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Affinity Licensing and Activation Guide (Affinity Store)

Walk through the activation of your Affinity V2 apps after purchasing a Universal V2 Licence or a single application licence via the Affinity Store.

Affinity V2 Licensing

If you have bought an Affinity app, you will have bought a perpetual licence to use that app. A perpetual licence means that you can use your Affinity app forever.

Types of Affinity Licence

There are four types of perpetual licence:

  • An Affinity V2 Universal Licence: A single licence that allows you to use any Version 2 Affinity application (Designer, Photo and Publisher) on all three operating systems (macOS, Windows and iPadOS).
  • A single application licence for macOS: one for each application—Designer, Photo and Publisher.
  • A single application licence for Windows: one for each application—Designer, Photo and Publisher.
  • A single application licence for iPadOS: one for each application—Designer, Photo and Publisher. You can only buy these from the iPad App Store (via in-app purchase).

All downloads are free and will offer a 6-month trial on start-up, as well as the option to purchase a perpetual licence. For each application, Designer, Photo and Publisher, you can only have one 6-month trial of our software on any desktop OS (see Trialling Affinity apps).

Affinity Store - Purchasing

When you browse and purchase Mac and Windows Affinity apps on the Affinity Store, you’ll use an existing Affinity ID or create a new Affinity ID to purchase against.

Affinity Store purchases - Activation

Activating a Universal Licence or single application licence

If you have purchased an Affinity V2 Universal Licence from the Affinity Store, your licence will already be stored in your Affinity Store account so all you need to do is log in with your Affinity ID to activate your licence.

We’ll use Affinity Designer 2 as an example case.

To activate your Affinity licence using your Affinity ID:

  1. Launch any V2 app you’ve downloaded.
  2. On the Licence Activation screen, enter your Affinity ID and Password, i.e. your Affinity account login credentials.
AS1: Licence Activation
  1. Select Activate.
AS2: Licence Activation Successful and Link screen.
  1. To complete activation, select YES PLEASE, LINK MY APP TO MY ACCOUNT.

Volume Licensing

Business & Education licensing may be sold with Version 2 Activation Passwords which determine the terms of the licence, from extended trials to perpetual licences. You can use the Activation Password within the application to activate your licence. Contact the sales department support team if you need assistance with this.

Updates of Licensed Products

Once you purchase a perpetual licence, the app works indefinitely on your computer. The Affinity Store will serve the latest release builds on that platform. We release updates to our software regularly, and all version 2.x updates are free for version 2 licensed customers.

Trialling Affinity apps

If you are yet to purchase a Universal Licence or single application licence then you can sign into the app (Downloaded from the Affinity Store) with your Affinity ID. You will then be asked if you wish to begin a 6-month trial (if you haven’t already used one). If you purchase a licence, your app will detect this and will become licensed.

Entering the correct Affinity ID details

Affinity ID credentials are distinct from any Affinity Forum account credentials. However, you can make the Affinity ID credentials the same as those used to access the Affinity Forum, but they will remain unrelated.

Your licence reference (e.g., L79743RH6GDHC) should not be used as your Affinity ID. This has to be an active email address so Affinity can send you a validation link via email.

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