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HuemanTone LUT Pack by Ivan Weiss

Showcase the depth and detail of your subjects with this elevating add-on from professional photographer Ivan Weiss

Following on from the success of the Top9 LUT Pack, Ivan Weiss takes you on another deep dive into colour with his new set of HuemanTone LUTs (Lookup Tables). Based on the evolution of his portrait work, this new pack brings you:

  • bolder colours with more vibrancy
  • warmer tones with more depth
  • cooler shades with more detail

Designed to elevate your portrait photography and empower you to showcase the diversity of your subjects, HuemanTone LUTs foreground the richness of different skin tones, giving you endless possibilities to express your vision.

What’s included:

10 base LUTs presented in four variants each, making a total of 40 LUTs (.afluts)

Creative inspiration:

  • Recreate Ivan’s incredible colour looks (check out his Affinity Creative Session over on our YouTube channel)
  • Use the LUTs as they are, selectively apply them, or combine them in different ways for remarkable results
  • Apply across other genres of photography (e.g. add a unique look to a whole set of images from a wedding or select your favourite LUT to create a fine art masterpiece)
Showcase your subjects with this elevating add-on.
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Content creator

Ivan Weiss
Portrait Photographer

Ivan Weiss is a portrait photographer based in Kings Cross, London. Known for his unique style focusing on expression, connection and engagement, his headshots are used as primary marketing tools by actors, performers, entrepreneurs and professionals.

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