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  • Commercial licence
  • Unlimited projects
Compatible with
Version 1 & 2

102 Lightning Brushes by xresch

Energise your compositions with these lightning raster brushes

This electrifying brush pack gives you the tools you need to create dramatic skies and make your artistic compositions more dynamic.

With a single click you can create simple electric lines and full-blown lightning bolts. The included layer styles make it easy to colourise the brushes to look like real electricity.

What’s included:

  • 102 raster lightning stamp brushes
  • 100 lightning PNGs (in .zip and .afassets format)
  • 12 lightning layer styles
  • 40 lighting overlay JPGs (in .zip and .afassets format)
  • 3 raster masking and erasing brushes

Creative inspiration:

  • Create dramatic skies
  • Produce high-voltage compositions
  • Get some more creative inspiration for these tools over on Affinity Spotlight.
Power up your images with these lightning effects for Affinity.
Buy this incredible brush pack now for only US$15.00
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Content creator

Natural effects brushes

xresch, otherwise known as Reto Scheiwiller, creates stunning stamp and stroke brushes based on effects found in nature.

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