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  • Unlimited projects
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The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack

Instantly add intriguing textures and tone to your work with this ultimate content pack.

The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack allows artists of all types to rapidly compose illustrations and designs. In just one click, you can add grains, dots, shadows, hand-drawn patterns, tones and textures to your work to give it that extra oomph.

No need for a graphic tablet either; all you need is a regular mouse! Plus, while the brush pack is made for RGB, you can adapt to CMYK on a per-file basis.

What’s included:

  • 100 styles to apply bitmaps textures and fills (some functionality available in Affinity Designer only via the Appearance Panel)
  • 25 vector brushes
  • 92 assets with useful bits and pieces
  • Sample .afdesign projects
  • User guide PDF with tips and tricks

Creative inspiration:

  • Give a hand-drawn look to your clean vectors
  • Create backgrounds and scene layouts for comics and storyboards
  • Resize and fine-tune your creations through the wonder of Affinity Designer’s Appearance Studio
  • To see the Shizzle Style and Brush Pack in action head over to Affinity Spotlight.
Add that special something to your work.
Buy this awesome brush pack now for only $24.00
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