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Get your DAUB® vector brush set for Affinity Designer – for FREE!

Get these 12 great vector brushes from DAUB® – completely free!

DAUB vector brush set

This FREE vector brush set has been created especially for Affinity Designer! Their creator, Paolo from DAUB®, has painted this cute little fox in the snow to show what you can achieve with them.

DAUB vector brush set sample illustration

The set includes 12 brushes that mimic mixed media brushes and materials such as watercolour, grainy paper, graphite, indian ink, acrylic and camel hair to name a few!

How to install the DAUB® vector brush set in Affinity Designer

To install these brushes simply download them using the link above and follow these instructions:

  • Drag the DAUB_VectorSet_Vol2.afbrushes to Affinity Designer


  • Use the Import Brushes… function found in the Brushes Panel
How to install your DAUB vector brush set You will see this dialog box when your brushes are successfully installed: How to install your DAUB vector brush set

We hope you enjoy them and would love to see what you create with these brushes in the usual places!


Maciej -

That's great. Thank you! :)

Marek -

Thank You :)

Konst -

Thank You! ))

Lindy -

What a wonderful surprise...THANKS GUYS!

Sten Hougaard -

Great "christmas present" :-) Thanks! Oh, and installation can be done by just double-clicking on the ".afbrushes" file :-) /Sten

Milton Trajano -

Thank you! And happy holidays to all the Affinity family :)

Ros -

Sweet! Thank you!

Carlos -

Great!!! thanks

Jerry Lin -

Really Thanks!!!

Fabio -

Awesome! Congratulation Guys!

James -

Awesome! I've been looking for some brushes. Love this company, keep on truckin' (and releasing published ;D)

James -


Andrea -

thank you and happy holidays!

Matthew Willson -

I thank you, and my tablet thanks you!

Diane Kistner -

Your software totally rocks. I don't even have Creative Suite on my Mac anymore. Thank you for all the very hard work. Happy New Year!

Athos -

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the love you spread!... :-)

Christoph -

Thanks a lot for these and for the wonderful piece of software!

Kate -

Thanks a lot!

Mike -

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Graham burton -

Thank you for that unexpected gift - here's looking forward to another fruitful year. Regards to all


thanks a bunch. great gift :)

Max -

Thanks for your humbleness! Thanks for your Great Tools!

Andrew -

Thank you!

Robert -

Thanks for the additions! Your products are very professional. I look forward to using them more.

Michele -

Thank you....Looking forward to using them :-]

rc -

Thank you! It's a pleasure to use your excellent software.

Betty Martin -

Thank you and thanks for a great software package that is as much fun to use as it is professionally productive.

Martin Tena -

Great brushes, thank you very much!!!!!

Kim -

Thanks so much.

Eduardo -

Great! Excellent Christmas gift for amazing Apps.

rosa cobos -

Thanks a lot...really fantastic. This is a generous offer that I could not leave behind...! I will try my best to use them with my own talent. Greetings from Bilbao, Spain. Have a wonderful Holiday Seasons. Rosa

Paolo -

Thank you!

Anna-Sheree -

Thank you guys so much for these! Have a happy holiday!

Jeff -

Thank you for the beautiful brushes! I look forward to the brushes that may be available on my iPad Pro eventually. Merry Christmas to you!

Maggie -

Thank you!

Jörg -

Thank's :-)

diro -

stoke/strike Affinity gets stronger every day - thats what all free designers needs.

Lesly -

The usual thoughtfulness from developers! Many thanks, have a lovely Christmas!

Thomas Schneider -

Thanks a lot! Now my AdWords Banner Ads will look even better. Especially now for the christmas time. Thanks! Have a nice Christmas Holiday! I love your apps.

LilleG -

Thanks for the lovely brushes. They are greatly appreciated. Hope you have a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you chose to celebrate) and a Happy New Year.

Toine -

As always, just great gift for a great advantage! Love your apps, love your work, thanks a lot and have a nice Christmas Holiday !!!

Anne -

Affinity just keeps getting better! Thanks so much!!

Scott Hughes -

Thanks so much for this gift and amazing software Affinity, happy holidays to you all from Canada!

