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Affinity Designer for Windows is here!

It’s been the most asked question on our Facebook page and Twitter feed ever since we launched Affinity 18 months ago… when is Affinity coming to Windows?

Well, we’re excited to say that as of today you can download the free public beta of Affinity Designer for your PC!

After registering, you’ll receive a link which allows you to download the beta program onto your PC (you’ll need to be running 64 bit Windows 7 and above).

Here’s a short video showing the capabilities of Affinity Designer for Windows…

It’s important to remember the Windows beta version is far from the finished article and at this stage it might not work perfectly. So at the same time, we’ll send you more information about how you can help us fine-tune the program further during the beta period – a crucial part of the process.

Of course we understand that being part of a beta trial isn’t for everyone, and some people would rather wait for the finished product to go on sale. But we really hope that you’ll choose to sign up to be part of the trial.

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Affinity Photo wins Best Imaging Software Award

The team at Affinity are delighted that Affinity Photo has won an amazing award, Best Imaging Software in 2016, as recognised by TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association.

This puts Affinity Photo ahead of strong rivals across the entire industry, beyond the Mac App Store and even beyond the Mac platform! Thank you to the judges at TIPA for recognising Affinity Photo’s professional tool set, affordable price, and live editing capabilities, with “Raw file format editing, numerous colour space options, compatibility with the most common file formats, and live previews”.

A TIPA Awards endorsement is a high accolade for any photo and imaging product, with the TIPA group spanning the globe and comprised of technically adept members of the photography press. Editors from the TIPA member magazines met for their General Assembly on 1st April in San Francisco, USA to vote for the best photo and imaging products launched by the industry in the last 12 months, and we’re over the moon to have been chosen amongst other industry greats.

Get a 10-day free trial of Affinity Photo, and follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest news!

Affinity at The Photography Show 2016

Team Affinity headed to The Photography Show between 19th and 22nd March, the biggest show of its kind in the UK. With over 30,000 professional photographers and enthusiasts attending over 4 days it was the ideal place to showcase Affinity Photo.

Busy Affinity stand

Our bustling stand with live demos and looping videos outside

We joined huge names like Canon, Nikon, Sony and many others, with hundreds of workshops and masterclasses from pros throughout the show and ‘super stage’ speakers including the one and only David Bailey, wildlife guru Chris Packham, fashion photographer Lara Jade and street photographer Bruce Gilden. We were privileged to meet and chat with thousands of people, including some existing Affinity customers—thank you for being part of the community! The team delivered captivating demos to huge groups that spilled into the aisles, with Affinity Photo proving to be a real star of the show for those just discovering it for the first time.

Affinity's Apple Design Award

A visitor-magnet; the team’s Apple Design Award

We were really warmed by people turning up saying “I’ve been told I really have to see this!” and our one-on-ones with real photos and real-world editing techniques were the easy way to greet those visitors and show that the app really does live up to its App of the Year, 5-star reputation.

Ash showing off the future of photo editing

Ash showing off the future of photo editing

Serif’s Managing Director Ash Hewson headed up many of the live demos himself, alternating with James Ritson who makes most of our Affinity Photo tutorial videos. They showed the instant, real-time, live nature of the app, highlighting the sheer speed of tools, the accuracy of cutting subjects from backgrounds, the simplicity of live masking, live adjustments, live filters, the flexibility of our layer handling, and the incredible quality of inpainting, image stitching, stacks, and liquify.

Creative Director Neil Ladkin ran a live photo studio in one corner of the stand, kitted out with a camera, tripod, lights, miniature models, and a Mac hooked up to a big screen so everyone could see him weaving shots of everyday objects into stunning and highly polished works of art. With so many people eager to learn more, Neil ended up spending more time chatting with attendees than editing shots in his studio, and like him we all absolutely loved meeting and talking with so many enthusiastic and talented photographers, retouchers, hobbyists and journalists.

Kate and Neil meeting Future Publishing

‘Lighthouse’ – one of Neil’s live model compositions done at The Photography Show in Affinity Photo

Monday 21st March saw the team joined by Head of Affinity Development Tony Brightman, lead Photo dev Andy Somerfield, lead Designer dev Matt Priestley, and lead Windows dev Mark Ingram. The devs spent time with photographers just like the rest of the team and Matt also had a surprise for us all—a preview of Affinity Designer on his iPad Pro with beautiful touch controls.

Affinity for iPad, yessssss

Exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming Affinity tech at the show!

After “I’ve been told I need to see this” the next thing we heard the most was “How do I buy this?”. The team weren’t taking orders for Affinity apps at the show, instead discussing how the apps work, giving demos, chatting about workflows, introducing the upcoming Windows version (with sign-ups for the beta open now at, and pointing people towards the Mac App Store where Affinity Photo was on offer during the show. And that’s still a one-time price with no subscription.

