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Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design or just like creating cool concept art, Affinity Designer will revolutionise how you work.

It’s fast. Really fast.

We don’t do spinning beach balls. Working in Affinity Designer is always live – pan and zoom at 60fps, transform objects in correct z-order, make adjustments or apply effects in realtime and always see live previews of brushes or tools. Whether it’s a 100 megapixel image or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, it’s still the same and never runs out of memory. You have never experienced anything like it.

Tools that will blow your mind

Rock solid tools

All the tools you would expect from a professional vector design app. They just work – in precisely the way you want them to.

  • Node Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • Vector Brush
  • Gradient Fill Tool
  • Corner tool
  • Transparency Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Targeted Insert
  • Text
  • Text on a path
  • Alignment Guides

Pixel perfect control

With real-time pixel preview in standard or retina resolution available with a single click, you can always see what you’re going to get. Can’t achieve the perfect result purely in vector? Just edit the pixels – Affinity Designer has a full suite of raster tools too.

  • Lasso Tool
  • Selection Brush
  • Pixel Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Eraser
  • Dodge
  • Burn
  • Smudge
  • Blur
  • Sharpen

Flexible workspace

With a fully customisable workspace, including docked and floating UI modes, Affinity Designer lets you work how you want to work. Every Mac OS X workflow feature is supported including iCloud, Full Screen and Spaces.

It’s all in the details

Beautiful vector brushes

Affinity Designer allows you to stay in the vector domain while harnessing the organic properties of texture and pressure. You can use pressure from a stylus – or velocity – as a controller to produce beautiful, clean strokes that are fully editable. With the added flexibility of brush texture and variable opacity you can create truly natural looking artwork with all the benefits of vector editing.

Enhance with pixels

Use pixel brush tools to paint inside and erase vectors in a non-destructive manner. Paint shadows, highlights and textures onto your vectors shapes and continue to benefit from their precision and sharpness. Affinity Designer even lets you paint away parts of vector shapes with pixel tools, leaving all your curves intact.

Throw some shapes

Affinity Designer delivers a comprehensive library of customisable, accurate shapes. With smart-snapping indicators and a full set of Boolean geometry operations (including Divide) you can create beautiful complex geometry quickly and accurately.

One file format

Mixed discipline design is as it should be with a shared file format across Affinity apps. Open any native Affinity file in any Affinity app and benefit from shared history, undo options and seamless workflow.

Unsurpassed compatibility

Experience the best PSD import engine out there – meaning you can reliably collaborate with Adobe® Photoshop® users whilst enjoying the unique benefits of Affinity Designer. Full support for AI (PDF stream), PSD, PDF and SVG files gives you all the flexibility you need and means whether you switch to Affinity Designer for all your work, or just elements of what you do, it’s completely painless.

Work in any color space

RGB, CMYK, LAB, Grayscale. End-to-end color-managed workflow along with 16-bit channel support is built into Affinity from the ground up.

Powerful image slices

In Export mode you get total control over image export. Select areas, layers or objects to export, controlling each item’s output settings independently. For efficient web and UI design, automatically create standard and retina versions of everything in one go.

Save individual layers as images.
All common file types and settings supported.
Automatically export @2x and @3x versions.

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More essential features…

Adjustment layers

Adjustment layers

Apply nondestructive image adjustments to raster or vector art.

Layer effects

Layer effects

Glows, shadows, blurs and more on any object, any layer.

Blend modes

Blend modes

Professional blend modes aren’t only for bitmaps.

1,000,000% zoom

1,000,000% zoom

Because we can.

Advanced snapping

Advanced snapping

Easily create pixel-perfect layouts and graphics.

Tablet support

Tablet support

Complete control of pressure, speed and tablet shortcuts.

Text on a path

Text on a path

Create text on drawn freeform lines, curves and shapes.

Corner tool

Corner tool

Round individual corners on shapes and drawn lines.

Saveable undo history

Saveable undo history

Go back in time, undo editing steps from any session.

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