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Welcome to Affinity!

Welcome to Affinity, the new name in high-end creative apps exclusively for the Mac, with all the sophistication and power that Mac OS X offers. Built from the ground up by creative people for creative people, you’ll find Affinity titles incredibly fast, accurate, focused, innovative, and with high end professional features. The Affinity range caters to key disciplines for creative professionals: vector illustration, image editing, raster and mixed media design, web graphic and UI design, layouts and publishing.

Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher

Three Affinity apps offer all the tools you need… plus eyebrow-raising performance, deep colour support, colour management, unrivalled accuracy, and high quality output. And on top of all of that, you can seamlessly move work between the three apps; the Affinity team have created a common file format so each app fully understands files made in the others so you can take artwork, imagery, designs and layouts in new directions and then back to its roots. Real mixed-media, multi-discipline designing!

Affinity Designer is available for open beta testing right now, with Affinity Photo due very soon and Affinity Publisher launching in 2015. Leave a comment below, or visit the forum to say Hi and learn more about Affinity Designer’s beta test program.


Sergio Molino -

it's time for adobe have a strong concurrency

Sebastian -

Looking forward for the Publisher. InDesign and Quark have really bad OSX support and … of course it is good Adobe is getting more competition :-) Keep on!!

Dale Lewis -

I'm so happy I'm beside myself with joy! Finally an alternative to ADOBE! AND from a company that I chose on the Windows side as an alternative to ADOBE namely SERIF!!! I am a MAC person but have come to appreciate SERIF and am SO glad they're moving to include MAC users.

Joseph Bavitz -

At long last, a professional alternative to Adobe. I will pay you guys gobs and gobs of money for some decent tools!

Bertrand -

Amazing! I'm looking forward to Publisher, especially now that I've taken a look at the amazing Designer app: so good to mix vector and raster designing tools, and separate photo editing from it: far better dealing of editing options (at least, for me). As a lot of others, I'm just not liking the CC and his monthly fees (and degrading ID experience...), and moreover, at this price, it's just perfect. There's (surprisingly) no serious alternative to the CS, "even" on Mac... Hope we can count on you! I CAN'T WAIT for those professional softwares in final editions! Thank you!

Laurence -

This is just what Mac users were waiting for something to rival Adobe and their over rated and over priced applications, I'm looking forward to Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher especially... Great work Serif, keep it up.

Miro -

Buying Affinity Designer today. With what I have seen in Designer and the Windows applications that Serif is making, I'm having great expectations on Affinity Publisher! We badly need that on the Mac platform.

Jorge Arturo -

Loe your products guys, I was sad when I change to Mac and didn't see any of the Serif great software compatible, but suddenly I found out about Affinity and everything is all good with the universe, a great software company you are (very yoda like comment), because you are not greedy and make amazing software, keep the good work and I'll support you! Greetings from Mexico

Ian Budd -

I changed to Mac in 2007 but have always run Windows on the Mac in Parallels (highly recommended). One of my main reasons for using Windows is to run Serif PagePlus which I have been using for nearly 20 years. I've requested a Mac version every time I've been phoned by Serif for several years and the last time they phoned I said I would only make a purchase in the future if it was for a Mac product. Obviously I have single-handedly convinced Serif to make a desktop publishing program for the Mac! Thank goodness! Especially as I have just taken over production of the paper newsletter for The Friends of The Far North Line ( I will be buying Affinity Publisher next year.

simon -

When are you going to release the beta version of Affinity Photo? I would love to be a tester! I teach photography to 150+ people every year, and get asked frequently if I can recommend good alternatives to Photoshop. It would be great if AP contained something similar to adjustment layers - the single most useful feature in Photoshop as far as I am concerned.

Ren -

Would like "how to use AD "for beginners..

Rick -

Any word on availability of Affinity Photo, either as beta or v1.0? I'm looking forward to an alternative to Photoshop CS6 (I won't rent CC software).

Jon -

Hey! I'm right there with you, Rick. Affinity - if there's any beta, please email me and I would love to be a beta tester! Looking forward to the Photo software, as I myself use PS over AI for illustrations anyway. Looking for a better solution and am very, very impressed by the Designer software. Ciao!

Oudin -

Hello, Your soft is very good, i used the serif produce (DrawPlus X6, Photoplus X7 and pagefuls X7). Is-it possible to import draw between drawls ans Anfinity Designer ? And a french version ... Whouha ! Thank's Vincent

Affinity -

Bonjour Oudin, it's not possible to open DrawPlus files (or any other Plus product files) in Affinity Designer as they are all very different from each other, but you can exchange artwork using PDF or SVG. French version is on the roadmap, it will be available as a free update in the first half of 2015.

