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Learn digital design and illustration with Affinity Designer

The official guide to Affinity Designer on macOS and Windows

Beautifully presented in hardback, and printed across 448 full colour pages, the Affinity Designer Workbook is the complete guide to getting the most out of Affinity Designer. From core skills, design tips and tricks, to advanced techniques, the book takes you through the whole journey using enjoyable, easy to follow projects.

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Learn from the experts

You’ll be taken through the complete design process of nine incredible projects, created by some of the best designers and illustrators in the business. Not only will you learn every step of how they have created their work in Affinity Designer, you'll see how they approach their work from coming up with concept ideas, considering lighting and composition to dealing with clients.

Ben the Illustrator
Flat vector character design
Romain Trystram
Illustrating dramatic light and reflections
Paolo Limoncelli
Hybrid vector and raster painting
Kevin House
Isometric illustrations
3D character illustration
Neil Ladkin
Brand collateral and logo design
Tom Koszyk
UI, UX and app icon design

Downloadable resource files included

At the beginning of each project you’re provided with a link to download all the resources the project requires. Every step in each project has its own file, making it easy to see the result you are aiming for in a real file, or even gives you the option to skip a step if you wish!

A complete guide to every tool

As well as all the projects, the Affinity Designer Workbook includes a huge reference of every tool and panel included in the User Interface as well as a detailed core skills section covering all the fundamental techniques you need to know to complete the projects.

Four pull-out keyboard shortcut cheat sheets included

Printed on card in the back of the book, these perforated keyboard shortcut cheat sheets can be kept aside for easy reference. Double sided, they include shortcuts for both Windows and macOS versions of Affinity Designer.

Take a peek at a sample section

Here’s a sample of the first of two chapters by Neil Ladkin. This project looks at client-designer relationships and realising designs to the customer’s satisfaction. Neil also shows you how to develop a chosen logo design.

Affinity Designer Workbook sample images

The official guide to Affinity Designer on macOS and Windows

Currently out of stock
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