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Affinity Photo is One!

Affinity Photo is One!

We’re finding it hard to believe that Affinity Photo is now a year old … for a toddler, it’s certainly taken some giant steps!

It feels like no time at all since we were nervously launching Affinity Photo into the Mac App Store, anxiously waiting to see whether anybody would be interested in our image editing app…

Since then, we’re proud that our bouncing baby has won all kinds of awards. Affinity Photo was selected by Apple as their Best App of 2015 and has been the #1 selling photography app on the Mac App Store.

What’s more, we’ve received fantastic feedback from the professional photography community.

Of course it’s been a 12-month period where we’ve never rested on our laurels; pushing out four updates to Affinity Photo already, including hundreds of improvements and some big new features (all free to customers who’ve bought the app).

We are celebrating with 20% off!

One of the ways we are celebrating is by giving those of you who haven’t purchased Affinity Photo yet the chance to get it with a 20% discount for the next two weeks.

That means until July 21st 2016, Affinity Photo will be available at the fantastic price of £29.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 from the Mac App Store. Don’t forget that’s the only price you pay – there’s no subscription and free updates.

Get your FREE Concept Tools PRO brushes from DAUB®

This FREE raster brush set, containing 16 brushes created for concept artwork, has been created especially to celebrate Affinity Photo’s first birthday by Paolo Limoncello from DAUB®.

Concept Tools PRO brushes stroke sheet

You can also use this brush set in Affinity Designer too – follow the link below to get your set today and then read on for instructions on how to get them into Affinity.

How to import the DAUB® Concept Tools Pro brush set

To use these brushes in Affinity Photo and/or Affinity Designer, simply download them using the link above and follow these instructions:

  • Drag the DAUB_DAUB Concept Tools PRO.afbrushes to Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer.


  • Use the Import Brushes… function found in the Brushes Panel in either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer.

    Important note: If you are using the Affinity Designer for Windows beta, this is currently the only way to import brushes.
How to import your DAUB brush set

You will see this dialog box when your brushes are successfully installed:

How to import your DAUB brush set

Important note: If you import these brushes into Affinity Designer, they will only be available in the Pixel Persona.

We hope you enjoy them and would love to see what you create with these brushes in the usual places!

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James -

I am most interested in AFFINITY PUBLISHER—as I use either InDesign or QuarkXpress on a regular basis (Quark is still unstable and somewhat of a pain to do such simple tasks (especially bullets and numbering) made easy in either InDesign or even Microsoft Word). Programs such as Swift Publisher are not usable for serious page-layout. I hope, out of the gate, AFFINITY PUBLISHER is something between InDesign and Quark.

rod -

Here here James, as a user of Page Plus from version 1 I'd really like to have an "Affinity" version with all the amazing time saving tools for creating multipage documents that PP offers, but now languish on a slow and out of date old laptop!

Antonio -

Also a Page Plus user from V1 lol ! An now a big fan of Affinity.

Bruce Lustig -

I tried to download the free brushes and the download was estimated to take over 4 hours for 36mb. How is that possible in 2016? I have great download speeds here so how is this possible? A Non-incentive?

Pablo Neirotti -

Congratulations! And thank you for making the apps that took us out the stone era. @Bruce Lustig - It downloaded in like a split second to me. There was a temporary connection issue, I would guess, rather than a conspiracy.

David Axford -

Many thanks for the Affinity software that is both professional and yet affordable to most. Very stable too. Remarkable. I too have been a PagePlus user since version one and am still using the final PagePlus X8

James G -

Congratulations on the anniversary and on all your success—it's well deserved. I remarked to my wife just yesterday that it's incredible that I've been able to almost completely replace the Adobe suite with Affinity Photo and Designer. Now just patiently waiting for Publisher to make the conversion once and for all... Cheers!

stigur -

Congratz from me the fan!

Dennis -

Just love it! I've always used the Adobe package. But now that this money must come from my own pocket I've used cracked versions to be able to use Photoshop, Illustrator en InDesign. That was untill Affinity showed up on the grid. Not only is the price a steal for any professional (I don't have my own company nor does my boss cover these expenses) but for the creative consumer like myself it's affordable too! I did use the trial of Adobe CC a couple of months ago as I needed to experiment in Photoshop, but man... what a drag. Photoshop en Illustrator are soooo slow compared to Affinity Photo and Designer. And I'm not just talking about starting the application, I'm talking about actually working with it. And it's not my computer; I've got the fastest MacBook Pro money can buy. Did I mention all the free updates? I mean, with Designer updates Affinity is shoving Sketch too. It's so easy to create stuff with Photo and Designer... and they work so well together. So yeah... Well done, Affinity, well done.