Byron -

Oh, this is neat! Thank you very much... :-)

Joao Lourenco -

Soooooo nice gift!!!!! Thanks for your kindness and brilliant app. Happy Holidays from Portugal!

Fredo -

You guys are so good, thank you verrry much, ciao tutti

aaanouel -

Wow! You're doing a great job... let's make Adobe bit the dust!!! Adobe deep hater since at least ten years from now... LOL!!!!

jose manuel fernandez de canete -

Thank you so much and congratulations for a very good Job!!! All the best and Happy Christmas for you all from Australia

jensenDean -

Thanks for the great effort.

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nina -

Thank You :)

Bruce -

Thank You and happy holidays. It is my wish for the new year that more companies and people develop the values that Serif and Affinity have brought to the table. Thanks for raising the bar.

MagmMe -

Thank You very much! Merry Christmas to everybody!

First -

Great! Thanks!!

toyotadesigner -

Thank you very much! ¡Muchas gracías! Dankeschön!

Massimo -

Grazie infinite e Buone Feste !!!

Peter -

Nice surprise.. keep up the great work and happy holidays!

John C. Dodde -

Many thanks for this great gift. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the Netherlands

Charles -


André -

À toute l'équipe beau travail et passé de belles fête. Je suis très satisfait . Merci André

Sohei Arimoto -

It is great gift for me. Merry Christmas !! I am glad to hear that you have made Japanese version too. 日本語対応有難うございます。 I have been using Designer and Photo with iPad pro and apple pencil using Astorpad. It is great too.

Petr -

Nice set, continue with such releases. Thanks

Martial -

Super, merci et félicitations pour le travail accompli et la récompense méritée.

Marcus -

We've been using Affinity Designer and Photo from the start and they are becoming more of a mainstay product in the studio, replacing our other more well known tools. We've saved a heap of cash and we've also been able to do work faster and come up with results our clients love. Serif's a good name I've known and supported for over two decades so to see Affinity develop into a world class product is awesome! Have a great Christmas. Marcus ;-)

Paul -

Thanks for these really excellent brushes!

Greg -

Great products, The attention to detail in your products makes all the difference in it's success. Thank you for all your hard work.

Erik -

Nice surprise..;-) Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from the Netherlands!

Shawn -

Thank you, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Andries -

Many thanks and Merry Xmas for everybody! Keep up the good work in 2016!

jim -

Thank you and merry christmas and a happy new year

Lyssa -

Thank You I have loved moving over to Affinity! Merry Merry and a Happy New Year!

Jenny -

Wow, thanks. This looks fun. Happy Christmas.

TaterSkinz -

Thank You! Awesomeness!

Marco -

Amazing gift guys, thanks! And best wishes!

Glauce -

You are the bestest!

Alex -

Thank you very much for these! Best of days to the team.

Justin -

This is wonderful, I was looking for a brush set like this for Affinity!

Wes -

Great gift! Much appreciated. Thanks!

Yvonne -

Thank you and Merry Christmas! :)

Tommy Lind -

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Affinity team !

John S -

What a great gesture, Thanks and Merry Christmas

Travel_Bug -

Your arrival on the scene was incredibly timely. I was (like many others) looking for an alternative to my much loved PS CS5 - not because I was unhappy with CS5 but because it really needed to be upgraded and I was not prepared to pay monthly for a product that I use only occasionally. When a company looses sight of its very happy supporters that have been using a product for many years it is a shame (and possibly fatal). But then you guys turned up - thank you and thank you for your interest in your customers with things like these brushes. You will be rewarded by both word of mouth, social media support and a growth in your business. Best wishes for Xmas and go get em! in the New Year.

Chotiwat -

Thank you ขอบคุณมาก สำหรับสิ่งดีงามที่ให้มา ขอให้ทีม Affinity จงเจริญ!

Petit Point -

Thank you Affinity. You are on my Christmas List because you endeavour to provide what consumers want and can afford. All the best to your team and Merry Christmas.

khalid -

That's great. Thank you!

