Update 1.6.7 - The iPad App of the Year just got even better

We’re delighted to announced that our reigning ‘App of the Year’, Affinity Photo for iPad, now includes even more powerful professional features. This is our third substantial free update to the app since June, when we launched on stage at WWDC2017.

Here’s just some of the new features you can look forward to:

Save overwrites back to the same location, without needing to create a copy
Shoot direct in RAW or HDR from within the app
Much improved shadows, highlights and clarity algorithms in RAW processing
Ability to add your own fonts
Opening and editing files in place directly from the iOS ‘Files’ app
A new ‘Solo Layer View’ mode, allowing you to isolate individual layers instantly
Further enhancements to the handy Drag & Drop functions introduced with iOS11
A new ‘show touches’ option to create more detailed screen captures – great for users who create tutorials
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Limited time launch offer

To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new update we are giving away these 3 free content packs, specially optimised for Affinity Photo for iPad.

Affinity Photo

for iPad


13 Brush Pack

Studio Retouch

20 Brush Pack

Live Filters

28 Macro Pack
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What’s included?


Luminance Brush Pack – Add vibrancy to your photos

This stunning pack of 13 high resolution, light effect brushes is perfect for adding fiery details, glowing embers, dramatic light streaks, bright sparkles and soft bokeh to your work. Each brush seamlessly integrates with the app’s brushes panel and is fully optimised for the functionality of Apple Pencil.


Studio Retouch Brush Pack – Enhance what you capture

Crafted with professional retouchers in mind, the Studio Retouch Brush Pack contains 20 high-end brushes for fixing skin, enhancing eyes, applying makeup, altering lighting and exaggerating features. It adds some serious power to your retouching tool kit!


Live Filters Macro Pack – Automated fully non-destructive effects

Boost your workflow with this versatile pack of 28 non-destructive live filter layers. Each effect can be applied in a single click and as they are totally non-destructive you can always go back to edit settings, erase areas or even delete a whole layer without affecting your work.

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Affinity Photo for iPad

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