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New keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

When we released 1.4 updates for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, we also updated our ‘keyboard shortcut, gestures, and expressions’ cheat sheets—and they look sweet! They include standard keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures including Force Touch, keyboard modifiers for mouse actions, and calculations for scaling.

Affinity Designer Keyboard Shortcuts Affinity Designer Gestures (cropped)

Rather than fill this page with images, here are links so you can download the guides as PDFs…

Affinity Designer

Download the Affinity Designer cheat sheet PDF (800KB)

Affinity Photo

Download the Affinity Photo cheat sheet PDF (1.1MB)

Both apps in one file

Download both cheat sheets in one PDF (1.8MB)

The v1.4 updates also introduced customisable shortcuts, so how about making your own keyboard guides to match your own layouts or naming? Set your own shortcuts in the app’s Preferences then download our design templates, unpack the file, open the cheat sheet you want (in either Designer or Photo) and edit. Then you can just save and print—or also share as PDF with your saved keyboard shortcuts file.

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Lindy -

Wow, the holiday surprises just keep on comin' ! thank you

Philip A. Ensley -

I have loved Serif for many years. When I moved to Mac, losing Serif was my greatest concern. I requested that you make your products compatible, and I'm going to go right ahead and believe you did it just for me. Thank you so much!

Peter Witham -

Thanks for these, they really help someone like me transitioning from 'that other design company's' apps :)

Kumpel -

These are awesome christmas presents...... Many kudos this year for Affinity (also totally deserved Apple App Store - Best of 2015 award)

vivien -

Thank You - Seasons' Greetings to everyone!

jose manuel fernandez de canete -

Thank you again and again!!! I'm impressed and so grateful.. really good job. (by the way, happy new year!)

Gephard -

You should include those sheets into the help menu and also create localized versions. But first you have to localize the keyboard shortcuts properly. Cmd+[ is easy to access on english keyboard layouts, but with german layout you have to press Cmd+Alt+5. Using the same key position would be nice, like Cmd+Ü in this example.

Rodrigo -

I have installed the first version on my mac, but I didn't try properly because are many things to fix i.e. Pantone library, some fonts installing problems, etc. I want to check this new version to change because Adobe Illustrator is not working properly in my computer, but when I download the trial version still saying that was expired. It don't let me install to test further. Can some one help me to remove temporally items or some tips to install the trial before buying?

Passer By -

No need to post this. (I couldn't find a contact email so I'm posting this here.) Affinity Designer - minor edit needed From in the Just your type section. "All the controls you need are build in … “ should be "All the controls you need are built in … " On the other hand, it’s great to see colour spelt properly. ;-)

Patrick -

Great stuff

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