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The official guide to Affinity Photo on macOS and Windows

Become an Affinity Photo master with this huge 488- page, full colour hardback book. Created by the Affinity team, alongside some world-renowned artists and photographers, you will learn everything from the core skills you need right up to the most powerful tools and techniques.

With incredible projects, all supplied with sample files for you to follow along, you will put those skills into practice and create some breath taking results. It’s never been easier to master the endless capabilities of this amazing app.

Chapter 1: Interface Tour (p14-84)

Get to grips with every tool, persona, option and panel. Learn how to customise your workspace and program shortcut keys to maximise productivity.

Chapter 2: Core Skills (p86-136)

  • Layers, masking and groups

    Learn all the tips and techniques to properly work with and manipulate layers.
  • Adjustments and selections

    Harness the power of non-destructive adjustment layers.
  • Developing RAW images

    Using the Develop persona to edit RAW files in a high-precision colour format.
  • Selections, cropping, inpainting, sharpening and more

    All the other basics you need to know, including creating super-accurate selections.

Chapter 3: Enthusiast Projects (p138-262)

From the challenges of urban photography to the secrets of HDR, dive into some high-end techniques with these easy to follow projects.

  • Add punch to landscapes
  • Bring long exposure images to life
  • High Dynamic Range editing
  • Black and white techniques
  • Illuminating a city scape
  • Expanding depth of field

Chapter 4: Commercial Projects (p264-362)

Whether it be getting a project ready for professional print, or the skills you need for a high-end retouch, it’s covered in this chapter.

Keeping portrait retouching real by Mark Ivkovic

  • Frequency separation
  • Removing blemishes
  • Skin tone adjustments
  • Dodge and burn sculpting
  • Retouching make-up
  • Enhancing eyes

Creating stunning panoramas by Timothy Poulton

  • Pre-processing images
  • Stitching and editing panoramas
  • Cleaning up
  • Blocking
  • Live filters

Book covers for print and e-books by Bodo Bertuleit

  • Setting up your document
  • Using royalty free images and fonts
  • Adding fog to a scene
  • Creating a flash light effect
  • Working with text
  • Soft-proof checking
  • Exporting for print

A craveable creation by Jordan Gaunce

  • Cloning and masking
  • Applying mesh warps
  • Modifying tones
  • Adjusting levels and curves

Chapter 5: Creative Effects and Techniques (p364-467)

Now take your new-found expertise to the next level by completing these super enjoyable creative projects. Learn to harness the power of macros, create custom brushes and start work on compositions with 100s of layers. Once you’ve finished this chapter you will be an Affinity Photo expert.

  • Blend modes
  • Live filter layers
  • Disintegration effect
  • Custom macros
  • Batch processing
  • Image compositing
  • Lighting techniques
  • Creating brushes

Take a peek at a sample section

Affinity Photo Workbook sample images

Plus! Pull-out keyboard shortcut cheat sheets included

To help boost your productivity we’ve also included five keyboard shortcut cheat sheets in the back of the book. They include shortcuts for both the macOS and Windows version of Affinity Photo and can be torn out and kept aside for easy reference!

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