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Free trials now available for Windows users

Affinity Windows free trial now available

The response to the launch of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Windows has been phenomenal, better than we ever could have predicted. That’s been matched by the positive feedback we’re getting from people who are making Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer — or both! — part of their everyday professional workflow.

Even though we offer a no-strings refund policy for 14 days, trial versions for Windows have been a popular request and we know there’s still a huge market out there of people who want a professional graphics or photo editor for a one-time cost with no expensive ongoing payments.

So we’re delighted to announce that free trials of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are now available for Windows users. This means you’ll be able to spend ten days getting to know the software before committing to purchase.

Affinity Designer, a professional vector graphics editor, was the winner of an Apple Design Award in 2015. Image editor Affinity Photo was named ‘Best Mac App’ 2015, and ‘Best Imaging Software’ 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association.

Both have received thousands of 5-star reviews from critics and professional users around the world.

Click here for the Affinity Designer trial (for macOS or Windows)

Click here for the Affinity Photo trial (for macOS or Windows)

The Windows versions match the Mac versions feature-for-feature and are available to purchase for a single payment of $49.99 / £48.99 / 49,99€, with no subscription and free updates.

Affinity Photo and Designer share the same file format on all platforms, meaning you can switch seamlessly between them both as individuals and in a professional environment, where colleagues work on different systems.


Royyan Wijaya -

im a illustrator user for actually, many my friends recomended this software and tell me to try it, thank you

Tom Kato -

lets try

JOhn -

What a great idea, I have used Serif software for years and years and although superb the ability to have a try was always lacking. Yes you can get your money back but some people don't want the hassle. I did try the beta version of Affinity Photo but it was an early version and I never tried it properly as I had photos to process in photoshop as I had already started them so did not want to start them in one application and then learn to use new software to finish them. By the time I had finished them the beta was finished so I never got to to give it a good go. Plus photoshop prices are now going up so now is the time to try Affinity photo properly

Julia -

Not up to the topic, but I am very curious what's the brand and model of this computer?

Hubert -

I hope this program is brilliant :)

Daryl Gwyn -

Hi there, I work in Microsoft UK, in a Sales team for Surface. Do you have any presence in the UK? I'd be keen to have a chat with someone about how we might be able to work together on any UK sales opportunities. Thanks. Daryl

Jordan Clark -

Thank you for this opportunity to try it out! Love it!

John Schnupp -

This is more of a question...Can I install this on more than one computer? I'd like to be able to use it on both my laptop and my PC .

Leigh -

@Julia: It's a Microsoft Surface Book :)

Leigh -

@Daryl: Thanks for reaching out to us. I've passed your details to the relevant team and if it's something we want to do we'll be in contact :)

Montague -

Great ! i've bought Designer & Photo, and i'm waiting impatiently for Publisher. Many thanks !

Emrich -

Hi, is there any kind of discount for buying AP & AD?

Leigh -

@Emrich: It's not possible at the moment, sorry.

John Atkin -

@Alison - our apps are available for a one-off payment with no ongoing subscription.

My1 -

@Alison Sutherland the point of this software is to NOT have to pay subscriptions or whatever.

datta -

i want this software but not installed pc window aero not enabled message

David Perriman -

I purchased the MAC version of Affinity Designer when it first came out and I have now reverted back to a Windows 10 machine, is it possible to transfer the license from MAC to PC or have I got to buy it at full price again?

Helle -

I truly hope you will fix the issue with pressure vector brushes using a Wacom Intous digitizer - as of now the software is pretty useless to me

Frederic -

Hey Guys, Sorry to be the ugly duck here. Please focus back on macOS with Publisher. We have been waiting for 2 years since you announced it on your site. Feel wel that Windows install based is way larger that Mac and that you focus is now way larger on Windows than Mac. Has the impression to be left away. A pity because your products are really great. No "valuable" Indesign replacement on the play for now, that way Affinity is so expected. Couldn't't wait any longer, so our 10 guys wil use Indesign. for a while I am afraid.

Leigh -

@datta: If you're still getting this error message when installing, head over to our support forum for help.

Leigh -

@David Perriman: It's not currently possible to transfer the license, sorry. You will need to purchase a separate Windows license.

