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Serif delivers another free Affinity update

Serif has released the latest free update to its Affinity creative suite, promising better-than-ever photo editing, graphic design and layout.

Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2 have picked up a series of awards and gained rave reviews since launching on Mac, Windows PC and iPad.

The release of version 2.2 represents the second major free update since the Affinity V2 launch last November. And it comes as Serif works on plans to follow the anniversary with another huge update, which will see its product portfolio take a further ambitious step forward.

CEO Ashley Hewson says: “Once again we’re putting out a free update that continues making additions and improvements to some of Affinity’s most popular tools and reinforces the constant optimisation of workflow for our growing number of users.

“We’re also hard at work on some genuinely exciting developments that we think will not only deliver some highly-requested features, but also start to map out the future for Affinity and keep us at the forefront of the conversations which are grabbing headlines in the creative software space.

“It’s a great time to be an Affinity user, and for new customers who might be thinking of taking their first steps with us, our unmatched 30-day free trial offers the ability to really get to grips with the software and put it through its paces.”

Today’s update once again applies simultaneously to all three Affinity products on all three platforms, so updated features are immediately available on Mac, PC and iPad. This ensures Affinity users have the very latest, totally-compatible version of the software on their device without waiting for different platforms to receive the update.

Affinity 2.2 introduces many new features and improvements

Version 2.2, available now to buy or download free for existing owners, introduces exciting new features and improvements across all three products and platforms, including cross references, custom text variables, long press tool shortcuts, no FX and greyscale view modes, OCIO v2 support, data entry options, and much more.

For new customers, individual Mac or Windows PC versions are available for a one-off payment of £67.99 / $69.99 / 74,99€ each, while the iPad apps are £17.99 / $18.49 / 19,99€ each.

The value-for-money Affinity Universal Licence offers all three products on all three platforms for £159.99 / $164.99 / 179,99€, with a 25% discount on the Universal Licence for users upgrading from Affinity V1.

Free 30-day trials are available for all products.

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Press contact

John Atkin
Head of PR

About Serif

Serif launched in 1987 and built up a reputation for quality and reliability based on an award-winning range of software for PC – low-cost alternatives to high-end publishing and graphics packages.

The focus of development then switched to a next-generation suite of lean, super-fast apps for creative professionals using Mac, Windows and iPad. Affinity Designer, the first Affinity app, was released in 2014. Affinity Photo followed in 2015 and the launch of Affinity Publisher in 2019 meant Serif boasted a full creative suite of applications covering photo editing, graphic design and desktop publishing.

Affinity Version 2, launched in November 2022, represents a complete reimagining of the Affinity suite with new features and enhancements, plus a redesigned UI, for a fluid and powerful working experience. The launch at the same time of Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad means the entire Affinity suite is integrated across Mac, PC and iPad.

Affinity products have won some of the biggest awards in the industry, gained plaudits from reviewers, and been adopted by millions of users worldwide.

Serif employs around 90 people at its HQ in Nottingham, UK.

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