopped. I would not have put it in my computer if I had known. I liked it though as long as it worked.

tissa -


tissa -

top and bien

tissa -


tarig -

برنامج رايع

John Pritchard -

Hi, Its says try the free beta, but then wants to bill me...I need to try it on Windows 7 to see it work, before its not free to try!

k -

Very good

nafa -

Very good

Rose -

Just like Affinity Designer. I mean for limited time beta offer.

ah -


riyadelounss -

برنامج مميز ورائع

wassim -


issam -

Regard bien

hla -

thank you

decuypere josé -

I've tested your software but i'm not satisfied. I work with the real expensive Photoshop and Adobe ,lightroom and with ACDsee pro 9. ACDsee pro 9 is a very good program with very much options with I don't find in your software. I think you want so sell your software as soon as possible but you know there are a lot of failures but you close your eyes for the money. Typical American these days. I stay with ACDsee, Lightroom and Photoshop. Sorry but you don't convince me.

ali -


omar -

je veux une vertion gratiut

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