Leigh -

@Helle: We're not aware of any issues with Wacom tablets and our apps - they should work fine together. Feel free to log your issue with our developers on our support forum here: :)

Leigh -

@Frederic: We have different teams working on the Windows and macOS versions - we're fully focused on both platforms :) When we have more information about Affinity Publisher, we'll let everyone know.


Will my current bundle of Topaz (plug-in for Photoshop) work on the Affinity Photo software?

Leigh -

@John Fanning: Affinity Photo supports some Topaz plugins. If you ask this question on our support forum, our support team will be able to help you further. :)

Linda -

$49.99 / £48.99 / 49,99€, with no subscription and free updates. So where is this link to buy at $49.99 ? All I see is the $69.99 price.

Leigh -

@Linda: You can purchase them for Windows direct from our site

Pablo -

Looks very interesting... Is Affinity Photo capable of working with .CR2 RAW files from Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? If yes, is the RAW file compatibility database updated periodically? Thanks!

Steve Farrington -

Hi Does your software support Fuji X-T2 RAW files on Mac and PC? Thanks

Leigh -

@Pablo: Yep! The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is supported. You can keep up to date with which cameras are supported here: -

Leigh -

@Steve Farrington: It sure does :)

Connie -

Can you use actions in Photo?

Leigh -

@Connie: It's not possible to import Photoshop actions but we do have a Persona in the app called Macro that will allow you to record and playback Affinity actions :)

Jesse -

Hey guys, does this program work on a surface pro?

Leigh -

@Jesse: Our apps are optimised for Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book :)

Patricia Meek -

Hey John, Me.. too been serif for so many years oh i can not live without it, lol but I hope, this is not charge too high ??? I am going to find out, ha.. I can see some of you talk about so happy to have this software, WOW.. thanks for your share n this comment.. and I am not sure what next step to do ?? I have not use for oh mine long time probably one year ago.. I want is WEBPLUS hope it similar with this new one.. Wish me luck ha lol.. this email is not belong to serif.. i update last year.. um..Now i am going to find out I need is draw and web I will like to study it all what Affinity have !!! alright, I am afraid try it for 30 days ?? what if i forgot pass that 30 days.. oh i will wait until 5th day will start but i am going to study it, now.. :)

Gita -

does affinity support dual monitors? I have tried others but they don't support two monitors; please comment.

Leigh -

@Gita: Affinity apps can be used on multiple monitors, panels can be undocked and positioned onto another screen. On a Mac it has a Separated mode available to do a similar task.

Kat -

is this also compatible with the surface studio?

Leigh -

@ Kat: Windows versions are available, we don't have support for the surface dial yet.

Bryan -

have downloaded free windows trial but keep getting an error when trying to install. .net framework has not been installed because %1 is not a valid Win32 application any ideas

Leigh -

@Bryan: It sounds like the download hasn't fully downloaded. Have you tried downloading it again? If you're still having issues installing the trial, please post your issue on our support forum for our support team to investigate this further for you.

Richard Lilley -

Is it possible to get Affinity Photo on a disk? I don't like to have my editing machine slowed down with too much Internet derived material.

Affinity Support -

@ Richard Lilley: The Affinity apps are only available as downloads, sorry.

Shane -

Hi Leigh, I noticed you mentioned you don't support Surface Dial ''YET'".. I hope the 'yet' implies you will soon support the Surface Dial? If so, When can we expect that to happen? Also Will the Affinity Softwares stay a 'one off' purchase forever and continue to be reasonably priced with continual free updates? Also do you know if the major logo contest sites, accept Affinity, as Adobe has pretty much had a monopoly in this area, and progs like Inkscape and the like, do not have CMYK, which is essential for their logos? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Affinity Support -

@ Shane: No eta on when it will be added at the moment, sometime in the future. We'll continue to release free updates for version 1.X, if we decide to release a version 2.X. This will be a paid for upgrade as it will be a new version. Not sure about the contest sites accepting Affinity files, this will be down to them. You have the option of exporting to other formats, just in case.

Paul -

I was offered a discount price of US$39.99 for Affinity Photo after my trial ended yesterday. But when I click the link in the email, the price comes up US$49.99. The email was just 12 hours old, why not the price in the email of US$39.99?

