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Eleni Debo Illustration Brush Pack

Create beautiful illustrations and digital art with this versatile brush pack

When award-winning illustrator Eleni Debo searched to expand her work from the analogue to the digital playing field, she started scanning strokes, scratches, spatters and textures to create original raster brushes to maintain the distinct look of her illustrations. She has since been using them on hundreds of professional illustrations for international newspapers, magazines and commercial clients.

Eleni has now selected and refined her 45 best and most versatile brushes to create a contemporary raster brush pack for you to start experimenting with as well.

The set includes sketch brushes, shape blocking brushes, drawing brushes, shaders, crosshatching brushes, dry paint brushes and speckle and noise texturisers—everything you might need to create wonderfully rich illustrations from start to finish.

The brushes can be applied in a wide variety of styles and techniques and can be used both on desktop and iPad.

What’s included:

45 raster brushes for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer’s Pixel Persona

  • 4 basic, rough edges drawing brushes
  • 3 distressed inking pens
  • 4 chalky shape blockers
  • 9 gradient shader brushes
  • 16 speckle, noise and spray-paint brushes
  • 9 dry paint and crosshatching brushes
  • Installation instruction PDF
  • Tips and tricks PDF with sample illustrations

Creative inspiration:

  • Create digital illustrations and concept art
  • Retouch analogue drawings
  • Combine illustrations with scanned pencil drawings, gouache and watercolor paintings
  • Great for editorial illustration, covers, children’s books, graphic novels, printmaking and hand-lettering
  • For more inspiration on how to use the brushes, check out Eleni's portfolio or head over to Affinity Spotlight.
Tackle the complete illustration process with these versatile brushes.
Get this amazing brush pack now for only $17.00
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