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20% off Affinity apps

It’s been a crazy 2017 for us, and to cap it off we’re taking at least 20% off all our apps until New Year!

The discount is available on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for Mac, Windows and iOS until 5 January, so it’s the perfect opportunity to snap up two apps which have continued to make waves throughout 2017.

Affinity Photo, on Mac, Windows and iPad, pushes the boundaries for photo editing software. Its huge toolset is specifically engineered with creative and photography professionals in mind. Whether you are editing and retouching images, or importing RAW files and creating expansive multi-layered compositions with hundreds of layers, it has all the power and performance you will ever need. The iOS version was this month named App of the Year by Apple.

Affinity Designer, on Mac and Windows, is a complete vector graphic design solution brought to life in the fastest, smoothest, most precise software around. Each feature, tool, panel and function has been developed with the needs of creative professionals at its heart. With continuous innovation and development, the result is a ground-breaking application that will revolutionise how you work.

Affinity apps take all the leading professional file types, such as psd, svg, eps and of course pdf, comfortably in their stride. Or you can work in the proprietary Affinity file format, which offers complete compatibility across apps, including saved edit history, so you can switch between apps or pass work on to others in your team.

Unlike most modern photo editing or design software, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are available for a one-off payment, with no subscription. Updates are free, too.

The 20 per cent discount runs from 18 December until 5 January and means the desktop apps are priced $39.99 / £38.99 / 43,99€ (subject to regional variations) for Mac from the Mac App Store, or for Windows direct from or Microsoft Store.

Affinity Photo for iPad costs $14.99 / £14.99 / 16,99€ (subject to regional variations) from the App Store during the sale.

Thanks for all your support in 2017 – we look forward to another year of welcoming many more professional creatives who are experiencing the power of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for the first time.


joerg -

thank you very much for awesome apps & fair pricing!!

Mark -

You guys are way under-priced anyway, and then a sale....? Wow! I'm telling everyone I know about these amazing deals.

Tina -

Great, but am I understanding it right, that there is no Affinity Designer for the IPad? I can only find the Photo version for the IPad.

Affinity Support -

@Tina:We are currently developing Affinity Designer for iPad.

Ken Håkansson -

Is there a possibility that Affinity Photo will be available for Android?

Affinity Support -

@Ken Håkansson: We currently have plans to bring our apps to Android, sorry.

johnvsc -

So glad I found your apps! What a great value and craftsmanship. Also, you're UX is instinctual and fun. I love creating in your environments - you get out of my way and let me play. Thanks!

Dariend -

You guys are doing a fantastic job already, and then this, wow! I already switch to you guys, bye adobe and their costly prices and subscriptions...Keep it up Serif!

vectorise -

we will grab this offer before 5 jan 2018 to change our vector work tools for 20 yrs with ai :)

Ian Goss -

Hello I just tried to get an Australian price for Affinity Designer—with the discount—using the Mac App Store. Rather than showing any discount, it simply started downloading, and I have just checked the balance of my pension; $62.99au has been deducted from my account. I wanted to check out the app as a demo; I stopped the download in the hope that it would not be charged, but it was. I reckon it’s an App Store problem, and not yours. But the deduction of that amount is going to create serious problems for me. Can you credit this amount back? I would like to try the demo before committing. [ex-FreeHand user!]

Christian -

Wanted to buy the Affinity Photo Workbook but delivery to Switzerland is not supported. Is there a posssibility to buy your workbooks in Switzerland?

Affinity Support -

@Christian: If you contact our customer service team on the following address they can arrange that for you.

Affinity Support -

@ Ian Goss: We have no control over App Store refunds, usually apps are only purchased and downloaded if the Buy button is clicked. You'll need to contact the App Store for a refund as they will have access to your account. The free 10 day trial is only available from our website, the links are at the bottom of each product page.

Simon Haslam -

I've bought both #AffinityDesigner and #AffinityPhoto on a bit of a whim. As a "keen amateur", rather than pro, they seem just as good as Illustrator/Photoshop but without the monthly CreativeCloud subscription (and annual contract lock-in sting). If Adobe are interested in serving customers who aren't using their products for a living they need to wake up fast - I don't think I'll be going back to them anyway :)

Jason -

Missed the sale (of course), is there a way to receive an alert for the next one?

Affinity Support -

@Jason: You can receive the latest updates and news by signing up to our newsletter here:

Dawn -

Hello. I just got my new MacBook and am looking for a discount. Do you have any upcoming discounts available? Also, are the Mac and iPad versions separate? Meaning, so you have to buy each of them? TIA.

Affinity Support -

@Dawn: We currently have no plans to discount our apps. However, signup to our newsletter to receive our latest news and offers.

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