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Announcing free updates and a special offer

We’ve released mega updates for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, available now and free to existing customers! The devs have added loads of great new features and hundreds of improvements to each app—open your Mac App Store’s Updates page to get all the good stuff. [edit] And since we published this news, we’ve also learned that Apple have named Affinity Photo as Best Mac App of 2015!

If you haven’t bought both the apps yet, here’s more great news! We’re celebrating the amazing improvements with 20%-off promotion for both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo! [edit] We’re extending the promotion for Affinity Designer until December 24th—and for Affinity Photo it’s extended further, for the duration of Apple’s Best of 2015 banner feature. We don’t know how long that will be, so get the low price now!

Check out our overview videos to see some of what makes these apps award winners!…

And Affinity Photo…

Having already forged a formidable reputation, here’s a look at how the apps are imprving with these free 1.4 updates…

Both apps

  • Pro print output; PDF/X-4, Pantone® support and more
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for new DCI-P3 displays in new retina iMacs
  • Canvas rotation
  • Global colours
  • New Contrast Negate blend mode and new Split Tone adjustment layer
  • New Character and Paragraph panels
  • Live OpenType feature previews in the Typography panel
  • Recent Fonts list
  • Improved import export for PDF, PSD, EPS, SVG and PNG
  • Some adjustments can now be applied in colour spaces other than that of the doc/image space
  • El Capitan Split Screen support
  • Italian, Portuguese (Br), Chinese (Simplified), and Japanese languages added

Affinity Photo

  • Image stitching in new Panorama persona
  • Affinity Extensions for Apple Photos in El Capitan
  • Live image stacks
  • Choice of RAW processing engines in the Develop persona
  • Haze Removal filter and live Filter Layer
  • New alpha selection features
  • Clipping preview added to Levels adjustment
  • Single Plane Perspective added as a live Filter Layer
  • User-adjustable controller ramps for brush variances

Affinity Designer

  • Snapshots – named states of your design you can return to
  • Adjustable centre of rotation
  • Legacy AI file import
  • Oh, and… Artboards!
    • Add multiple artboards to a document
    • Give them any name (including using emojis)
    • Make them any shape
    • Have separate guides, grids margins etc

If you want to get the apps on offer or just read the detailed update info the devs have posted, head over to the Mac App Store pages for both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. The special 20% discount is running now until December 24th for Affinity Designer and for as long as Apple run their Best of 2015 banner feature for Affinity Photo, bringing the price per app down to just £29.99 / €39.99 / US$39.99 for a limited period (normal price £39.99 / €49.99 / US$49.99).

A big thank you to everyone involved in testing the latest updates, we’re really happy to deliver you such major features and to make these revolutionary apps even better value for money with your help. And there’s still lots more to come next year! Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for special videos, behind-the-scenes interviews, and all the latest news…


Juan -

If you develop it for windows we may be ditching Photoshop forever, and with your software we will be abandoning Adobe forever probably... we may need compatibility with the latest illustrator file format, because clients send material in that format, but apart from that... bye bye Adobe... keep the great work! Cheers.

Affinity admin -

Thanks Juan. Windows is on the radar but we're Mac focussed at the moment. Lots of great things to come in future including iPad apps!

Stephen Davies -

Hi, Nice app but I'm feeling a bit irritated right now. Your website is over-designed and under-functional. I'm getting tired of page after page of huge sliding graphics but lack of simple basic information. There is no contact information for your company that I can find anywhere. All I want to know is where in the app can I find my registration information. It's not under "About", which is where most apps have the license number. There are no menus items for check for updates, registration, contact, etc. It's not available in the Apple store. There are no indications in the app that I own it. This is basic stuff in every application. Is it hidden somewhere or did you guys just decide that contact and license info aren't really needed by your customers?

Jonathan -

Very Nice! Any plan for Linux to? :)

Stark -

Stephen that's kind of wrong. Go to the app stores Purchase page or look up your iTunes invoices, the license is app store, easier than digging for keys. And support is on the forum in the website menu under Support, affinity staff are there.

menoz -

please, linux / windows version

Juan -

Hi Admin. Great to hear you have news coming :) We are a windows based studio (we are forced to because of the variety of software we have to use, and because a windows machine is a lot more powerful than a mac for the same money) specially because our main job is 3D. Now, we already made the decission, we will ditch photoshop as soon as we have Affinity photo for windows, designer is a plus but not mandatory. So I'm pretty sure you have A LOT of users waiting for your Windows version, you will get A LOT of users for sure, let me insist... A LOT of users are willing to abandon Adobe and the key stone for Adobe is/was Photoshop, we still use Adobe cause Photoshop, so with your software we will abandon Photoshop for sure, and a lot of medium/small studios will do the same. A LOT... hehehe Congrats on this software, looks AWESOME!

Mitch -

Looks great! As a computer graphics supervisor who works at a studio with over 150 artists I can assure you there are many thousands of professionals in the Visual Effects industry who are looking to ditch Adobe due to the horrible subscription model. That being said, most of us are running Windows so please consider making a version for that OS sooner rather than later.

Blop -

Yep, you have my money if it is released for windows too. I stuck in CS6 world because of sick rental model and nothing keeps me with Adobe any more. You have a solid piece of software there. Great job.

Affinity -

Thanks for the kind comments everyone :)

Georgi -

I work for a small printshop. Few things are stopping us from changes of the Status Quo. All the print drivers for our digital machines are fully functional only for windows. If one starts using a software to create files for his customers that are going to be used now and for the next 3-5 (and in some cases 10 and more) years, this is a commitment. And a problem. Adobe are realising it and abusing it. I would LOVE to ditch the Adobe subscription model forever. It is unbelievable how bloated these beasts of programs became. I have tried your Designer and Photo apps in their beta stages at home. They were not ready for real production work yet (at the time) but the newest changes are getting them nearer that. Once you release The Publishing app you are finally closing the circle and the only thing stopping people like us is the Windows support. Currently I have PageMaker, Quark, Corel, Illustrator and Indesign files. To make the transition between the formats is huge effort. Your software bundle is the light that I see at the end of the tunnel and I think it can be the reason to make that effort. I can see your software as the only TRUE alternative to the rubbish that we are using now. Keep up the good work! I have never been so exited about software before. Please give us freedom. (And Windows support too).

Dylan -

Thank you Affinity for bringing this to the Mac. As a programmer, I can understand why this decision was made. The operating system is a fundamental part of the user experience! You guys have really shown the world what can be accomplished when a program is mated with its operation system. I really don't believe that you could get the level of fluidity and speed that you have had you brought this to Windows users. There are simply far too many system variants of a PC to make this work as efficiently as it does on a Mac. There is not one program on the market on any platform that can compare to what your team has accomplished with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on the Mac. It's easy to understand why so many Windows users are envious.

vadimsoloviev -

I can buy Affinity Designer for windows 10 through paypal?

Pravin -

Hi, if I purchase Affinity photo will I be able to use it on two macs?

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