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Neptune Illustration Kit by Frankentoon

Create expressive digital art with this AMAZING illustration kit – now for desktop and iPad!

The Neptune Illustration Kit is a phenomenal collection of raster brushes, paper textures and swatch palettes by one of the most prolific content creators for Affinity—Frankentoon.

The Neptune brushes are super versatile and harness the power of Affinity. These brushes have special features, like automatic blend modes, 'extra wetness' and are responsive to pressure and velocity, giving you an immersive painting experience. With a variety of brush styles, including inks, watercolors and markers, this kit will bring you joy for a long time to come!

What’s included:

  • 80 raster brushes (.afbrushes)
    • 31 Neptune brushes
    • 26 Neptune Ink brushes
    • 23 Neptune Marker brushes
  • 6 Swatch Palettes (.afpalette – desktop only)
  • 6 Color Libraries (.afpalette)
  • 8 Paper Textures (.JPG, 5760x3840px, 96 dpi)
  • 1 User Manual, including some tips and a short tutorial (read an excerpt here)
  • 1 Brushes Guide (PDF format)
  • 5 Sample Artworks (PDF format)

Creative inspiration:

This brush pack is perfect for:

  • Creating expressive multi-layered digital paintings
  • Using the ink brushes for comic art and manga style illustrations
  • Illustrating children’s books and comics
  • Editorial illustration
  • Concept art sketching
  • Creating backgrounds for animation and video games
Express yourself with this illustration kit made for Affinity.
Buy this incredible illustration kit now for only $20.00
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