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FREE STUFF! Celebrate our bumper 2017 with these downloads

Free DAUB BlackBox brush pack

We’ve already announced that we’re taking at least 20% off the price of all our apps to celebrate the amazing year we’ve had in 2017.

And we certainly haven’t forgotten those of you who helped towards that success by purchasing Affinity apps already. So whether you’re using Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer, or both, we’ve got a little something for you, too!

First up, the DAUB BlackBox brush pack contains 12 versatile brushes of inks, bristles and sketchy strokes, all expertly crafted by the good people at DAUB to fully utilise the unrivalled dynamics in Affinity’s brush engine.

They’re compatible with Affinity Photo on Mac, Windows and iPad (they’re also great for using in the pixel persona of Affinity Designer on Mac and Windows). To claim your free brush set, simply go to

Free DAUB BlackBox brush pack

For Affinity Designer users, we have a huge iOS 11 kit to help you create amazing UI assets for use with Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad OS.

This bumper pack of iOS 11 UI assets contains hundreds of elements, covering all the latest updates to Apple Pay, FaceID and iPhone X. All optimised to take advantage of Constraints, they’re supplied with a full laydown document as well as a pack to install into your Assets tab.

To claim the iOS 11 kit, go to

Once again we’d like to thank all of you who’ve helped make it such an incredible year for the Affinity apps. We look forward to further adventures in 2018!


PJ -

Thanks to the team at Serif for all your fantastic work, support, and the kits and brushes. Hope that you won't listen to the users and take some time to have a very deserving rest, but not too long. Ho! Ho!, I'm from Canada so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, et al.

Anne -

I’ m confused about the downloads. I downloaded to my Mac fine. Then I tried it on my iPad, and I got a zip file, but I don’t know how it works there. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, and it’s only for my Mac?

Bernd -

Ist ja toll. Aber wie installiere ich auf dem IPad. Eine Registerkarte Assets kann ich nicht finden. Viele Grüße Bernd

Affinity Support -

@PJ: Thank you! We hope you have a great Christmas/Holidays too :)

Affinity Support -

@Anne: If you need help installing the FREE STUFF on your iPad, please head over to our support forum.

Affinity Support -

@Bernd: Wenn Sie Hilfe bei der Installation von FREE STUFF auf Ihrem iPad benötigen, besuchen Sie unser Support-Forum.

Barbara -

Hope this doesn't post twice. We are having a slow connection day today. I asked this question on Facebook, and then I found this. I have been using Adobe Illustrator for 15 years and now it will not open in the latest MACOS 10.13. Will I be able to open AI files with Affinity Designer?

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