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Our Story

We started out in 1987 developing creative software for Windows and built up a decent suite of apps over a 20-year period. But there were problems. Apart from these legacy apps being locked into Windows, they were becoming bloated, hard to maintain and the core foundation of them was not built with consideration of the latest developments in hardware.

So, we decided to start again, turning our focus to the development of a lean, super-fast suite of apps for creative professionals using Mac, Windows and iPad. This pivot meant throwing away all the old code and creating the Affinity range from scratch. It was a big gamble and turned into a massive project, taking the best part of five years from writing the first line of code to releasing Affinity Designer, our first Affinity app, in October 2014.

Affinity Photo followed in 2015 and then Affinity Publisher in 2019, forming a full creative suite of applications covering photo editing, graphic design and publishing. The apps were adopted by millions of customers worldwide, won some of the biggest awards in the industry and gained plaudits from reviewers. But we were only getting started…

We continued to see how far we could push the boundaries of what’s possible with creative software, and after tireless work, we officially launched Version 2 of Affinity apps in 2022. These next-generation apps introduced hundreds of new features and enhancements, plus a completely redesigned UI, for an incredibly fluid and powerful working experience.

The Affinity Suite

Affinity Designer brand icon V1 launched October 2014
Affinity Photo brand icon V1 launched July 2015
Affinity Publisher brand icon V1 launched June 2019

Award-winning creative graphics software

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