PJ -

Thank you so much for these great brushes and for the awesome apps that you have and continue to develop. Happy holiday and see you in 2016

Philip -

It has been exciting to be involved in the growing success of your terrific software. Thank you.

Manel -

Muchas gracias!

grouazel -

Thanks so much

Lee -

Thanks Affinity, great Xmas present! Keep up the fantastic work! Merry Christmas!

Tayfun -

Thanks Affinity, and Merry Christmas!

Mick -

Many thanks, Have a Great Christmas and New Year

Keith -

Very pleased with the Christmas present! And even more pleased that Serif have started offering such good tools for the Mac. I got so fed up with my Win 7 PC that I changed to a Mac in September - and I have never looked back! My wife says I haven't sworn at it once in that time!!! The way that Affinity Photo and Designer work together is impressive, and very useful. All that I would like to see in Photo now is a good HDR facility. I have used Serif products for many years - Page Plus, DrawPlus, WebPlus - and have found them to be excellent value for money, and reliable. And now you seem to be going down the same road for Mac owners. Well done - keep up the good work!

Lance -

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Mark -

This is awesome! The affinity team is doing great things – I'm beginning to question why we still need that other design software we pay monthly for... Thank you!

John Elsegood -

Thanks. I will enjoy using them.

Nora Heuer -

Thank you very much.

Bobsummit -

Thankyou and a Merry Christmas to you all

Michel Goffin -

Thanks a lot , and my best wishes for the new year .

ux.nils -

Wow thanks! :D

Raymond -

Thanks for these items... and Happy New Year to you all

Denia Haspen -

Thanks a lot and have you all a Happy New Year!

Deb -

Awesome! Thanks for this Present -- let's all have a great new year!

Ken -

Thank you, Affinity! Happy New Year.

Bennet -

Thank you Affinity !!! Happy New Year !!!

Tracy -

Thank you SO much! I downloaded the trial of Photo this afternoon, and just bought the paid version from Apple Store just now! CanNOT wait to try all the techniques, and these cool brushes!

Gida -

Wow! Thanks guys, you're the best! Happy New Year!

Edwidge DM -

OMG ! Thanks a lot !!!

Baek Yonghyun -

Thank you!!! amazing~~ & happy new year!!~!

Al Andison -

Thank you. Appreciate your greatness and your support. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photos are landmarks of graphic app design and useability. Great job!

Ricardo Amaral -

Thank you, Daub and Affinity!!! :-)

Kyle -

I tried importing the brushes. And it says that they've imported but I dont see them anywhere in the brushes panel or in any of the drop downs. If I import them it says they were added to Daub Vector V2 4 (number increments each time), Where are these going?

Kate Musgrove -

@Kyle The vector brushes will only show up in the Brushes panel when you are in the Draw Persona - not when you are in the Pixel Persona... might be worth checking which persona you are in?

Gary -

Love these vector brushes! Thanks for the free gifts!

john -

nice ,i like this

Stéphane -

Wow thanks that's cool guys

Hartmut -

Very useful, thank you!

Ed -

Woot! Much appreciated!

PaulineW -

Thank you so much!

Angela H Evans -

Thank YOU so much! The Sample image is so lovely and enticing to create my own now! Happy New Year 2017!

seb -

great thanks :)

Tomasz -

Many thanks for you free brushes...

Leigh -

@Tomasz: You're welcome :)

Jac -

Thank you for free brushes

DL -

Thank you!!

Dafin Aziz -

Thanks, good to see you guys give Adobe a run for their money! Looking forward to trying these nice brushes with a pogo stylus, inklet and trackpad2! Keep up the good work!

Lou -

Thanks! Looking forward to using these.

Peter -

That's wonderful!

Phil -


milo -

It says file not supported??

Jose Luis -

Many thanks, they are awesome!

Affinity Support -

@Milo: You will need to make sure that you've unzipped the file first. Right click the downloaded file and select unzip. This will give you a folder that contains 'DAUB_VectorSet_Vol2.afbrushes'.

Allan -

These Free ones work fine with Mac Designer 1.6 BUT Looking at the website it says that your DAUB Brushes that I can buy are only compatible with 1.5.* Please advise if they also work with 1.6.* Thanks

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