Jasmine -

Love this software. I use it to help me design my quilts, improve my photographs or just play with it. Transition to Affinity was easy and I really appreciate the vector capabilities. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Synaptyx -

Your software freed me from an Adobe subscription that was killing me. Thank you! <3

Lindy -

R.I.P. Adobe

Pierre Lucas -

Quel plaisir ! Félicitations ! Et surtout merci.

Lee -

'RIP Adobe' - I second that! It is a shame every competition requires involvement in social media (Facebook and Twitter), I don't use either of these. What about allowing your users, as a whole, get involved in competitions without 'third line forcing'! Big fan of Affinity...

Myles MacVane -

I used to use PagePlus way back in the early-mid 1990s on a computer using Windows 3. Back then it was great, but I got out of Microsoft and went to Apple -- that was the best computer move I ever made. I even sent an email to Serif asking them to make their products available for the Mac. Their answer was, Sorry, but we are not going to do that. I have proved that if one waits long enough, the mountain comes to Mohammed! As soon as Designer, then Photo, came out from Serif's Affinity division, I bought them. They are terrific. Now, I eagerly await Affinity Publish. Thank you, Serif; thank you Affinity, for you have created great products at a fair price. Just like the Serif that I remember from the early '90s!

Tom -

Hi, Love the program. the free brush pack is throwing up an error when importing into the new beta release.

Jan -

Thanks for the brushes - love your software.

Kate Musgrove -

Great to see so many PagePlus users here! We will let everyone know who is signed up to our mailing list when the beta of Affinity Publisher is available. @Bruce Lustig - Sorry you are having trouble getting your brush pack. We have had no other reports of the download time for the brush pack being an issue, can you try again and see if it was a temporary connection fault? @Tom - Sorry you are having an issue with importing the brush pack - I can see that out of the three ways to get these into Affinity the only way that works for the Affinity Designer for Windows beta is via the 'Import Brushes' feature on the Brushes panel. I will update the blog post to reflect this, thanks for the report!

Jan -

I am very happy that there is finaly a serious competitor to Adobe. I hope you, Affinity will do your job much more better and user-friendly than Adobe has done. Now you show that it's possible. Please, stay in touch with your customers and their needs and make the best software for designers. For example, I miss a similar workflow like actions are in Photoshop in your Affinity Photo. I think it would be a huge feature that could motivate more potential customers to move to your app.

Rolf -

Great app! I love it Thanks for the free brushes. Looking also forward to maybe get the Designer also for the iPad Pro

Ari -

Congrats and Thank You so much, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer have been a game changer for me ! Free from the shackles of Adobe, at last :)

dissais -

hi very pleased you got all these rewards for the work you've done...a real alternative to adobe...i'm just wondering when there will be a PC version as announced in the beginning of this year ? thank for your response jyd

Anne -

Thank you!

Scott -

Will Affinity Publisher be able to read MS Publisher files? That would give me one more reason to ditch the Window VM I have running on my Mac.

Idealis Medias -

Great software for designers, all the team love it ! Congrats and Thanks :)

Jasper Stil -

Congratulations with this first birthday! I won´t retweet and already have both Photo and Designer, but Paolo´s new brush set is MUCH appreciated, as always! Thanks to all for what has been achieved so far.

Arthur Finn -

Danke, für die beiden Programme. Jetzt warte ich sehnsüchtig auf das nächste Teil.

Christian -

Hallo, Software Affinity Designer und Photo sind super. Zeichne meine Cartoons und bearbeite meine Fotos damit. Umstieg fiel leicht. Warte gespannt noch auf Puplisher! Happy Birthday!

Bruno -

Bravo pour ce classement mérité et bon anniversaire ! Logiciel incroyablement puissant et pour un prix tout doux (cf. photoshop ...). Merci

Luk -

I hope, hope, hope that you build - Affinity Photo for Windows and Non-destructive photo editor like "Phase one - capture one pro" or "DXO Optics Pro" ... - - I first heard about your great sw here (about one year ago :-) - ----------------------------- please we want to be free from adobe online cc totality!!

