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New keyboard cheat sheets available now

Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

Our latest keyboard cheat sheets are now available to download and print out. These include all the recent updates to both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer v1.5, are available for both Mac and Windows and we’ve added versions for German keyboards too!

Of course Affinity apps allow you to fully customise all your shortcut keys should you wish. For that reason along with a PDF file with the default shortcuts, we have also included the .afdesign files (which, of course, you can open and edit in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo). This means if you want to create your own personalised cheat sheets, including any customised shortcuts you are using, you can.

All files are available from a zip file download. In there you will find a couple of folders, one for English versions (“Shortcuts_EN”) and one for German versions (“Shortcuts_DE”), and then within there the separate folders for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Get them from the link below:


mark JC -

Wonderful software. I'm glad that it is finally launched outside of the beta. Keep up the good work, guys! I'm really enjoying it.

Ronald Batchelder Sr. -

I have both , Mac and Windows that I use these on . This is definitely a huge plus . At 72 I have a tendacy to forget so I'll always be looking up at these helpful data sheets . Thanks so much Ron B.

Johannes -

Awesome idea! So everyone can download and print their own personal cheat sheets. Better then selling them as lay-overs for keyboards (which would only make sense for Mac keyboards, since all the PC ones are different). Therefore, thumbs up! :)

Jock Thomson -

Thank you for this it is a great program.

Oswaldo -

Affinity me ha funcionado mucho al grado de sustituir otras herramientas, sin embargo aun le faltan algunas opciones que si las tiene no son de fácil acceso como el poder vectorizar desde un PNG o JPG Affinity works me a lot at grade to substitute other tools, however still have options that will be able, like vectorized PNG and JPG images.

Jerry -

What a photo editing program. Started with the beta version, have watched as the program got better and better. Thanks for all the hard work.

Dirk -

Vielen Dank. Das ist für sehr viele User sehr nützlich und Hilfreich.

Paolo -

Thanks for the sheets, keep up the great work!!

Maurice Tremblay -

I'm having a hard time learning Affinity and this should help.

DigitalOne -

Thanks for the downloads, much appreaciated. Just loving both the applications and all the hard work you all must perform for the updates.

David Axford -

Many thanks for such wonderful programs that are available at very reasonable cost as well as great support.

Cliff Jeal -

Affinity Photo 1.51 is impressive. I use Photoshop CC and, using an editing from Canon RAW sesion I find that the Affinity produces results quickly, and equally as good. More than likely I shall not renew my Adobe subscription when it ceases. Affinity Designer I have yet to get into, but the short time I have used it make me think that it is easier than Adobe Illustrator. Good programming. The both handle a Wacom graphics pad well.

Harry -

I'm glad I got used to the Serif versions of Draw Plus. Affinity Designer has most of the familiar tools and much much more. A great program. Thanks Serif. Well done the 13 developers. Harry

Jo_ky -

Solo hablo Español,quiero comprar Affinity-fotogefía y me pregunta es: ¿tendré problemas en la traducción?. Gracias,

Stephanos Berger -

We've moved over from Adobe PS and ILL and still know, this was the right decision. Our suggestion to cooperate with as DAM partner is still highly appreciated, because it's not only by for the world’s best DAM (from Austria) but also fully functionable with Adobe CS apps. An Affinity compatibility with celum plugins is all what we need in addition :)

vivien -

Thank You - Great, I will be creating, again with Affinity!

Ivan -

After Adobe decided to drop Fireworks I was fretting over what I would be able to replace it with - I find Illustrator and Photoshop incredibly counter intuitive - thankfully Affinity Photo/Designer have answered all my prayers and more. Excellent job. and at an honest price.

Kerry -

Truly your a gifted team. God continue to Bless your efforts and prosperity.

Daniel -

Thanks for providing the cheat sheets.

Tom L -

Thanks for your effort. Appreciated. I was working on my own, but you have done the work for me.

Scott Hughes -

Thanks so much for the continuing support and updates. Looking forward to the Affinity Photo Workbook, some day soon.

Mike -

Thanks for the updates,! Now getting more into Designer - it is a beatiful piece of software. Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into making it such a great product - what a development team!

Carol -

Photoshop user for over 17 years, so at first blush, fascinated enough to buy Affinity Photos. Will look at over the weekend. I LIKED your Facebook page but really want to get updates. Where do I go to do that and take a look at your Affinity Design?

FoxDavis -

I really Love learning this software, thanks again for keeping the video tutorials coming! Wonderful Software!!!

evERcREate -

New to Serif (Affinity). Programs look awesome! Cheat sheets are even more awesome!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

Petr -

Simply great

Serge -

Outstanding.- it's refreshing to have such backing to a such an already awesome product!

Mari -

This is great! Thank you!

Catherine -

Thanks. I use Affinity Designer all the time and as I freelance made the swap from the Adobe Suites as I could no longer afford them. So pleased I have! So far your programme has been fantastic for me and I normally find solutions through your help avenues if I'm stuck. These short cut files are going to be great.

ronny b -

super editing programs alas, i have a azerty keyboard so a querty overlay is not ideal for me hope you will put a azerty version available thanx

Wayne -

Designer is such a great and powerful application. My only wish at this time (though there are many more) is to have the transform menu include a perspective control and a distort control which will allow the user to move individual points at the boundary of an element to either distort or change the shape of an object. That will make the application almost perfect.

Jim -

I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

Angela Carter -

Love, love, love the software. The price point (non subscription) is perfect for someone like me who does little editing but when I do want to edit I want access to quality tools. You guys/gals are amazing!

Rob -

I mentioned both Photo and Designer to a friend of mine , who was dubbing on getting the Adobe subscription, as his old Adobe CD's were gone MIA for the new pc. He does a lot of photo editing for his products on his webshop, and does some basic design stuff as well. Not only was he very happy with the pricing of the Affinity apps, but also everything he wants to do (and more) is covered in both apps. I'm pretty sure he will buy Publisher as well as soon as that will be available, so he can make his own pamflets and brochures. So TL:DR.... A new happy customer after pointing him to the Affinity apps. ;-)

Jürgen -

Many thanks for the German-Version!!! :-)

Fritz -

Thanks for the german-Version! Danke! Fritz

Leigh -

@Carol: You can sign up to our newsletter here: to stay updated. We should have a Designer Trial available very soon :)

Ludovic -

Thank you for this ! Great job ! Just miss french translation ! ;) Not a big problem, but more comfortable for french people ! ;)

Maurice -

I can't download the cheat sheets. I sure could use them. When I click on the download button, nothing works.

Affinity Support -

@Maurice: We just tested the link and it seems to be working. Can you try again? If you continue to have issues, head over to our support forum for more help :)

Knut N. -

Very nice program vith many possibilities and room for more. I am an old user of Serif products and do still use them from time to time as they are easy for me to use relatively quickly. I have retired as a pro photographer but it is still nice to use some good software and make the photos more interesting. Sincerely, Knut

Patrick McGrath -

Cheat sheets are a great idea & life-savers! Thanks!

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