Affinity Support -

@Paul: We're sorry about this. The price in the email was wrong but the price on our website is the correct. We've corrected the email to show the correct price.

Andy -

I enjoy Affinity Photo and I'm waiting for Affinity Publisher. Do you have plan to introduce this product in the near future?

Jakub -

Why only 10 days for trial ? Can it be expanded?

Affinity Support -

@Andy: We're hoping to publish the Affinity Publisher beta sometime in 2017.

Affinity Support -

@Jakub: We feel that 10 days is more than enough time to try our software. Once the 10 days has expired it's not possible to extend, sorry.

regi mathew -

I would like to install a trial version of Affinity Designer and affinity photo. I have a licensed copy of webplus, pageplus, and photoPlus. Please send me a link to download the trial version.

Affinity Support -

@Regi Mathew: You can download a free 10 day trial from our website here:

Richard Barlow -

Is it possible to transfer my newly acquired Affinity Photo on to a new computer when I buy myself a more upto date one later this year?

Affinity Support -

@Richard Barlow: Yes. If you purchased the Windows version you can log into the Affinity Store to download the app again. If you purchased the MacOS version you will need to log into the Mac App Store to download it again. Hope this helps!

Richard Barlow -

Thank you for your quick response, is there a time limit for me to do this? I have the windows version.

Tony burgess -

I am new to photo editing and have read a lot about the various software on the market. I am looking for a program that will not easily date. Does your software have video tutorials to assist a novice like myself as this would definitely be a decision maker.

Affinity Support -

@Tony burgess: We have video tutorials available on our YouTube channel:

badrakh -

thank you

Joyce -

Unable to open the desktop app after downloading free trial. I recently purchased Photo for Ipad and would like to try the Windows version. When I install the trial version, the app doesn't open.

Affinity Support -

@ Joyce: Please post on our support forum with more information on the issue you have and a member of our team will be happy to help.

John P -

I downloaded the Windows 10 Trial version, but during the installation the install screen moved off the desktop where I could only see the right edge of the screen itself. It would not move back and I had to end the process with Task Manager. I restarted the install. It finished but now says "Your trial period has ended. Hope you enjoyed using Affinity." Huh? I only signed up today - same day I downloaded the Trial version.

Affinity Support -

@John P: If you could post this question on our support forum our support team can investigate this further for you.

Roy -

Why is the software cheaper in the US than the UK

Affinity Support -

@Roy: You will find more information about this here:

raian -

Thank you

david -

Hi I have Affinilty on my ipad pro. Do I need to repurchase it for my windows desktop? if i do is there a discount? thanks

Affinity Support -

@David: Affinity Photo for Windows and Mac have to be purchased separately.

amar -

these are seems to be good good softwares .many of my friends also recommended affinity photo and affinity designer previously .thank for the details and the free trial links .

Luca -

Hello, I have the Mac desktop version of Affinity Photo, do i need to repurchase it too for windows?

Affinity Support -

@Luca: You'll need to purchase the Windows version from our site: as the licence is separate for each OS.

Tim -

You guys at Affinity have done a wonderful job of building an amazing software package but where the hell is your shop?? . I wanted to buy Designer and punched in a Google search "purchase Affinity Designer in AUD" and got forums and timed out special offers but no where to buy it. I thought OK and went with "buy Affinity Designer now" you know what ? I got the same bunch of crap and no "buy here" button For goodness sakes guys take down all those outdated "special" prices and put a "buy here" at the top of the Google listing and you wont have all these forums of people moaning that they have been mislead. I've been trying to buy it for over 30 mins and have seen a price around $50 Au, another for $60 something Au and now one for just under $80 Au but for goodness sake! put a bloody buy here button somewhere that's easy to find because I have given up!!

Affinity Support -

@Tim: If you wish to purchase Affinity for Windows, simply go to our website ( Select Designer from the menu and you will then have Buy buttons.