Wayne Boutilier -

Got Photo and loving it... Got Designer and loving it... Want Publisher ASAP... Sorry Adobe and that's saying a lot because I've been using it for over 20 years!

Michelle -

Happy Birthday Affinity Photo, thank you for the Brushes!! Also patiently awaiting for Publisher as well. Love Affinity software, just works so well together.

iLu -

Happy birthday! I‘m waiting for publisher too.

Glauce -

Congrats and hugs for an amazing first birthday! Happy that you exist!

Sergio -

Most photographers use Lightroom. It is urgent that you make a replacement for it.The Affinity Photo is too complicated to use.

Sergio Roberg -

Most photographers use Lightroom. It is urgent that you make a replacement for it.The Affinity Photo is too complicated to use.

Maggie Martin -

Congratulations! Affinity Photo and Designer are both simply great and affordable. And, thanks for the brush set.

Jon -

I just bought Affinity Photo. I sure hope it's a great experience. I haven't been able to use it before, but I'm relying on the good reviews. Also downloaded the free brushes. Took about 4 seconds for the download to complete. Thanks for the great deal!

Diro -

Is it a year? Congrats to the first birthday! I use this app since the beta, bought it and I'm happy! And also A-Designer. And I'm shure that the publisher will be great too. Happy Birthday Affinity Photo. And no: you are not a baby, you are an adult app!

Piotr -

Brush pack is throwing up an error when importing into the Windows beta release.

William Burgund -

I and I'm sure a lot of other's would really appreciate it if you would have an app like Lightroom. Congrats on your first year and thank you.

Lucas Wxyz -

Congrats on one year together. I got it way before the beta and bought it as soon as it was on the AppStore, so it is not only AP's birthday, it is also our anniversary together! I can see someone suggesting a Lightroom equivalent, and I would love that. Also, it is important to understand that AP is not a DAM software, but a Graphics Editor. So I am happy with what it can do. Looking forward to get the macros (the only reason I still have Photoshop CS6 installed on my mac) and a better file browser (that could work as ACR). Let's work together for many more years to come!

Marcus -

Thank you very much for the brushes and congratulations to your great achievements! I'm one of your customers looking forward very much to AFFINITY PUBLISHER. Count me in, I will purchase your publisher on day one! I've just finished a photo-book using Lightroom - something I don't want to do again. Ever!

Anthony Parkes -

I thank you for contacting me as an purchased owner of the software . I have been so busy that I haven't had much time to use it. I downloaded the the new brushes, I hope to use it more when things settle down here. Again, Thank you. Anthony Parkes.

Marco -

Those brushes don't import into the Affinity Designer for Windows beta, claims file to be corrupted.

Mark Milligan -

Congrats on your First Year. I am super impressed with Affinity Designer. I will be purchasing Affinity Photo as well.

Martyn -

What a refreshing change! Superb software and bye-bye Adobe!

Piotr -

Thank you.

Mat D -

Hey, waiting for Photo on Windows now! I'm also getting an error when I import the brushes into the Windows Designer Beta. Does anybody know why?

Zex -

Thank You for Affinity Design beta on Windows! It work really well! Really appreciate! Really a good job! Now I'm impatiente to try Affinity Photo windows! Greetings from Italy

Harry B Houchins -

Got a problem... The Affinity Photo for MAC crashes EVERY time I try to open a Fujifilm DSCF****.RAF file without exception.

Leigh -

@Harry B Houchins: Make sure you have the latest version installed. If you do, please log this issue on our support forum for our support team to investigate :)

Thomas -

Designer and Photo is awesome, I haven't opened Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop in 2 months now. Thank you for your hard work, keep it up!

Andrew Howard -

Hey - I bought Serif Affinity following a recent glowing review in N-Photo BUT it has now locked up and every time I try to open the s/w, the message is 'Affinity cannot be opened whilst being updated'. I've had this message for over THREE WEEKS so something's wrong and I cannot get any help from Serif. It's not a free download - I paid to purchase this s/w. Is this a rip - off?

Affinity Support -

@Andrew: Sorry to hear that you're having issues using our app. Have you contacted us directly or through our support forum? We'd love to help you get it working correctly :)

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