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Everything 50% off until 15 August! Not ready to buy? Get a six-month free trial.
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Affinity six-month free trial

Get a six-month free trial of our award-winning photo editing, page layout, graphic design and illustration software – even if you’ve tried it before!

We know it’s daunting to switch your creative software, so we want to give you plenty of time to test out Affinity before you commit. And for those of you who may have tried it before but didn’t buy for whatever reason, we’ve reset all trials so you can give it another go for a longer period of time.

No obligation to buy, no payment details required to sign up.

  • Access all three Affinity products on Mac, Windows and iPad
  • Experience an unmatched workflow, designed for professionals
  • Switch from desktop to iPad with edit history intact
  • Collaborate seamlessly with others, even if they use different software

Next-level creative software

Used by millions of designers, artists, editors, illustrators, photographers and other creatives around the world, the Affinity suite includes three products: Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. Photo editing software Affinity Photo has everything you need to edit and retouch images or produce multi-layered compositions. Graphic design software Affinity Designer gives you the tools to create stunning illustrations, high-quality concept art, unique branding and so much more. And page layout powerhouse Affinity Publisher makes it easy to combine your images, graphics and text to produce spectacular layouts for any projects.

Affinity Publisher also features something truly unique. With the world-first StudioLink technology, users who own Designer and/or Photo can access the advanced toolsets of those apps without ever leaving Publisher. No need for tedious import and exporting—you can edit images and designs right in your layout. It’s the most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite.

  • Incredibly smooth and impressively precise
  • iPad apps that pack the same power as desktop counterparts
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Real-time rendering of edits
  • Lightning-fast speed and performance even on complex projects
  • Compatible with other major file types
  • Optimized for the latest hardware

Your free trial includes:

Affinity Designer brand logo
  • Digitally draw and paint
  • Design unique graphics, logos and branding
  • Produce concept art or games
  • Switch between fully-featured vector and raster workspaces
  • Easily place files and import Adobe files
  • Utilize an unlimited number of artboards
  • Work non-destructively with patterns and vector layers
  • More than 1 million percent zoom!
Affinity Photo brand logo
  • Edit and retouch images
  • Create multi-layer photo compositions and beautiful raster paintings
  • Work non-destructively with live filters and unlimited layers
  • Take advantage of hundreds of timesaving tools
  • Make the most precise selections, even down to strands of hair
  • Shoot in RAW and enjoy an end-to-end 32-bit experience
  • Choose from an enormous library of brushes, import .ABR files or make your own
Affinity Publisher brand logo
  • Construct books, newsletters and magazines
  • Create posters, flyers, presentations and certificates
  • Use advanced text tools to make your typography stand out
  • Easily place files and work with other file formats without issue
  • Produce the highest-quality output for digital or print publication
  • Full color management and live previews
  • Switch between the advanced toolsets of other Affinity apps

Loved by millions across the globe

  • Apple’s Design Award
  • PC Pro’s App of the Year award
  • Photography news Best Software
  • Digital Arts’ Editors Choice award
  • Apple Editors’ Choice award
  • Windows’ Developer Award
  • Creative Bloq award
  • Apple’s App of the Year award
  • Expert reviews
  • TIPA Best Imaging Software
  • Stuff App of the Year
  • Amateur Award
  • Stuff Gadget
  • Apple’s Design Award
  • PC Pro’s App of the Year award
  • Photography news Best Software
  • Digital Arts’ Editors Choice award
  • Apple Editors’ Choice award
  • Windows’ Developer Award
  • Creative Bloq award
  • Apple’s App of the Year award
  • Expert reviews
  • TIPA Best Imaging Software
  • Stuff App of the Year
  • Amateur Award
  • Stuff Gadget

“Affinity is my most important tool. I love it because it’s just one program and I don’t need anything else. I can do what I want and it does it well.”

Marit Van Ekelenaburg, macro photographer

“The Affinity suite has brought a level of flexibility that wasn’t there with our previous software.”

Dave Moyes, Information Management Partner at SimpsonHaugh architects

“Affinity Designer has proven to be an invaluable part of my creative process. What sets this software apart is its remarkable intuitiveness.”

Luc Sauve, graphic designer


What’s included in the free trial?

Your free trial gives you access to Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher on all available platforms. You can download every app on every one of your Mac, Windows and iPad devices, or simply choose to download one product on one device – it’s completely up to you.

What’s the catch? Are there no strings attached?

We promise, there is no catch! The beauty of this trial is that you can try it for free without even giving us your card details. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy or to continue using Affinity once the trial period is over.

Is the trial the full application or a feature limited version?

Trials are the full version of the Affinity software with no limitation to the tools and features. The only limitation in place is the amount of days you are entitled to use the software for.

If I export images during the trial, will they have watermarks?

No. The trial version isn’t limited in any way and exported images will not contain any watermarks.

How do I buy the full version when in a trial?

You can buy the software at any time via the 'Buy Now' button in the 'Account dialog' in-app or from our website.

I’ve purchased Affinity V2 while using the trial. How do I swap from a trial to the full version?

If you purchase a license during the trial period using the same Affinity ID that started the trial, your app will detect this and will become fully licensed (stop being a trial) with no need to uninstall or reinstall.

What happens when my trial ends? Will the app uninstall itself?

When the trial ends the app will remain installed. Your files remain unaffected. When a trial expires, the app stops functioning for any purpose other than activating (buying or registering) a license.

Are there any up-front fees to start the trial?

We do not ask for any payment methods to sign up for a trial. All you will need is an Affinity ID which is free to register for.

Do I need to cancel my trial if I don’t want to continue?

There is no need to cancel a trial. You will not be charged at the end of your trial date, and the apps will just expire and prompt you to sign in to activate the apps.

When I uninstall will I lose access to my files?

On desktop the files you create and save on your drive remain after uninstalling, but on iPad you will need to explicitly save your files out to the Files app or other file management apps if you plan to uninstall.

Can I use the trial on all my devices?

Yes, the same Affinity ID tied to the trial can be used on all of your devices you personally use. Trials cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Can I use this 6 month trial if I’ve had a previous V1 or V2 trial?

Yes, we’ve reset our systems so everyone can try Affinity again, regardless of whether you've previously taken a trial of any of our products.

Are there any resources to help new users get started with Affinity?

Yes! We have a wealth of help and resources on hand to help you get going with our software. The best place to begin is this Get Started with Affinity article (English language only) or you can check out our Learning portal.

Try or buy — see your options below

Affinity V2 Universal License
For macOS, Windows & iPadOS
Was USD$164.99 Now
One-off paymentexcl. tax

Get Version 2 of Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher on all operating systems, including iPad, for one low bundle price.

Try for free - Universal License Buy now Affinity V2 Universal License Upgrade from V1
  • Affinity Designer 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Designer 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Designer 2 | iPadOS
  • Affinity Photo 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Photo 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Photo 2 | iPadOS
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | iPadOS
All apps. All platforms. No subscription.

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