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  • Commercial license
  • Unlimited projects
Compatible with
Version 2

Multicolor Brush Bundle by Chroma Supply

Create psychedelic paint strokes with this brush and swatch pack

Looking to add some dimension and color to your work? This pack allows you to quickly and easily create vibrant, fluid brushstrokes across your Affinity 2 projects—just select a brush, choose a swatch and paint! They’re so simple and fun to use, you won't want to put them down.

Building on functionality added to V2 of Affinity, these brushes have been designed to be full color. Painstakingly created from scratch following months of researching, beta testing and fine tuning, the pack boasts 112 brush head shapes and 167 paint swatches for an incredible array of options with over 18,000 different brush/color combinations!

Note:The brushes and swatches only work with desktop and iPad V2 versions of Affinity Photo and Designer. (For Designer you must be in Pixel Persona.)

What’s included:

  • 112 brushes (.afbrushes)
  • 167 color swatches (.afpalette)
  • Set of 8 layer styles (.afstyles)
  • Installation & Use demo video

Creative inspiration:

  • Use the brushes to create dramatic paint stroke elements for a variety of projects, like branding and identity work, poster design, web banners, album art and more
  • Experiment with giving your custom lettering a fluid and colorful look
  • Use them in tandem with Affinity’s “Symmetry” tool to create gorgeous geometric mandala designs
  • Layer them with each other or with other objects to create stunning effects (easy to do since the paint strokes you create will be isolated)
  • Use the included layer styles to customize the feel of your paint strokes and get a multitude of different looks by using pre-built adjustments
Add dimension and color to your work with these revitalizing brushes and swatches.
Get these vibrant tools now for only USD$49.00
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