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Drumroll, Please!

In August, we asked you to ‘show us what you’ve got’  in the hope that we could feature real-life work from our users in our marketing materials for the 1.6 Designer and Photo updates we launched recently.

Well, we were blown away by the thousands of high quality submissions we received from all over the world, and more than a little humbled once again by your support.

In total we have licensed 72 artworks by amazing independent designers, photographers and illustrators who use Affinity. These images have been featured in our 1.6 campaigns as in-app samples, in our marketing videos and on our website. We feel very passionate about our creative community and paying creatives properly for their work, so we are proud to say that each artist has received $300 per image we have used too.

Massive thanks go to the following featured artists and photographers!

Users featured in the 1.6 updates campaign for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer

Affinity Photo

We licensed images from Andreas Seubert, Juergen Huber, Kevin Currie, Leon Schleßelmann to make our banner for Affinity Photo 1.6 (left). We licensed this image (right) from Agata Karelus which can be seen in Affinity Photo 1.6 as an in-app sample.

Users featured in the Affinity Photo 1.6 campaign

Andreas Seubert | Andy Sutton | Avin Vadas | Craig Perry | David Chu | Dimitrios Sakkas | Eric Baele | Fernando Ribiero | Frank Van Keirsbilck | Friedhelm Peters | Hans Altenkirch | Human Golmohammadi | Ivan Weiss | Jay Miller | Jonathan Pearce | Juan Diez López | Juergen Huber | Kevin Currie | Leon Schleßelmann | Reinhard Guhl | Ricardo Silva

Users featured in the Affinity Designer 1.6 campaign

Tiago Galo | Agata Kubiak | Rodrigo Gianello | Pascal Altena | Ale Urrutia | Giacomo Bettiol | J. Blake Harris | Terry Elkins | Agata Karelus | Pierrick Calvez | Benjamin Mitchley | David Gonzales | Jason Rain | James Whelen | Robert Nazeby Herzig | Tom Sommerseth | Christine Garner | Dan Robinson | Grzegorz Wawrzyńczak | Willem Pirquin | Patricia Diessner

Check out how we featured their work:

You will also find some of the participants work included as an in-app sample. You can access these from the welcome screens in Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer (1.6).

Users featured in the Affinity Photo for iPad update campaign

Affinity Photo for iPad

‘Flower’ image licensed from Daniel Nica

Andy Sutton | Brian Beevers | Christoph Dopplinger | Craig Perry | Daniel Nica | Dimitrios Sakkas | Fernando Ribiero | Frank H. Broicher | Ivan Weiss | Jay Miller | Jovy Thomas | Mike Lukianowicz | Moritz Floess | Philipp Kern | Ricardo Silva | Serena Marzo

Check out how we featured their work:

Get Involved!

We’ll be flooding our Instagram with all of the images from these awesome creatives in the coming weeks, but we want you to join in too. Show us what you’re working on using Affinity by using the hashtag #madeinaffinity on Instagram and Twitter.

Plus, you can always email us at to get in touch with our Artist Relations team —we are always on the lookout for more artistic superstars!

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