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Dreamphography brushes for Affinity

by Felix Hernandez

Let your imagination run wild with the Dreamphography brush pack.

This specially curated add-on for Affinity features 88 raster brushes, including Light, Mountains, Snow, Dust, Fog, Smoke, Moons, Trees, Skies, Clouds, and other special effects.

Created from master artist Felix Hernandez’s personal set of Affinity retouching brushes, the brush pack will bring an extraordinary dream-like quality to your compositions.

If you want some inspiration on how to use the brushes, check out Felix’s Affinity Creative Session on our YouTube channel. After providing an overview of his unique process—covering how he approaches his miniature sets and photography—Felix delivers a focused tutorial on his retouching workflow, demonstrating his Dreamphography brushes in Affinity Photo 2.

Please note that these brushes only work in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (Versions 1 and 2).

Product info

For all owners

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  • Commercial license
  • Unlimited projects

Compatible with

Version 1 & 2

What’s included

88 raster brushes*, specially curated from Felix’s personal set for retouching projects in Affinity, including:

  • 9 mountain stamp brushes
  • 2 snow brushes
  • 5 dust brushes
  • 6 fog brushes
  • 6 smoke brushes
  • 4 moon brushes
  • 9 palm tree brushes
  • 1 tall grass brush
  • 14 tree brushes
  • 2 cloud brushes
  • 7 sky stamp brushes
  • 18 light brushes, including: shine cloud, light, light and flare, light stroke, light burst, diffuse light, light fire and light rings
  • 4 shot glass stamp brushes
  • birds stamp brush

*Note for Designer users: brushes are raster format (not vector) and designed for use in Pixel Persona.

V2 free brushes Claim yours now

Felix Hernandez

Photographer and artist

Felix is a photographer, digital and miniature artist based in Cancun, Mexico, where he directs his Photography Studio ‘Hernandez Dreamphography’. He develops creative projects and high impact images for advertising campaigns and exclusive content for international brands.

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