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Chunky Markers Brush Pack

Vector marker pen brushes that capture the smear of the real thing!

In the words of the creator, this is their ‘most authentic vector brush pack yet’! With this pack you can create convincing marker pen artwork in Affinity Designer with ease. So why not expand your digital toolkit and give marker art a go? You could even give digital hand-lettering a go!

Over 300 real brush stroke samples were created and only the best ones were selected for this pack. Hours were spent testing different markers on varied surfaces to get the look just right, and the result is the most realistic looking vector marker set available.

What’s included:

  • 34 realistic marker pen brushes - all sampled from the real thing. These include standard chunky markers, slanted, messy and thin brushes - perfect for a wide range of creative tasks.
  • Example file – an illustration of a pirate is included for you to take a look at what can be achieved with this brush pack.

Creative inspiration:

  • These brushes are perfect for creating digital hand-lettering, and outline illustrations.
  • Get more inspiration of what you can do with these brushes here.
Realistic vector marker pens made for Affinity Designer.
Buy this incredible brush pack now for only $17.00
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