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Lightplay Overlays by Martins Ribeiro

Unleash visual magic with hundreds of mesmerising photo overlays

Lightplay is a comprehensive digital package of light overlays created to enhance your images with stunning effects.

With 360 high-quality overlays across nine categories, this dynamic add-on will help you unleash your creativity and craft one-of-a-kind visuals. From subtle glows to bold flares, you can add depth, drama and dimension effortlessly.

The package includes a user-friendly guide, making installation and usage a breeze for beginners and experts alike.

What’s included:

  • 60 bokeh overlays
  • 25 lens flare overlays
  • 35 light leaks overlays
  • 25 prismatic diffractions overlays
  • 25 fog overlays
  • 20 volumetric light /god rays overlay
  • 40 light bursts overlays
  • 30 nebula overlays
  • 100 radiant lights overlays
  • Installation instructions and user guide

Creative inspiration:

  • Enhance wedding photos with romantic bokeh overlays
  • Add lens flares for a dramatic effect in movie posters
  • Create a vintage vibe with light leak overlays for retro photography
  • Add a touch of magic to portrait shots with prismatic diffractions
  • Create an ethereal atmosphere by overlaying fog effects on landscape images
  • Enhance fantasy or sci-fi scenes with volumetric light and light bursts
  • Add dynamic energy to action shots with light bursts
  • Transform night sky photos with nebula overlays
  • Add a dreamy ambiance to fashion editorials with bokeh overlays
  • Infuse a sense of warmth and nostalgia to family portraits with light leaks
  • Create a mystic and enchanting atmosphere with prismatic diffractions
  • Enhance landscape photography with natural-looking fog overlays
  • Make product photos pop by incorporating vibrant light bursts
  • Transform space-themed artwork with captivating nebula overlays
  • Add a magical touch to fairy tale illustrations with bokeh overlays
  • Enhance sports photography with dynamic lens flares for added energy
  • Combine several images to create original artwork
Elevate your digital art with these captivating light effects today.
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Content creator

Martins Ribeiro
Product Photographer

Martins Ribeiro is an experienced advertising photographer specialising in product photography. From his studio in Lisbon, Portugal, he combines materials, light and meaning to create incredible still life stories that invoke emotion.

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