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Affinity Photo is App of the Year!

We can’t quite believe it, but it’s true! Apple have chosen Affinity Photo as Best Mac App of 2015. This places Affinity Photo ahead of every other app in the world this year in the Mac App Store… sure, that makes it best photo app too, but it’s also BEST ANY KIND OF MAC APP OF THE YEAR! Best App! :o) Amazing, thank you Apple! This is what developers dream of!

The team are likely going to be celebrating with a beer or two tonight—and we’re also sharing the love by extending our 20% discount on both our apps until Christmas Eve, December 24th, and will keep Affinity Photo on offer for the duration of Apple’s Best of 2015 Mac App Store banner feature!

Here’s a little of what made Affinity Photo land App of The Year 2015, just 5 short months after launch.

The dev team have been working incredibly hard on the app for over 5 years now and have written countless lines of code to make the app fast and accurate for professionals—so for this hard work to be recognised at such a high level is fantastic—we could all too easily run out of superlatives trying to describe how great today feels!

Thank you to all of you that have helped us reach great heights with our apps, from making suggestions to testing to spreading the word, and working on incredible creative output—from all of us at Serif and in Team Affinity.

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To me, this makes a lot of sense. Powerful software with a beautiful user interface. Congratulations!

Max -

Hi I tried to use the white balance in the Develop Persona but it just desaturates my image. Nearly the same was going on in the Color Balance Layer. I don't know where to write it else. But it's really important to me.

zak -

Hey! I would love to use your software and would love to pay full price and then some! but sadly i have pc and not mac. I truly hope for a Windows version soon because i cant take much more CC at this point :) thanks

Affinity -

Max - Sorry you've had a problem. Our Forum is the best place to get help --- zak - We're 100% Mac focussed for now, we've got more work to do before looking at other platforms.

Jake -

Likewise, i would buy a Windows/Linux version as i don't use Macs for obvious reasons...

Cathy -

Great news for Mac users can you now make all your programmes especially craft artist 2 compatible for Mac's as I hate windows as it has so many compatible issues especially with windows 10 fingers and toes crossed

Joseph Marinaro -

Hey just purchased photo, or should have purchased Designer. for extensive and hopeful alternative for photoshop. Can or should I get my purchase changed to Designer...or does this even matter?

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