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The official companion guide to Affinity Publisher

Packed with expert tips, tricks and instructions across more than 500 stylishly illustrated pages, the Affinity Publisher Workbook combines the vast knowledge of our own in-house experts with exciting contributions from leading designers, publishers and other creatives to help you really make the most of the app.

It features an impressive variety of hands-on publishing projects for both Mac and Windows, handy keyboard shortcut cheat sheets, as well as links to downloadable resources so you can complete the projects yourself and start mastering the app’s vast tools and capabilities.

Chapter 1: Interface Tour (p16-75)

Get to grips with every tool, persona, option and panel, and learn how to customise your workspace and keyboard shortcuts.

Chapter 2: Core Skills (p78-149)

Master the essential techniques you’ll need to use the app and to complete the hands-on projects provided in the Workbook.

  • Opening documents and templates
  • Pages and master pages
  • Design aids
  • Object control
  • Working with text
  • Picture frames
  • Adding content
  • Text styles
  • Accessing glyphs and special characters
  • Previewing your work

Chapter 3: Page Design Principles (p152-171)

Learn some basic principles to adopt when laying out your pages in Affinity Publisher with our in-house product expert, Emily Goater.

  • Structure
  • Voice and message
  • Balance
  • Consistency
  • > Impact
  • Emphasise
  • De-emphasise
  • Alignment
  • Typography

Chapter 4: Professional Projects (p173-323)

Follow the complete design process of four classic professional projects. Links to downloadable resources are provided for each project so you’ll have everything you need to complete them yourself.

Produce a press-ready, trifold brochure With Serif’s creative projects manager, Ian Cornwall

  • Setting up the trifold layout
  • Creating guides
  • Planning content
  • Designing the pages
  • Bringing the design together
  • Taking images further with StudioLink
  • Exporting as PDF

Design a magazine from scratch With experienced editor and designer, Adam Banks

  • Fundamentals of magazine design
  • Adding column guides and baseline grids
  • Creating body text styles
  • Completing a master page
  • Placing external content
  • Laying out your pages and articles
  • Placing a PDF advertisement
  • Designing a cover
  • Prepping for press

Publish digital and print fashion lookbooks With Serif’s creative projects manager, Ian Cornwall

  • Laying out your documents
  • Snapping
  • Utilising picture frames
  • Adding text
  • Using repeating panels and strokes
  • Including hyperlinks
  • Captioning
  • Working with smart master pages

Create a standout CV/resumé With professional designer, Rosa Maglione

  • Choosing a design and document setup
  • Creating text frames
  • Styling the body and headings
  • Applying accent colours and decorations
  • Adding the finishing touches
  • Printing and exporting

Chapter 5: Creative Projects (p325-423)

Explore traditional publishing techniques used in book creation as well as single page design used for covers and posters. Like the previous chapter, links to downloadable resources needed to complete each project are provided.

  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book
    Reinvent a classic children's book
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Cover
    Design an eye-catching book cover with renowned illustrator, Steve Simpson
  • Bijou Film Festival Poster
    Make a print-ready, large-format film festival poster

Chapter 6: Corporate Publishing Projects (p425-519)

Delve into the world of corporate publishing in this chapter and learn all about branding with Serif graphic designer, James Bates, and designer David Hussner. Links to all downloadable resources are provided at the beginning of each project.

  • Brand Guide
  • Stationery
  • Annual Report

Plus! Pull-out keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

Tear out the helpful keyboard shortcut cheat sheets from the back of the book and keep on hand for easy reference.

Take a peek at a sample section

Affinity Publisher Workbook sample images
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