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Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year

Affinity Publisher, the desktop layout app from Serif, has been named Apple’s Mac App of the Year
Affinity Publisher is the App of the Year

Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Serif, was at a prestigious Apple event in New York for the presentation of the award—the third time an Affinity app has been selected as the winner.

He said: “Affinity Publisher was by far our biggest project so far, introducing a world-first level of integration between creative apps, and the response to that has been unbelievable. And we’re honoured to be named App of the Year again for Affinity Publisher, following on from Affinity Photo for iPad and Mac.

We know our customers really love the Affinity apps and awards like this serve as further confirmation that we’re going in the right direction and making products that professionals around the world, who use them every day, genuinely appreciate.”

Launched before an audience of leading professionals in June, Affinity Publisher unveiled a unique new level of integration which has revolutionised how creative professionals work.

Its StudioLink technology allows owners of vector design app Affinity Designer and image editor Affinity Photo to use them right there in an Affinity Publisher layout, simply by clicking the relevant product icon.

While Affinity Publisher has its own impressive selection of built-in vector and photo editing tools, StudioLink means for the first time, graphics and images in a layout can be edited using a full array of professional tools, without the need to switch to a different app, carry out edits, save and reupload the asset. The result is a massive streamlining of the creative workflow and valuable time savings.

From creating simple text-based documents to posters and flyers, or complex brochures and books combining words, images and graphics, Affinity Publisher runs smoothly even on the most content-heavy documents.

With essentials like Master Pages, facing-page spreads, grids, tables, advanced typography, text flow and full professional print output, Affinity Publisher delivers all the requirements for a modern-day layout app, tailored to exploit the power of the very latest hardware.

Affinity Publisher’s enormous flexibility means it can import and export all major raster and vector files, including layered PSD, PDF, EPS formats. And it can output print-ready documents in the latest PDF/X formats, including hyperlink support for documents shared online. Version 1.8, currently in public beta, introduces IDML import capability.

Ashley Hewson adds: “We’d really like to thank everyone involved in the success of Affinity Publisher, not just within our own team but all the customers who took part in the beta period and helped shape the app into the winning product it is now, and all the users who have put their faith in Affinity.”

To celebrate the App of the Year accolade, Affinity Publisher is available with a 30% discount for a limited period, and—as with all Affinity apps—there is no subscription.





About Serif

Serif launched in 1987 and built up a reputation for quality and reliability based on an award-winning range of software for PC – low-cost alternatives to high-end publishing and graphics packages.

However, in addition to being locked into Windows, years of development meant the software was becoming bloated, hard to maintain and unable to exploit the capabilities of the latest hardware.

Instead, the focus of development switched to a next-generation suite of lean, super-fast apps for creative professionals using Mac, Windows and iPad. The change meant throwing away all the old code and starting from scratch and it took almost five years until Affinity Designer, the first Affinity app, was released in 2014.

Affinity Photo followed in 2015 and the launch of Affinity Publisher in 2019 means Serif now boasts a full creative suite of applications covering photo editing, graphic design and desktop publishing. Affinity apps have won some of the biggest awards in the industry, gained plaudits from reviewers, and been adopted by over two million customers worldwide.

Serif employs around 85 people at its HQ in Nottingham, UK.

Press contact

John Atkin
Head of PR

Affinity apps are available for review on request.

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