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  • Commercial licence
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Compatible with
Version 1 & 2

DAUB® Caligo

Naturally boost your creative flow with these inking brushes and tools

The Caligo toolset has been crafted to help you achieve the digital look and feel of inking, woodcut, engraving and dry media techniques. The set consists of 68 brushes, which are complemented by 12 high resolution textures, providing the perfect canvas for your work. Plus, 12 monochrome patterns and a powerful set of macros are also included with the set, giving you the power to quickly iterate styles.

All tools work particularly well with graphics tablets and iPads, offering responsiveness to pressure, velocity and direction.

What’s included:

56 raster brushes for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer’s Pixel Persona:

  • DAUB Caligo Inks – 16 raster brushes
  • DAUB Caligo Nibs – 16 raster brushes
  • DAUB Caligo Dry – 16 raster brushes
  • DAUB Caligo Blenders – 8 raster brushes


  • DAUB Caligo Strokes – 12(x2) vector brushes (for open and closed curves), for use with Affinity Designer only
  • DAUB Caligo Textures – 12 monochrome patterns and 12 paper textures supplied in .afassets format
  • DAUB Art Toolkit MkII – 9 macros, supplied in .afmacros format for use with Affinity Photo only

Creative inspiration:

  • Try digital inking and sketching using different brushes
  • Roughen up your art with the supplied textures
  • Great for lettering and graphic design projects

See Paolo demonstrate Caligo in his Affinity Creative Session over on our YouTube channel.

Boost your creative flow with these ink brushes and tools.
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DAUB® Brushes
Unleashed natural media

DAUB Brushes, aka Paolo Limoncelli, is an Affinity brush expert who creates amazing digital tools and brushes based on real-life natural media.

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