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Our Story

Serif had been developing Windows software for over 20 years when our Head of Development – Tony Brightman – gave a presentation of a new idea…

The idea was to develop a whole new range of professional graphics software. These apps would be special in their conception – built from the ground up with the workflow of creative professionals in mind. It meant throwing away all the code we had built up over the years, but he wanted to create something that would set a new, higher standard for creative design apps. His vision set out the key criteria that this new range would have to fulfil:

  • Lightning fast - in particular taking advantage of all latest CPU and GPU chipsets available
  • Cover the core disciplines of photo editing, vector drawing and desktop publishing
  • Use exactly the same file format between applications
  • Have no bloat - utilise a concept of personas to organise the UI into different use cases
  • Be unashamedly pro - core requirements like CMYK and 16 bit would be built in from the start and not allow wizards or anything else get in the way of a pro workflow

5 years after that initial vision the first application in this new suite was released, and Affinity was born.

The Affinity Suite

Affinity Designer Logo

Affinity Designer

Launched October 2014
Affinity Photo Logo

Affinity Photo

Launched July 2015
Affinity Publisher Logo

Affinity Publisher

Available 2019


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Contact john@serif.com. Press kits and info available from our press portal.


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