We’re only a small team with limited budget and can’t attend as many shows as we would like to in as many countries as we would like, but we do hope to be at The Photography Show again in 2017—so tell your friends, we’d love to see you and thousands more photographers there, as well as give you a chance to try the latest apps and meet the team! Like or Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date with our adventures :)

Team Affinity at The Photography Show

Thank you from Team Affinity!

Front L-R creative dir Neil, marketing mgr Kate, tech author James, sales mgr Nick, sales mgr Duncan.
Back L-R managing director Ash, marketing asst Umar; taking the pic product mgr Dale.

Affinity is coming to Windows

Affinity is coming to Windows

We’ve got some very exciting news to share today—we are going to be launching Affinity on Windows later in the year!

We have to be honest—we’ve been working on this for some time now, but because of the technical challenges involved we have been reluctant to commit to any definite schedule. However, development has gone a lot better than expected. We now have an Alpha build of Affinity Designer running on Windows which is very nearly feature complete—and we are expecting to be able to put that to a public beta in as little as 2-3 months time.

Should you run a Windows set up and want to be one of the first to check it out you can put your name down for the free beta now—it’s open to everyone.

Even if you are exclusively a Mac user we hope you agree this is a positive step. With the Windows versions basically being replicas of what we have done on Mac, including 100% file compatibility, it should improve adoption and file sharing ability for everyone in the future. And importantly we’ve done this with an entirely separate team of Windows developers so it’s not compromising progress of the Mac versions (as it happens we’ve got a couple of great updates to Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for you in the works right now).

Mark Ingram - Affinity Windows developer

Head of Windows Development Mark Ingram using Designer on a Surface

Screenshot - Affinity on Windows

Affinity Photo on Windows (still missing a couple of personas!)

We’ll be giving a peek at the Windows versions for the first time at this weekend’s Photography Show at the NEC here in the UK. We’d really like to see you if you’re there, but if not make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter as we’ll be sharing some footage of it over the weekend.

Obviously this is big news, and if you want to join the discussion about it the best place is on this forum thread, or on this Facebook post—if you have any questions or want to let us know what you think we’d love to hear from you.

All the best,
The Affinity Team

Create pro panoramas with Affinity Photo

Automatic is fantastic, and there are extra controls for fine tuning

Affinity Photo was updated to v1.4 in December and one of its key new features is a Panorama persona. The new persona is a dedicated workspace for creating multi-image composites that goes above and beyond just making wide holiday shots. The automatic seamless image stitching is probably the best out there—plus our high quality perspective and colour correction take things to another level, and some great manual controls give you the amazing results you’re after.

Start off by downloading one or more collections of photos kindly supplied by photographer, video creator, and Affinity tech author James Ritson.

Kirkstone Pass

Kirkstone Pass panorama

3 images in a 6.8MB zip file

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle panorama

10 images in a 25.5MB zip file


Farndon panorama

7 images in a 24MB zip file

All 3 panorama sets in one

20 images in a 56.3MB zip file

Now watch our Panorama tutorial to witness the magic! It will familiarise you with selecting files, performing automatic stitching, filling in missing edges, cropping, and manually adjusting overlapping areas to help correct any flaws.

Open your download(s) to unpack the contents. Launch Affinity Photo and select New Panorama from the File menu, or press Shift+Alt+Cmd+P. Click Add and then browse to the folder containing the panorama images, select all the files, and click Open.

As shown in the video, leave all files checked in the left side of the New Panorama box, then click Stitch Panorama. A few seconds later Affinity Photo will preview the detected panorama in the right side of the box. Click Open and the panorama will render at full quality and you’ll be able to start editing it in the Panorama persona and beyond. If you have stored all three panorama sets in one folder you’ll be able to open all 3 panoramas at once and switch between them (the initial previews will take a little longer to show up).

Let us know how you like this great new feature and how you get on with your own photos! Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to get fresh news, behind-the-scenes interviews, and a pointer to some of our latest resources like this fab tutorial.

FREE DAUB Blender Brush Set

12 awesome blender brushes from DAUB – completely free!

DAUB blenders set

This FREE blender set has been created especially for Affinity Photo – but you can use them in Affinity Designer too!

This blender set allows you to mimic blending techniques and media in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo with brushes such as watercolour, dry sponge, sponge on canvas, wet sponge, oil, plus much more!

Paolo from DAUB, has created this sample illustration too to show you what you can do with them…

DAUB blenders sample illustration

Follow the link below to get your set today – and then read on for instructions on how to get them into Affinity.

How to install your free DAUB Blender set in Affinity Photo

• Drag the DAUB Blenders.afbrushes to Affinity Photo


• Use the Import Brushes… function found in the Brushes Panel

How to install your DAUB blender set

You will see this dialog box when your brushes are successfully installed:

How to install your DAUB vector brush set

How to install your free DAUB Blender set in Affinity Designer

Paolo has created this short video to show you how to install and use these blenders in Affinity Designer too:

We hope you enjoy them and would love to see what you create in the usual places!

