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Affinity Photo 1.5 - our biggest update yet

Since we first launched in July 2015 Affinity Photo has become one of the most well respected photo editing tools available. Apple chose it as their best Mac app of 2015, and it has received over ten thousand 5-star customer reviews on the App Store.

Without charging a subscription we promised we would deliver free updates to version 1, and this one is huge. From big new fundamental features such as macros, to other improvements like direct PSD write-back, we’ve listened to all the feedback we have received and worked round the clock to get them in.

Oh, and it’s now available on Windows too.

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Cross-platform support for Windows and macOS

Our vision for Affinity from the beginning was a cross-platform suite, and so we are incredibly excited to deliver Affinity Photo on Windows at the same time as our 1.5 update. Both the Windows and macOS version share the same back end code, meaning file compatibility is always perfect, you can save and share undo history between them and, other than a few OS specific optimizations, are matched feature-for-feature.

Full HDR merge support

Create deep, unbounded 32-bit images from any number of exposure bracketed source images allowing you to bring out detail not possible with a single exposure shot.

You can merge any type of image file, including straight from RAW, and accurate automatic alignment is included for the best possible result.

360° image editing

Pan and zoom around 360° images live, with full control over heading, pitch and field of view in a real time projection.

Not only that, but you can paint on them, merge other elements into them or touch them up - all while in this live view.

Recordable macros with interactive attributes

Macros are an incredibly powerful addition, allowing you to record and save any number of actions to playback in future. You can also expose any specific attributes you wish as a macro is playing, giving the ability for each macro to offer customizable results.

Batch processing

You can now queue up batch jobs allowing you to easily resize and change the format of large folders of files. You can also apply any number of macros to the batch job for more complicated tasks.

All batch jobs run in the background so even if you are processing 100s of RAW files, you can keep working while it’s running.

Focus merge

Focus merging (or stacking) allows multiple images taken at different focal distances to be merged giving a much greater depth of field. Affinity Photo takes care of alignment and completes an incredibly detailed analysis to determine the best areas of each image in your stack to use.

This is particularly useful for macro photography - generating pin sharp results which are physically impossible to achieve with a single shot.

Complete tone mapping workspace

Gain precise control over high dynamic range images with an all-new dedicated tone mapping persona to achieve stunningly dramatic results. While particularly useful for HDR, Affinity Photo will tone map any image - a jpg, RAW file, or any pixel layer for that matter - allowing you to bring out detail in images you never thought were there.

What’s new for Affinity Photo 1.5

Here’s the full list of all the main new features and improvements included in this huge update:

Cross platform (Windows and macOS)

Affinity Photo is now available on Windows as well as macOS with perfect file format compatibility.

Lens profiles

Our RAW engine now includes profiles for thousands of lens & camera body combinations for automatic lens correction.

New color picker tool

After thousands of requests for a dedicated tool outside of the color tab, you've got it!

32-bit editing

32-bit unbounded images can be composited and edited along with full Radiance HDR and OpenEXR file support.

OpenColorIO support

End-to-end OCIO color workflows are now supported, with the ability to move dynamically between color spaces.

File compatibility improvements

Big improvements to both PDF and PSD import and export.


Record any number of operations, save them and play them back later.

Improved metadata handling

Our detection of RAW, JPEG, etc. metadata has been substantially upgraded.

Tone mapping persona

Full tone mapping workspace for both HDR and LDR images with local contrast control for dramatic results.

360° image editing

Pan and zoom around 360° images, using the full suite of tools in Affinity Photo to edit them live.

New equations filter

An incredibly powerful addition, this allows you to create custom spatial filters with unlimited flexibility.

Pixel art document resizing

Two new resampling algorithms have been added to ensure more accurate resizing of pixel art documents.

Pixel tool improvements

Various requested improvements to this tool including shift constrain and configurable cmd-drag behavior.

All-new export options

Huge upgrades to export persona offers unlimited flexibility for exporting multiple formats and resolutions for each slice.

Clone sources panel

You can now store an unlimited number of global sources for the clone brush, even working across multiple documents.

OpenEXR import / export

Comprehensive multichannel OpenEXR import / export with options like alpha pre-multiplication to cater for all workflows.

Accumulation brush dynamics

New dynamic to allow brushes to be configured to build opacity.

Text styles

Full text style support now added to link the styles of text objects together.

New marquee selection modes

There are now 3 modes for the freehand selection tool - freehand, polygonal and magnetic.

Improved RAW processing

Overhauled RAW engine for improved results out the box, along with over 70 new RAW camera formats supported.

Batch processing

Process whole folders of images in the background while you continue your work.

New halftone filter

A new super-slick halftone pattern filter has been added, including monochrome, color, circular and line halftones.

Live perspective projection

Work on perspective distorted areas of your image as if you were looking at it straight on.

HDR merge

Merge multiple exposure brackets together into a single unbounded 32-bit image.

Direct PSD write-back

If you are editing a PSD you can now configure Affinity Photo to directly write back to it when you save.

Improved vectorscope

The vectorscope has been replaced by a vastly more appropriate YUV color plane scope.

Touch Bar support

Support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, including shortcut keys and tool attribute sliders.

Improved plugin support

Greatly improved support for plugins meaning the majority of third party plugins now work correctly.

'Edit in Affinity Photo' Photos extension

Now do a full round-trip from Photos to Affinity Photo and back again with this new extension (Mac OS 10.9+).

Focus merge

Stack and merge multiple images together with different focal distances for a large depth of field.

Dust & scratches filter

A new filter to quickly remove small defects from areas of images.

Huge snapping improvements

Massive improvements to snapping and auto-alignment, including candidate-free snapping and live gaps and spans.

Bonus pack of macros included for free

Including various styles and effects utilising the powerful new macro feature.

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