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Creative software for schools – soon-to-be free!

When we joined forces with Canva, we pledged to make Affinity free to all eligible K-12 teachers and schools. If you’d like to get the software for your school…

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Please note this link will redirect you to a page on Canva’s website. (English language only)

Award-winning photo editing, page layout, graphic design and illustration software for Mac, Windows and iPad

From basic tasks to more complex coursework, Affinity makes the perfect introduction to creative software and equips users with essential digital literacy and other critical skills. They’re ideal for educators looking to creatively deliver the curriculum and help students bring their most imaginative ideas to life.

Give them the ability to communicate in exciting new ways with Affinity.

  • Site-wide and at-home access on all operating systems
  • Priority customer and tech support
  • Available for Mac, Windows and iPad
  • Straightforward deployment

Every Student. Every Teacher. Everywhere.

Affinity Designer brand logo

Create everything from basic logos and icons through to spectacular digital illustrations and graphic designs.

  • Digitally draw and paint
  • Learn logo creation and branding
  • Create unique graphics that can be used for anything from T-shirt designs to digital content
  • Produce concept art or games
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Affinity Photo brand logo

Perfect for simple image editing and retouching as well as producing multi-layer compositions and other eye-catching creations.

  • Cut out figures and objects
  • Replace backgrounds or remove unwanted objects—like magic!
  • Re-color black & white photos
  • Edit images to create multi-layer visuals for websites, posters, flyers, infographics, school newspapers, lesson plans and other projects
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Affinity Publisher brand logo

Combine images, graphics and text to create impressive layouts for a wide range of digital or print projects.

  • Construct school newspapers, newsletters and magazines
  • Design posters, flyers and certificates
  • Produce engaging reports and memorable presentations
  • Save loads of time – access the advanced photo editing and design toolsets of other Affinity apps within Publisher
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Don’t just take our word for it…

“The modern feel of Affinity Photo helped make upgrading an easy decision, and I’m delighted to say since then, the quality of our students’ work has improved drastically. The students have found Affinity Photo easy to use in comparison to other photo editing apps. It provides an excellent introduction to photo manipulation for beginners but has all the tools and capabilities to stretch and challenge our more experienced students.”

Steve Birmingham, Head of Digital Media The Bewdley School, Worcestershire, England

“Affinity’s layout is very similar to other programs that we’ve used, so it was really easy to pick up and start creating. It gives us precise control over alignment and working with layers, and switching between the Publisher and Photo Personas allows for much greater creativity. We can also use it at home and complete projects at our own pace.”

John Allen, Design Technology Teacher, and Students Carrick Academy, Maybole, Scotland


Our team headed to the UK’s leading education show to discuss all things Affinity with educators and other attendees interested in creative software for the classroom.

Affinity at BETT UK

Get Affinity for your school – for free!

Affinity will soon be free for all eligible K-12 teachers and schools. Please follow the link below (which will redirect you to Canva’s website) to register your interest in this scheme.

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English language only

We also offer discounts for universities and colleges. Learn more about Affinity for Higher Education.

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