Get your DAUB vector brush set for Affinity Designer - for FREE!

Get these 12 great vector brushes from DAUB – completely free!

DAUB vector brush set

This FREE vector brush set has been created especially for Affinity Designer! Their creator, Paolo from DAUB, has painted this cute little fox in the snow to show what you can achieve with them.

DAUB vector brush set sample illustration

The set includes 12 brushes that mimic mixed media brushes and materials such as watercolour, grainy paper, graphite, indian ink, acrylic and camel hair to name a few!

How to install the DAUB vector brush set in Affinity Designer

To install these brushes simply download them using the link above and follow these instructions:

  • Drag the DAUB_VectorSet_Vol2.afbrushes to Affinity Designer


  • Use the Import Brushes… function found in the Brushes Panel
How to install your DAUB vector brush set You will see this dialog box when your brushes are successfully installed: How to install your DAUB vector brush set

We hope you enjoy them and would love to see what you create with these brushes in the usual places!

Affinity apps now in new languages

Affinity apps and website now in 8 languages

We recently launched an amazing pair of updates for App-of-the-Year Affinity Photo and the Apple-Design-Award-winning Affinity Designer, adding lots of new features and improvements—including 4 new languages. And we updated our website too, with new language support and some beautiful new graphics. Joining English (US and UK), German, French, and Spanish is new support for:

  • Italian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Both our apps now have localised UI and Help systems in all 8 languages, and while the correct language should be activated automatically you can also manually switch language in the apps’ Preferences dialogs. Our website should also auto-detect a useful setting, but you can switch language by clicking on the flag at the bottom of product pages and choosing your preferred language. (If you follow a Mac App Store link from our site, you might notice the App Store region is based on this language choice too).

We’ve also had our overview video translated into a couple of new languages… check out how completely and utterly cool the Japanese Affinity Designer video is.

All the languages are included with both Affinity apps purchased from any region of the Mac App Store, you don’t need to choose a specific language when buying. If you’re interested in grabbing either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer, they’re still on special offer with a 20% discount on both titles until December 24th—and we’ll extend the offer on Affinity Photo even further, for the duration of Apple’s Best of 2015 banner feature in the Mac App Store.

Thanks for your support as we’ve grown to include these new languages! Season’s greetings to everyone from team Affinity.

New keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

When we released 1.4 updates for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, we also updated our ‘keyboard shortcut, gestures, and expressions’ cheat sheets—and they look sweet! They include standard keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures including Force Touch, keyboard modifiers for mouse actions, and calculations for scaling.

Affinity Designer Keyboard Shortcuts Affinity Designer Gestures (cropped)

Rather than fill this page with images, here are links so you can download the guides as PDFs…

Affinity Designer

Download the Affinity Designer cheat sheet PDF (800KB)

Affinity Photo

Download the Affinity Photo cheat sheet PDF (1.1MB)

Both apps in one file

Download both cheat sheets in one PDF (1.8MB)

The v1.4 updates also introduced customisable shortcuts, so how about making your own keyboard guides to match your own layouts or naming? Set your own shortcuts in the app’s Preferences then download our design templates, unpack the file, open the cheat sheet you want (in either Designer or Photo) and edit. Then you can just save and print—or also share as PDF with your saved keyboard shortcuts file.

Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to get special videos, behind-the-scenes interviews, and all the latest resources like these updated keyboard guides.

Affinity Photo is App of the Year!

We can’t quite believe it, but it’s true! Apple have chosen Affinity Photo as Best Mac App of 2015. This places Affinity Photo ahead of every other app in the world this year in the Mac App Store… sure, that makes it best photo app too, but it’s also BEST ANY KIND OF MAC APP OF THE YEAR! Best App! :o) Amazing, thank you Apple! This is what developers dream of!

The team are likely going to be celebrating with a beer or two tonight—and we’re also sharing the love by extending our 20% discount on both our apps until Christmas Eve, December 24th, and will keep Affinity Photo on offer for the duration of Apple’s Best of 2015 Mac App Store banner feature!

Here’s a little of what made Affinity Photo land App of The Year 2015, just 5 short months after launch.

The dev team have been working incredibly hard on the app for over 5 years now and have written countless lines of code to make the app fast and accurate for professionals—so for this hard work to be recognised at such a high level is fantastic—we could all too easily run out of superlatives trying to describe how great today feels!

Thank you to all of you that have helped us reach great heights with our apps, from making suggestions to testing to spreading the word, and working on incredible creative output—from all of us at Serif and in Team Affinity.

Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to share our news and get special videos, behind-the-scenes interviews, and all the latest.

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