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Version 2 is here.

All apps. All platforms. No subscription.

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The next generation of Affinity

After tireless work, seeing how much further we could push the boundaries of what's possible with creative technology, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Version 2 of Affinity is here.

Since its inception, Affinity has gained the trust of millions of professional users worldwide and picked up some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, setting a new standard in the world of creative software in both quality and value. And now it's time for brand-new, feature-packed versions of the apps.

Wielding hundreds of timesaving improvements and a completely redesigned UI that will optimize your workflow, V2 is heralding in a new creative era.

What’s new - Version 2 of Affinity apps

Introducing the Universal License

Experience the full power of Version 2 of Affinity apps with the Universal License. For just one discounted payment, you can get the entire Affinity suite (including Publisher for iPad!) on all your devices, across macOS, Windows and iPadOS.

It’s a streamlined way of working and buying that will not only save you time and money, but will also give you the freedom to create wherever you are, on any app or platform.

Upgrade from V1 - Universal License Buy now - Affinity V2 Universal License

Purchase options

Purchase the Universal License for access to all apps on all platforms, or buy individual licenses of the apps—it’s completely up to you.

Affinity V2 Universal License
For macOS, Windows & iPadOS
One-off payment incl. VAT

Get Version 2 of Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher on all operating systems, including iPad, for one low bundle price.

  • Affinity Designer 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Designer 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Designer 2 | iPadOS
  • Affinity Photo 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Photo 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Photo 2 | iPadOS
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | iPadOS
All apps. All platforms. No subscription.

For business and education options, please see our dedicated pricing page.


What does the launch of V2 mean for existing users? Do I have to upgrade?

Upgrading is completely optional and, if you wish, you can continue to use the original apps for as long as you like. While V1 will no longer receive any feature updates, we will endeavour to fix any critical issues which may be caused by operating system updates for as long as is reasonable to do so.

Is V2 a paid-for upgrade? If so, is it subscription-free like V1?

Yes and yes. If you wish to upgrade to V2 you will need to pay, but as with V1, you only need to make a one-off payment—no subscription required.

How is Version 2 different from the original apps?

Equipped with a completely redesigned UI, hundreds of timesaving tools and a ton of brilliant new features, Version 2 is a next-level creative experience. Read more on our What’s New in V2 page.

Is Publisher for iPad available yet?

Yes! Publisher for iPad has been released as part of the V2 suite. You can buy Publisher for iPad right now for $19.99, or purchase it as part of the Universal License for only $169.99.

Can I take out a free trial of Version 2 apps?

Yes! We offer 30-day free trials of all the apps, as well as the Universal License so you can try them all together to experience the full power of Affinity.

Will V2 receive free updates?

Yes! If you purchase V2, you’ll not only get access to the tons of new features and enhancements available now, but you’ll continue to receive free updates until such a time that V3 is launched.

Do you offer upgrade pricing for V1 users?

Yes! Anyone who owns V1 can upgrade to a V2 Universal License for 25% off. Plus, you’ll also receive a premium add-on bundle with your purchase, for free! Learn more about these upgrade offers.

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