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Version 1.6 customer betas now available

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer version 1.6 customer betas are now available for Mac and Windows users!

If you’re already a user of our apps, this is your chance to preview and test out some of the features we’re planning to add in the next major update.

Most significantly, this introduces the option for you to switch between a dark or light UI. This has been a much-requested addition, for reasons of accessibility as well as personal preference, so we’re really pleased to be able to introduce it.

light-ui-1-230120171341 edit

The betas are free to download and will run alongside your existing version of Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer. Please remember though that at present these are test versions which are being improved, so when you discover bugs we’d appreciate your help in identifying and fixing them.

To download, please go to the Affinity Beta Support Forum. and select your app and OS.


roby b -

Thank you - I uploaded it this afternoon and had a little play - so far so great. Thank you.

rlac -

Designer Customer Beta 1.6 says: "This Beta has expired. We hope you enjoyed using Affinity Designer" The same for Photo Customer Beta 1.6 I have purchased both. On Win7 64 Pro, HP Z420.

Affinity Support -

@rlac: This issue has been fixed in the latest beta build. It can be downloaded from here:

Patrik -

Oh my goodness! Can't wait for the light UI! My eyes are drooling!

david -

with light UI, it is slowly starting to look like page plus. Just waiting for the mythical publisher beta before i can start using the new suite...

alexplus -

Dear developer team, I'm really really happy about your products and can't wait for new versions and the long-promised Affinity Publisher. But you are so silent the last months, that it remembers me of Adobe. Please stay close to your customers and release more details about upcoming updates.

Affinity Support -

@alexplus: When we have more information on upcoming updates we'll make announcements on our social media channels letting everyone know.

Igor Rocha -

Hello there, Guys! It would be awesome if we could rotate the guidelines. Sometimes this is a very useful tool.

Affinity Support -

@Igor Rocha: It's something we hope to add in the future.

Wojciech -

Hi, I have a question: I plan to buy Affinity Photo soon. I wonder if this update will be available for free for version 1.5 users? I don't know if i should wait until the final version arrives...

Affinity Support -

@Wojciech: All 1.X updates are free for existing and new customers that purchase the current version. If you've already had the trial installed you won't be able to use it again after it's expired. However if you used our trial before our 1.5 update, you can use it again for 10 days.

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