Matthew -

Your software looks great! A much needed graphics solution in the current market. I looked at the Software that you (Serif) offer for PC; and I would like to know if there might be any license options in the future to be able to run versions on both OS's as I do a lot of 3D design work that requires Windows. Is there any possibility that the PC versions and Mac Software will become more or less the same offering; just different platform? Will the PC software be re-branded to the new names (Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, etc.)

Kaye Morgan -

I cannot wait to buy Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher as soon as they are released - and to smile very broadly at Adobe and Corel

John -

I have been using serif software for years from x2 for some products and was gutted when moving to Mac that there was no compatible software. I have stated using Affinity Designer and love it. Will there be Affinity branded version of Webplus, my website needs updating and I used web plus before moving to Mac, but can't find a decent alternative on OS X.

Mike -

Is there a release date for the Affinity Publisher yet? I am getting so much grief from basic current Pages app and am really looking forward to something of value. As a regular newsletter editor and publisher I am becoming increasingly desperate for a good honest word processing programme.

Kevin -

When did Affinity Publisher appear? I received an email about Photo but not Publisher! I'm pleased to see this as a PagePlus user on my Windows machine, I have struggled with a program for the Mac.

Terri -

Can hardly wait for Affinity Publisher! So thrilled with Affinity Designer & Photo … two great programs for the Mac that blow Adobe (& IMHO their failed subscription model) out of the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dennis -

Actually, it's Affinity Publisher that makes me wanna buy the whole package. I'm done with Adobe CC. We only need a good competitor that takes on InDesign. With Affinity Publisher in the near future I've got everything to leave Adobe CC for what it is: Photoshop vs Affinity Photo (still learning the Beta) and Pixelmator Illustrator vs Affinity Designer (pay check is inbound so I'll be getting this one next week or so) and Sketch InDesign vs Affinity Publisher... and whatever it is that I'm using now (Swift Publisher, Pages) Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro X After Effects vs Motion 5 Yep... I'm done and will have got everything I need by the end of these year. Great job, guys!

Mike -

I publish a monthly newsletter using Pages. I can't wait until Publisher becomes available for testing. Pages is OK if you don't need anything special but setting up an 8 pager and then having it all change for no reason that I can see makes me angry. Come on Affinity, lets get this publisher in our hands!

Richard Olpin -

Massively impressed with both Designer and Photo so far, I've been a long-term Adobe user, but since I fundamentally disagree with their cloud subscription plan philosophy I've been longing to finally move away from their strangle hold. My last hold-out is InDesign, so Affinity Publisher can't come soon enough for me!

Daryl -

Hi im loving your Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo but the one im really looking forward to most is Affinity Publisher. Is there a release date for Beta ? Daryl

John -

Now that Serif have two world winners in the stable Affinity Designer and Photo. Can we have the third please Publisher.

Anon -

Need some parity between the Windows and Mac applications. Not everyone uses the same OS on every machine they own (or want to) and managing licenses for so many applications from so many places becomes a hassle after a while, never mind the email spam if you want to keep on top of updates, etc. Will just stay with Adobe CC for now. The convenience is worth paying for.

Leon -

I was wondering if there have been any updates on Affinity Publisher? I really want to learn a page layout app, but I really don't like Adobe's subscription model, it's too expensive for me, who's an inexperienced beginner. I was wondering what other apps they're planning to make, have they stated their future intentions after Publisher?

Simon Vinther Lovring -

Anything new about Affinity Publisher ? I really hope to see another AWESOME program, that can KICK-ASS on Abobe! :D Indesign has to be overruled the new boy in class!! I am backing you up guys!

Peter Breis -

I am very happy with your first 2 designers' Apps and have Serif PagePlus. I am looking forward to Affinity Publisher as an Alternative to Indesign and Quark XPress which I use professionally, and also Pages '09 which Apple has sidelined but is still a wonderful productivity app and very fast layout tool for screen material. I am hoping that you are considering a CSS type feature in Affinity Publisher so designers can easily and consistently change the look of documents as well as make them transition seamlessly to web content. How do I get on a beta program? I am really keen that there are good alternatives to both Adobe and Apple and have used a wide set of design tools so have good experience in most of the alternatives.

francesca -

when is Affinity Publisher going to eb available? Please.......

RB -

Any update on Affinity Publisher? Would love to break free from Adobe and Quark products.

Leigh -

@RB We're hoping to have a beta available later on in the year.

Rob -

Publisher cannot come soon enough...once that becomes available I'm really hoping to break free of the horrific Adobe prisonware. Please know you have a sizeable audience anticipating Publisher's debut with baited breath!

isocult -

Eagerly awaiting the release of Affinity Publisher. Fed up with both InDesign and Quark:

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