Colin -

Hi, I want to ask; does the 10 day Trial of AP for Windows begin, as I assume, once I've installed it, or once I've downloaded it? I've got this weekend off work, then two weeks annual leave from October 30. I'm not sure yet , how much time I'll have to trial the software in the next week, but might download it this Saturday. Also; I already have the iPad Pro version & wondering if syncing between the two is possible & part editing on one & continuing on the other? If not, are there any future plans for this? I'm half way through a second (with a break in between) 12 month Adobe Photo Plan Subscription at the moment. Though not having taken advantage of this feature with Lightroom, I like the idea of syncing. I don't intend to renew the Adobe Plan, because the near the end of the first Subscription, when the $AU value went down, they increased the cost. This time around, the $AU has risen in value & they're increasing again if I renew, rather than decreasing the cost as I would have expected. Sounds deceptive to me. Plus, If I want to keep the cost at the minimum, with their newly announced changes, I'll lose Photoshop & only have Lightroom Classic CC. That sucks, so I'm thinking about 'Affinity Photo for Windows' now.

Affinity Support -

@Colin: The 10 day trial starts when you launch the app for the first time. You can save you files on iCloud and use this to open and edit your documents on both your iPad and Windows machine.

Clay -

How many computers ( windows) can Affinity be installed on, if one purchases a single copy. Clay.

Paul Popeski -

I downloaded the Affinity trial. I am new to "layers" etc. and the learning curve is steep if you are unfamiliar. I didn't use Affinity for a few days after installing, unaware that the 10 day clock starts upon installation and not first use. Since then I have been trying a trial version of Photoshop Elements (which is a 30 day trial), and have watched several hours of tutorials etc. So I now believe I have a (somewhat) better understanding of this type of photo editor. There are features that seemed to work better in Affinity than PS Elements, so I would like to try Affinity again before deciding on a purchase. Is there any way I can have a new trial?

Affinity Support -

@Paul Popeski: The trial starts when you first run the app. Once the trial ends it's not possible for us to reset it, sorry.

Allison -

I get that Affinity is very amazing. But why does it cost so much money just to edit pictures -Thankyou

Bruce Smith -

Bought an run Affinity Photo on my PC. Downloaded the trial on my windows tablet. Trial expired, how do i get it to accept my license key?

Affinity Support -

@Allison: Our apps are currently on sale. More information can be found here:

Affinity Support -

@Bruce Smith: You can download the retail version of Affinity Photo from your Affinity Store account :)

Robert Y -

Can a Affinity Photo or Designer license be purchased in a retail store? Online purchases have turned into nightmares a couple time for me.

Affinity Support -

@Robert Y: Our apps are only available via digital download from the Windows store or direct from us.

Andrea -

I am trying to download the free trial of designer. For the past 20 minutes it reads 0% downloaded and 3 hrs and 56 seconds remaining. Why is that?

Affinity Support -

@Andrea: I've tested the download links and they are working fine. Have you tried using a different internet browser?

Edmundo -

Can I use one licence in two computers?

Affinity Support -

@Edmundo: The Windows licence allows you to install onto Windows systems you own or control.

Sheila C -

I am a fine arts drawer and painter wanting to draw and paint digitally. Does affinity allow this? Is it covered by just one product or would I need several programs. Note, I am a professional artist and sell my art so I need a excellent product. Photoshop has gotten well over priced, but its always recommended. I need quality and ease of use. Help

Lana -

After my first fifteen minutes using Affinity, I already knew it. . . I'm going to buy this package!

Affinity Support -

@Sheila C: Both our Affinity apps will allow you to do digital painting. I'd recommend giving the trials ago first which are available using the links at the top of this blog post.

Dhananjay A -

Hi Affinity Team, I'm reposting this comment. In our small design studio, we work on both platform i.e. Windows & Mac, I have the following questions 1. Can we try Affinity Photo & Designer for Windows & Mac machines before we take buying decision? 2. How many days are there for free trial for both software. 3. Can we open & edit our current project files that are designed in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch App?

Affinity Support -

@Dhananjay A: 1. We have trial versions available of Affinity Designer and Photo for both MacOS & Windows on our website here: 2. Our trial version is a 10 day trial of the full version. 3. It's possible to open and save .PSD files. It's possible to open .AI files that have a PDF stream but it's not possible to save back to the .AI format. Our apps can't open native Sketch files, sorry.

Smit Bhatt -

What if we buy the Software and we change the Laptop or P.c, bought a new one.

Affinity Support -

@Smit Bhatt: You can log into your Affinity Store account to re-download the app to your new Laptop or PC :)

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